Miley Cyrus Celebrates Making 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 List: ‘It Was Now or Never’

The singer shared that she just made the cut off, as she turned 29 last week.


12/3/2021 5:00:00 PM

The singer shared that she just made the cut off, as she turned 29 last week.

The singer shared that she just made the cut off, as she turned 29 last week.

See latest videos, charts and news“Songwriting is the greatest joy that I have in my life. It’s my favorite element of what I do. Taking it in and being grateful every day for the fact that I write songs for a living because a lot of people write songs and it doesn’t get to be what keeps their lights on and for me to be able to be one of those people, I never forget how lucky I am,” the artist said.

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Related12/01/2021She continued, “With anything, distance makes the heart grow fonder so having that distance from my fans for the longest I’ve ever had since I was 12 years old, almost two years separated from me and my audience, the pandemic kind of reignited and just lit that spark again for me, the gratitude that I have to be a live musician, first.”

In addition to being selected to be a part of this year’s list, Cyrus also served as a judge for selecting this year’s other honorees, which include Olivia Rodrigo, Jack Harlow, Willow Smith, Tinashe, Don Toliver and Remi Wolf. Cyrus was previously selected to be a part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2014, but has been invited back for 2021 due to having six albums chart within the top five on the Billboard 200 over the years, her Happy Hippie Foundation (which supports LGBTQ+ and at-risk youth), her investments in FanMade and feminine product company Hers.

See Cyrus’ celebratory tweet below.

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