Mike Pompeo Cursed, Yelled At NPR's Mary Louise Kelly For Asking About Ukraine

Kelly said Pompeo used the 'F-word' and asked her to find Ukraine on a map after she urged him to answer her questions.

1/25/2020 4:20:00 AM

Kelly said Pompeo used the 'F-word' and asked her to find Ukraine on a map after she urged him to answer her questions.

Kelly said Pompeo used the 'F-word' and asked her to find Ukraine on a map after she urged him to answer her questions during an interview.

Mary Louise Kelly in a private room after the “All Things Considered” co-hostasked him about former U.S. Ambassador to UkraineMarie Yovanovitchduring a routine interview, NPR reported.Kelly explained on “All Things Considered” on Friday night that, after the interview, she was led to a private room near his office. Pompeo then yelled at her, using the “F-word and many others” over her questions on Ukraine.

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“I was taken to the Secretary’s private living room where he was waiting and where he shouted at me for about the same amount of time as the interview itself,” she said. “He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine.”Kelly said the initial interview lasted about 10 minutes.

Pompeo also asked Kelly if she could find Ukraine on a map, and she said she could. He called on his aides to bring an unlabeled map so she could show him, according to Kelly.Kelly, awith a master’s in European studies from Cambridge University, said she successfully pointed to the country on the map. headtopics.com

Kelly described the bizarre tirade after airing the full interview with Pompeo on “All Things Considered.”The aide who brought Kelly to Pompeo did not say that anything would be off the record, the NPR host said.She explained:[Pompeo] asked, “Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?”

He used the F-word in that sentence and many others.He asked if I could find Ukraine on a map. I said yes, and he called out for aides to bring us a map of the world with no writing. I pointed to Ukraine. He put the map away.He said, “people will hear about this.”

NPR’s “Morning Edition” released a portion of Kelly’s interview with the secretary of state earlier Friday, highlighting the moment Pompeo became frustrated with Kelly after she asked him if he owed Yovanovitch an apology for her ouster.Pompeo deflected the question as Kelly continued to push him on it until the secretary appeared to cut the interview off.

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You need to go too. Trump is nuts and we know it! Your a traitor! Stop the bleeding and stand up to Trump! We would ll remember in November! This is some very good in-depth reporting by the PuffPost. She was just led to a room and yelled at for no reason. Thank you PuffPost for gettig to the bottom of this “story”.

So .... could she find it ? How do you yell at NPR?!!! They’re so even keeled Ah poor baby. She need to toughen up buttercup The world is a dangerous place Is she looking for sympathy because she is a woman? So much for equality Jeremiah 23:1-4 ESV SecPompeo is a blowhard that's clearly in over his head.

Republicans don't respect the press and that's harmful to our democracy! Once this is over he won't even be hired as a night watchman! His snarky personality led to his comeuppance and he was “hoisted by his own petard.” She should have picked up a chair and beat his ass with it. There is no civility anymore and once Republicans declare the rule of law dead they will gi through some things

They are only at their best when they lie to the nation or others

Mike Pompeo cursed out NPR reporter for asking about removal of Ukraine ambassador, she says'All Things Considered' co-host Mary Louise Kelly interviewed Secretary of State Pompeo amid Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, which centers around the president's dealings with Ukraine. Lmao 🤣 Sure. Reporters should be cursed out more often. Now I like Pompeo!

This is what happens when you work for Bully45 BeBest 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ You know what he is, it starts with a D. The Trump regime is really panicking!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hmm, Gop. It's not the economy, stupid. It's the ♀️. Bravo to NPRKelly for this interview. P.S. ICareAboutUkraine My grandfather was born there.

Have some dignity ,, a new low for the Secretary of State ,, Well what else do you expect from another one of Trumps knuckle-draggers... The only thing you can say is it’s pretty cute of Bombastic Mike to pop that one before she could! It's like the worst people ever are running this country. All class and tact is gone.

If you had put up a map for Trump, he would not know where Ukraine is located. Pompeo & Trump and the gang are disgusting. Show of hands of you're surprised by this . Another classie repulican, can you believe it ? Of course we can this is not Fox reporting.

Pompeo berated, cursed at NPR reporter over Ukraine questions, she says'He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine, he asked, 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?' He used the F word in that sentence, and many others,' NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly said. She should have said, “Ukraine is next to Nambia and right below Wakanda.” But she is too classy. Talking about you people I would use every F word ever invented!!!! Ole Mikey Boy

Mary Louise Kelly... that’s what a journalist looks like! Pompeo will be held accountable for his part in this cover up by President Trump. Either Trump will end up firing him or when he is out of office no one will want to hire him with great reasons knowing that he lies and protects a corrupt POTUS.

