Millennials, Workplace Diversity

Millennials, Workplace Diversity

Millennial women may be on a collision course with financial disaster

Millennial women may be on a collision course with financial disaster.


Millennial women may be on a collision course with financial disaster.

Millennials are upsizing their money goals from two years ago. But women’s aspirations lag those of their male counterparts.

The jumps in salary aspiration were surprising, says Chris Bohlsen, director of investor services at TD Ameritrade.

Both millennial men and women seem to be making family a priority, according to the survey numbers, Bohlsen says. But they may differ in how they plan to meet that goal.

Having children didn't always result in a positive impact: Twenty-two percent of female millennials said their career advancement was harmed by having children.

She lays it directly at the presence of social media in our daily lives, which can make it difficult to determine realistic goals around purchases and lifestyle.

"Bottom line, social media can be very misleading and may be influencing how much money we think we need to be happy," Malani said.

The lack of sufficient female role models in banking, finance and technology could play a part, according to Krumsiek, who is also a senior fellow at the women's leadership Institute at the Georgetown McDonough School of Business.

More women than men express unhappiness about work, according to Malani.

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Also from cnbc... Sample size of only 1519 people and the only link in the article is broken. Do better. Women Deserve equal Pay Not good news. If you don’t have a goal to make a high income, you won’t do what it takes to prepare yourself to be able to earn a high income. Nothing good happens without a goal and a plan to get there.

Shocker.... Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news Fear! Fear! Fear! Climate change! Financial Ruin! Guns! Stop buying makeup and shoes OR maybe they'll be just fine. Seriously, every single day CNBC exists solely to tell millennials how they doomed their entire generation is. CUT IT OUT. You're worse than Trump at times.

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