Migos Rapper Takeoff Denies He Raped Woman at L.A. Party

Migos rapper Takeoff has been sued by a woman claiming he raped her.

8/6/2020 1:12:00 PM

Migos Rapper Takeoff Sued by Woman Claiming He Raped Her at L.A. Party

Migos rapper Takeoff has been sued by a woman claiming he raped her.

Drew Findling, tells TMZ,"We have reviewed the allegations and have similarly done our own due diligence. What has become abundantly clear is that the allegations made against Takeoff are patently and provably false. The claims and statements made regarding this lawsuit indicate that the plaintiffs’ representatives have not spoken with relevant witnesses or reviewed available evidence."

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He continues,"Takeoff is renowned for his artistic talent as well as his quiet, reserved and peaceful personality. In this instance, those known personality traits have made him a target of an obvious exploitative money grab. As his counsel, we are well aware and well versed on the importance of civil and criminal prosecution of true sexual assaults. This is not one of those situations."

1:38 PM PT-- Law enforcement sources confirm the LAPD is investigating Takeoff for the incident.Takeoff's just been sued by a woman claiming he raped her at a party in L.A.The woman, who's filed the lawsuit as a Jane Doe, claims theMigosrapper made her extremely uncomfortable at an L.A. party back in June before he raped her in the bedroom of the person she says invited her to the party.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Takeoff stared at her while at the party and that made her extremely uncomfortable. She also claims he offered her weed later in the evening, but she snubbed him.In the suit, she says things went south after that -- she claims she was going upstairs with the man who invited her to the party when Takeoff, who was coming down the steps, got pissed. She says Takeoff and the man got into an argument, prompting her to go into the man's bedroom to wait it out.

She alleges that's when Takeoff entered the bedroom and started touching her buttocks. She claims she very clearly refused his advances, but Takeoff then flipped her over face-down, pulled down her clothing and raped her. She claims after he finished he immediately left the room.

After getting over the initial shock, the woman claims she went to a nearby hospital the same day where she claims hospital staff observed physical evidence of forceful rape. She claims hospital staff notified LAPD.She's suing for sexual battery, assault, emotional distress and more and wants damages.

We've reached out to Takeoff for comment, so far no word back. Read more: TMZ »

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Unsp3akable_ When someone runs to a courthouse before a police station you already know what’s going on...you don’t want him locked up, you just want compensation and you good? Wow He did more that rape her he was racist to her How can she sue while there is a police investigation ongoing? Is that an American thing?

Sued? So she didn’t wanna notify the authorities... rape is still a crime here in America, right? Pffff..This rape allegations😒 🤔 Guess he NEED IT or should I say NEEDED IT🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ ashleyavary P from qc prolly set him up for tryna leave the label 😂😂

Migos Rapper Takeoff Sued by Woman Claiming He Raped Her at L.A. PartyMigos rapper Takeoff has been sued by a woman claiming he raped her. ChelsieParrish So if he did something criminal why not put him behind bars, why she want money hmmmm They playing to crazy anything for a come up

Migos Rapper Takeoff Sued by Woman Accusing Him of Sexual BatteryThe lawsuit was filed Wednesday morning and claims the alleged incident occurred at a house party in June. Some Americans, need other forms of entertainment & entertainers than hiphop? Don't try blame sports.

Migos rapper Takeoff accused of sexual assault at June house party in L.A. civil lawsuitThe civil suit, filed anonymously by the female victim, alleges that Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, pursued and raped the woman at an L.A. party in June. Can’t handle it.... I will Create Verified Facebook Business Manager Or Ads Account Express 24 Hour. Order Now Facebook USA UK Canada India Fiverr SocialMedia business marketing marketingstrategy DigitalMarketing BlackLivesMatter right?

Migos rapper Takeoff accused of sexual assaultA woman files suit Wednesday alleging that the rapper sexually assaulted her at a party in Encino in June. He didn’t do it trust me Beirut chemical plant explosion in Lebanon. Massive explosion!! February 4, 2013 The prophecy fulfilled . Matthew 24 chapter 8. All these [are] the beginning of sorrows. MegaMidweekExpo No surprise.

Migos' Takeoff Sued for Allegedly Raping Woman at LA PartyMigos member Takeoff is being sued by a Los Angeles woman who alleges he raped her at a Los Angeles-area house party in June. migos suck anyways Omg lock him up

Migos' Takeoff Accused of Rape in Civil LawsuitA woman has accused Migos rapper Takeoff of rape at a house party in a civil lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles. The suit accuses him of sexual battery, assault and false imprisonment, among other charges So if it’s true, she just wants money, not for him to go to prison? I've never heard an attorney say 'probably false'. 'probably false' ?