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Migrants Say Biden Must End ICE Detention

Free them all.

7/22/2021 11:05:00 PM

Free them all.

“Those months were nothing less than torture for me.”

Interviewees said that migration is a natural fact of human existence. Hernandez said, “Migration is a natural thing that happens, and people are being punished for trying to look for a better life.” Letona called it a “human right.”“People often migrate from one region of the world to the other seeking a better life.” said Favi. “It is very sad to see our taxpayer dollars used to jail and separate a child from his parents.”

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“Immigrant detention needs to be abolished,” Favi toldTeen Vogue. “There is no fix for a system that was designed to tear apart families and terrorize members of our communities.”“Asking for closure of an ICE detention center is not enough,” Favi said. “Let's be clear. Black and brown people are the majority of the targets of ICE raids in our communities. Systemic racism is the core problem we need to address today. Detention should not be a solution to fix decades of mishandling from a broken immigration system.”

“Those in detention are human beings just like us,” Favi continued. “By separating them [from family members], the system is willingly breaking the core structure of these families.”“Detention is punitive, and it will never be the solution for a civil matter like immigration,” Favi said. “Immigrants should be permitted to live in the safety of their homes and communities while navigating their court proceedings. Every human deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their origin.”

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Yes, free them all, but fly them home first.

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