It ain't easy to maintain lies, worse still to cover up for a compulsive liar. proof? probably not but its a good story for more trump and team bashing. Pompeii is a Russian bot Sounds like someone's f-word unraveling... $10 says he couldn’t point to Ukraine in an unmarked map. It's a scary scenario for Peace and Democracy when these questions are not answered and is followed by man on woman intimidation. More power to you Mary Louise Kelly, and thank you

She couldn’t find it. Liberal hack.

Megyn Kelly called out the wrong film studio in a tweet about blackface hypocrisyThe former NBC host appeared to suggest hypocrisy in NBCUniversal's treatment of her compared to the use of blackface in 'Tropic Thunder.' But 'Tropic Thunder' was released by a rival studio. blackface was only funny when RDJ did it She also said Santa IS white. Why does she have a career? That is nothing. Trump referred to the President of Iraq Kurdistan as the President of Syrian Kurds. That is a much bigger OOPS we should be talking about. If you don’t think it is bad, please read about these two foreign leaders. One is not like the other.

Despicable! I knew he had it in him the whole team of crooks are going to start acting out!!! Good for him When you work for a criminal, you become a crimmial Fuck NPR He epitomizes White male entitlement. They don't want to be questioned or called out on anything. These old White men have been allowed to get away with too much for too long.

That was a phrase we coined for his boss...he cant find anything on a map. Pol seems like there’s a very stable person watching over us Americans StateDept MikePompeo Wait a minute, couldn't expect this by a prospect candidate for Presidency. However, does it really suggests that American citizens would not consider,ignore, the POTUS having broken or abused the law, because they ignore what and where Ukraine's geographically?

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ok, but DID SHE find it on a map inquiring minds want to know. Pompeo feels the heat Cocaine is a helluva drug. Good for Pompey 2 things come to mind: Remind Pompeo that Freedom of the press is a 1st Amendment right under the Constitution. The Secretary of State is supposed to be the chief diplomat. Pompeo is as incompetent at his job as Trump is at his.

Can Trump? He’s pathetic!! Is this important who cares A bully just like his boss- Disgusting and he knows he’s guilty. Guilty people show anger and hateful behavior.

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It is ironic and sad that Pompeo issues the challenge to Kelly while serving as a nut gobbler to a man who could not point to D.C. on a map of the U.S. Ever get that feeling that the WH needs an xtra- strength douch, an enema, two bars of dial soap & a rough loofah sponge, Colgate tooth paste, and a full bottle of Listerine just to regain sanity?😷

Foul language is now acceptable in the Washington elite...didn't a congresswoman way 'we're going to impeach the m-f'er'? Classy guy If he is a graduate of West Point, he must be disgusted with himself, or he has become as corrupt as his president. They're turning the political arena & justice system into a playground of free for all via its blanket of status security protecting the most deceitfully greed driven men a country has to offer. Break it all down! The men, wealth, greed, evangelicals, & method = Deceit & Theft.

She was just in Iran doing interviews during that mini Iran crisis and those interviews had the composure this lacks. Mary Louise Kelly is a very serious journalist, it’s shocking to hear how he reacted. This is really coming un-done Darn constipated a** heatseekingmissiletotrumpsass 🖕SecPompeo

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Don't we just adore strong women like her! GirlPower DontBackDown The best is that she pointed to Ukraine on an unlabeled map right in his stupid entitled face, which is more than his fat orange dictator of a boss could do even if he wasn’t crushing up and snorting Adderall as we speak. She should have written it in Sharpie.

He’s such a Christian man. God’s going to think twice about rapturing Pompeo because, you know GOD Ask him to find integrity in the dictionary SecPompeo the heat is on. If you can't stand the fire get out of the kitchen. Being knowledgeable of Trumps attempt to influence our 2020 election of course he’s defensive 😒

She probably deserved it. I bet there's more to than your giving. Enough of these old white privileged men getting what they want! Time to vote them all out! SecPompeo is sinking in the swamp. As US top diplomat he is completely incompetent A distraction for the closing arguments tonight or a distraction for the TakeHerOut audio but a distraction plot is what it is.

Top Diplomat - helpful definition below What a scumbag SecPompeo is!! Mike Pompous Jelly would never of spoken that way to an Obama admin official. The only time NPR asks hard questions is when R’s are in power. Biased take their gov money away The irony of that little exercise--imagine had that same geographical challenge been given to 45.

Me. Pompeo is a traitor in my eyes! He has sold his soul to the devil. You know, this isn’t surprising in the least. pompeo is the embodiment of toxic masculinity because he thinks he can scare women but licks the boots of men he feels are more powerful than him. Weak af. Let’s play the tired “what if” game. What if Secretary Clinton or Kerry had done this? O, the handwringing & pearl clutching.

D Bag! Pompous Pompeo

Ms Kelly, I give you great credit for self-control. My immediate reaction would have been to clean his clock! Pompeo, like his boss, needs to go Because he is just another thug. He should save everyone the trouble, and resign. This is the top diplomat of our country? Was he mad? She is dumb thought. Triggered snowflake.

This guy really can't carry his shit! Pompeo is trash