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Mike Lindell urges Dominion employee to turn himself in for 'only' 10-20 years in jail

Mike Lindell urges Dominion employee to turn himself in for 'only' 10-20 years in jail

5/10/2021 3:10:00 AM

Mike Lindell urges Dominion employee to turn himself in for 'only' 10-20 years in jail

'You're disgusting and you are treasonous. You are a traitor to the United States of America,' Lindell said of Dominion 's Eric Coomer.

In a segment on Lindell TV, shared toTwitterby PatriotTakes, the businessman discussed the $1.6 billion lawsuit recently filed by MyPillow against Dominion Voting System and the $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit filed against MyPillow and Lindell by Dominion in February.

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"It's over for Dominion, it's too late to close the gate, the cows are out of the barn," Lindell said."Dominion, you did your best to take our country through China, you did your best, you corrupt people. You tried to suppress our voice but you didn't, you failed."

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Why do you headline this like it's legitimate? PyongyangDon I can't believe how crazy this guy is at the moment. Worry about your business, make your money and stfu. Lindell better have some evidence against Dominion which he doesn't! He super screwed himself! So hilarious! Why the absolute hell is wrong with you?

And Mike should turn himself in for being stupid! Hey ,my best friend's bday is coming on 26th of May and she is a huge fan of ChrisEvans .If you could ask him to wish her on her birthday it would really mean a lot to her.During this pandemic it's been a lot tough times for her.Him wishing her on her bday would really mean alot

Somebody needs to fit MikeLindell for a straight jacket & lock him up in a padded cell somewhere far far away. Hey Vlad, come & get him! Someone should urge Mike to stop talking, because it seems like every time he goes on television that Dominion gets further evidence for their lawsuit against him… That my stinky pillow guy is sure in need of a doctor

Are you projecting? There must be a contest going to see who can be the most idiotic Trumpster.... 🤔He is at the point that he *MAY* need some serious mental help 😔

Mike Lindell claims Dominion voting 'cover-up' is 'coming apart at the seams''I'll give Dominion a little scare this morning,' Lindell told Steve Bannon on Saturday. I seriously want to smoke the shit he is on...😑😑 💨 UNHCR in Montonegro does not want us to be in the EU. By order of Azerbaijan, he wants to deport at any cost

Lindell is sure one sicko, maybe he needs to be locked away.... Newsweek loves to make stupid people famous. This guy, Trump, and preachers...the trifecta of idiots. Isn't this guy being sued by Dominion? It's like he doesn't care about his lawsuit. He's going to keep perpetrating the big lie no matter what.

Who died and made him Darth Vader. This man needs psychiatric help. Lindrll shoild stop eating his pillows. I hope that video helps prosecutors successfully prosecute Mike Lindell! Because yeah, one dude can totally sway the presidential election without anyone else knowing. Apparently the world is a Batman comic.

Imagine how bat sh*t crazy he was, when he was smoking crack. Why are Democrats so desperate to stop the Audit in Arizona? What are they afraid of? What's the penalty for Election Fraud Joe?

Mike Lindell endorses Lin Wood for SC GOP chair at rally: He's 'like President Trump''There is probably maybe 15 [politicians] that are like President Trump, where it's for the people,' the MyPillow CEO said at a Bikers for Trump rally. lol no lie detected Mike who...

Mike Lindell falsely claims Trump got 80 million votes, was on course to win all swing states Mike Lindell made his claims at South Dakota's Corn Palace during a launch rally for his 'free speech' social media site, Frank Speech. NO MORE MY-PILLOWS,MIKE LINDELL IS A LIAR A fly which follows donkey's ass But brain dead Biden did

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