Mike Lindell Confirms He Has No Understanding Of U.S. Constitution

The MyPillow CEO insists Trump would become president if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both resign.

7/27/2021 4:35:00 AM

The MyPillow CEO insists Trump would become president if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both resign.

The MyPillow CEO insists Trump would become president if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both resign. In reality, Nancy Pelosi would be moving into the White...

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, extremely confused over the line of succession to the president, told me this afternoon that Nancy Pelosi wouldn't have to resign (following Biden and Harris) because she wasn't a part of the "cyber attack."

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— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo)Some people offered their own fake facts to make up for the ones used by Lindell.Mike Lindell believes that if Biden and Harris resign, that means Donald Trump becomes president.Sorry Mike, but actually if the president and vice president resign, the new president is then picked from the remaining unprotected players in the NHL expansion draft.

— Steve Hofstetter (@SteveHofstetter)Mike Lindell just announced that new episodes of the Cosby Show will start airing on NBC next week— Dave Sirus (Brick) (@DaveSirus)July 26, 2021Some had theories about why Lindell was so adamant about promoting his wackadoodle conspiracy theory. headtopics.com

Mike Lindell detailed in his memoir just an absolutely wild number of head injuries and I think about that a lot on days when he trends— Meredith Haggerty (@manymanywords)July 26, 2021Some offered Lindell a suggestion about how to avoid being humiliated when his B.S. claims don’t come to pass.

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A bit late isn't it assumed? I assumed this was common knowlodge. Again he needs help. Who’s gonna tell him? Gee... Still waiting for that big reveal of the voter fraud. Hopefully he'll go broke soon and quit appearing in the Media! MikeLindell needs a refresher course in the Constitution... Very funny. 😊

Idiot What Is he serious Lol, that’s HP’s spin. Fake news

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bankruptmypillow Should both Biden and Harris resign, President Pelosi will be happy to remind people what really happens. He needs a civics lesson. Or a psych exam. So did Sidney Powell say release the Krakken or release the crack head. He's a carnival barker. (my apologies to carnival barkers) ThatIsAll

Actually, Nancy would. Ah don’t think so. But, Nancy Pelosi will be too old and tired to continue, hence, the public will insist on putting the rightful heir to the presidency back in the White House. That would be Donald Trump. Further demonstrating he has never had a clue. I really do pray that the next president from the Republican side of the fence will be someone of sound utterances. One the regular people can see vested interest and great common sense in. They have to start selecting people of sound common sense really. It is easy just look

Donald Trump rips Mike Pence for not having 'courage' on 1/6 to reject election results'I only wish that my friend, Mike Pence, had that additional courage to send the results back to the legislatures,' Trump said. 'Courage' and 'delusion' are not the same thing. How about Mike Pence was doing his job? Trump whining AGAIN. and again, and again.

Is that not crazy? Can’t you readers see the crazy utterances. “If both should resign” why would both resign when the lasting dream and now desperation is for many to be president of the nation… illogical garbage of sheer desperation making rounds for attention really. Idiotic. turn the camera off A former crack addicted drug addict turned fly-by-night sketchy entrepreneur not know about the US Constitution? Shocking. 🙄🙄

Who's going to tell him? Why is he still talking? Don’t buy his garbage. Everyday it will remind you of the garbage he is. Need those old this is your brain on drugs PSA to come back slightly modified. This is your brain on drugs and huffing chopped up foam to have no basic understanding of government. Is there no limit to the Stupidity of t***plodites like The 'My WindBag' Guy? It just doesn't stop....🤣👏👏👍🏻

Nah, time for a Third World Man

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Please kindly do your readers a favor with newsworthy reportage, rather than these attention seeking knuckleheads! Guess you don't need brains to be a CEO now. LOL grampage_on He’s blown his stuffing Hahahahaha Can you guys stop covering this pos? Now, Trump's reinstatement is dependent upon Biden resigning. That's not the same as 'he won' the election. Some Americans are being taken for fools. And it's well deserved.

I said before and I will say it again. The story about Trump being reinstated will continue to change. Huff Post giving him free advertising space and your all falling for it.Don’t name the goods or him. The My WindBag Guy strikes again..... Please stop giving this guy coverage. He obviously needs help and a copy of the US Constitution.

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Maybe this doorknob should stick to pedalling pillows I mean, I think ANYONE could become president if their opponents stepped down. It doesn’t mean they’d be good at it. I have river rock in my garden smarter than Mike. Pelosi is the third in line Please return the national guard to Washington DC - Something very strange about mike lindell and mike Flynn- DC should be on high security -

Not how this work, Mr Pillow. The Constitution appears to a foreign thing to him.

'90 Day Fiancé': Mike Has a Meltdown and Stops FilmingMike drops some shockers about how bad his and Natalie's marriage has gotten. ....until their breaking point next week... and then the week after... then the week after that... then the week after that. Mike should have listened to his mother early on when she told him to give her $5k and a ticket back to the Ukraine 90DayFiance

😂😂😂 They should resign so Pelosi can become president! If they think she's bad now... Their worst nightmare would come true 🤣🤣 He makes pillows…. That's not how that works. Bwhahahaha! Lmao, it's never going to happen🙄 That would give is Madam President Pelosi.

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Uh… not sure it works that way… he is nuts.Why cover him? Yikes Stupid on all levels😖👎🏼👎🏼 Shut up, snuggle your pillow and go back through the Looking Glass from which you came. Never drink the tea! Must be another Trump related grift email campaign otw. (Checks inbox) Yup, there it is 🤤 Stop giving this clown attention.

Is Geraldo hosting the symposium at the site of Jimmy Hoffa’s tomb?

Breaking Biden to resign January 20th 2029 Thats.... not how that works... Someone, get him back into rehab. 🙄 Now his hinting to blame Joe and Kamala if his Aug 13 brabado will not be fulfilled. What stupidity and 70million is stupid enuf to believe him. I thought he quit smoking crack, maybe not. Someone’s paying this guy some dough...

But the dummies will believe it Wow, would he have a rude surprise if that happened.

I think he’s eaten too many of his pillows. They now reside in his head.