Mike Pompeo Mocked On Twitter After Giving His New Club Really Awkward Name

The former secretary of state may not have thought this one through.

6/16/2021 5:22:00 AM

The former secretary of state may not have thought this one through.

The former secretary of state may not have thought this one through.

used by the Trump campaign last year.But online, most of the criticism wasn’t about his scammy fundraising tactics but the odd name, which carries bothmilitary and drug connotations. Read more: HuffPost »

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Who cares about some Old Man oil wrestling club! That is the most disgusting thing that exists today! He misspelled it.. should be pipehitler. The radical right donator group lol He will fight the war on drugs using pipehitters. They will smoke up the contraband leading to a shortage and the next tourist visit to the Capitol will be because Pompeo didn’t pump the pipe. He is such a QOPer.

I always recall how sadistic Pompeo was in questioning HRC during the Benghazi investigation. He and Gowdy had a field day spending tons of taxpayer money and finding zilch. excels at mocking. It has nothing else. Pipehitters! What a maroon! Should have just named them crackheads! That would require critical thinking skills.

Mike Pompeo wants to be President. Hunter was the first to donate… The name isn’t as stupid as not realizing that if he runs, all the misuse of taxpayer funds he got away with will resurface with a vengeance. Sounds fitting: Drug addict predominately crystal meth, that will do anything for another hit or score. Including but not limited to torture and sexual favors.

NYTimes’ Mike Schmidt: FBI investigation on perceived adversaries was ‘exactly what Donald Trump wanted’'If this was a mistake, then you'd think that the Justice Dept. would've reached out to McGahn,' Mike Schmidt says. 'Instead, the McGahns learning of this through notification from their providers you would think this would've come across someone's desk.' It's time for an independent investigation b/c DOJ cannot investigate itself & Congress is vapor locked b/c of GOP corruption & partisanship. Sally Yates is the right person for the job b/c she understands the organizations mission the law & has the integrity needed to succeed.

mikepompeo already prepping to fail badly..forms his CAVEpac to funnel money into his retirement accounts and sneak extra food into his jail cells I knew they were smoking crack… pipe hitter (noun) a term used in US military community to describe special operations personnel in US military, such as Delta Force, SEALS, the 75th Ranger Regiment, & Special Forces. Pipe hitters are units of some of the most highly respected/well-trained & qualified operators.

Definitely on purpose. Are you people that dry that you don’t understand? Anyone giving this person cash to run for anything is hitting the pipe. I bet Mike Lindell is the biggest donor so far. this is terrible news Everyday Biden is proving that Robert Gates was absolutely right. 'I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said of then Vice President Joe Biden in his 2014 book.

Mike Lindell invites Chinese Communist Party to 'gladiator' event proving it stole electionDuring a recent appearance on Real America's Voice, Lindell told Steve Bannon that he's planning on holding a 'cyber forensic election symposium,' to prove that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. Wow. He's nuttier than a fruitcake.

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Old Ted Cruz Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him At The Worst Possible TimeThe Texas senator's attempt to dunk on California is looking really awkward now. if abortion is right and good then a parent should have no problem telling any child they have in the future that they killed their older sibling 1 Timothy 2:15 But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety. Ted Cruz isn't just a senator but a sultan. He's the sultan of self-owns. This coming from the guy who is largely responsible for the deregulation of energy production and distribution in the state of Texas and was also largely responsible for its colossal failure in a cold snap