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Mid-Autumn Festival lantern protests to light up Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival lantern protests to light up Hong Kong


Mid-Autumn Festival lantern protests to light up Hong Kong

Hong Kong activists will combine anti-government protests with lantern celebrati...

FILE PHOTO: Residents light candles and play with glow sticks as they celebrate Mid-Autumn or Lantern Festival at a park in Hong Kong, China October 4, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest celebration throughout the Chinese-speaking world and in East and Southeast Asia. It is celebrated with mooncakes, gazing at the full moon and colorful lantern displays and falls on Friday this year.

Police denied the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) permission for a mass downtown march on Sunday.

China says Hong Kong is now its internal affair. Britain says it has a legal responsibility to ensure China abides by its obligations under the Joint Declaration.

China denies meddling and has accused the United States, Britain and others of fomenting the unrest.

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The revolution of our times However, HK isn’t safe anymore. Gangsters s beat up our kids in the street without consequence. HongKongProtesters are in danger. Not only lost of freedom of speech/assembly, our life are also threatened. We need the help from oversea🙏🏻LiberateHongKong FreedomHK chinazi

On this special day, we wont forget our bros and sis who were arrested. Some of them are facing unlawful assault in sunukling detention ctr. freehongkong hkpolicebrutality Hong Konger didn’t stop protest even there was Mid-Autumn Festival. We don’t want Hong Kong become China . Please LiberateHongKong ,We will ResistBeijing and Chinazi Redthugs. StandWithHongKong SOSHK

HK special mid-autumn !!!! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong Thank you for posting our mid-autumn festival protests. We will not stop until we have real autonomy and five demands are satisfied Our fight is not over. Please StandwithHK . Beautiful HK Happy mid autumn festival StandwithHK This year is a difficult year for most Hong Kong people, hope the darkness quickly go over , and brighten quickly come. HongKongProtests StandwithHK HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct FiveDemandsNoOneLess

Bud Light: Brewer Plans Slimmed-Down IPO in Hong KongTwo months after calling off a blockbuster initial public offering in Hong Kong , European beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev started shopping a slimmed-down version of its Asia business to investors in the city and is hoping to pull off a deal in the coming weeks. Just like Budweiser! Drink more

Full moon to us represent stay together with yr family. This mid Autumn festival we, Hong Konger will be together , with one reason, fight for HK! For our freedom and democary!! StandwithHK StephenMcDonell This year's mood is different. Celebrating the festival in midst of white terror.... Sigh HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct GloryToHongKong SanUkLing

When the day comes, everyone would eat moon cakes and playing with lantern without fearing to be beaten by thugs, just like we did in those days. Mid-Autumn Festival is supposed to be a holiday for families to gather. However, the brutality of CCP and HK government caused thousands of families to have an unhappy Festival, some cannot even see their family members. SOSHK FreedomHK

Time to show some HK spirit🥰 HongKongers StandwithHK I like the one with lighkpig! We eat mooncake in Mid-autumn festival, and mooncake is about a revolution in history, like what we did now in Hong Kong. We will never give up, until the justice and freedom come. HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct HongKongWay

More lanterns share with you. photos from lihkg_forum 5demandsnot1less FightForFreedom StandwithHK

Hong Kong exchange shares fall as political risks of $38 billion LSE approach weighShares in the Hong Kong stock exchange fell more than 3% on Thursday as investor...

MTR must give the CCTV footage!!! Highly doubt about what happened inside the station, 3 were probably killed by the police. They keep denying it but the evidence is clear. HKers like this festival so much; however, I dont think they are in good mood enjoying the festival, given the Chao arising from Hongkong Gov and PoliceBrutality . Decision to restoring peace is all up to CCP & HK Gov. HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct HKPoliceTerrorism

Feel free to make one if you’re interested. We would like to share the HK culture with others countries. Thank you for all the support from the world, your support make us believe we are not alone in fighting for democracy, freedom, human right and justices. HongKongProtest light up Lion Rock again HongKong FreeHK 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

midautumnfestival to every HongKongProtester and also Reuters. Fingers crossed, and we hope to passHKHumanRightsDemocracyAct These lanterns are amazing!!❤❤ My home My lovely Hong Kong❤️❤️ Thank you for staying with us. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival StandWithHongKong midautumnfestival Please have a look on our lantern

We will not stop until all demands are properly responded. We will not let them bury the truth. Please stand with us.🇭🇰 StandwithHK chinazism

Hong Kong makes $37 billion bid for the London Stock Exchange Hong Kong has made a surprise £30 billion ($37 billion) takeover bid for the London Stock Exchange. It would create the world's third biggest stock exchange group behind the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq in terms of the value of companies listed. True, Sir. It's not HongKong. It's Shanghai, Beijing, China or CCP whatever you name it. Bring it on! 5b)When even children cry&make a stand,anyone will know something is deeply wrong with the State.HongKongProtests

HongKongers StandwithHK Please stay with us HKHumanRightsDemocracyAct HongKongWay moon cake yummy How do you define success!

Hong Kong Is the Lung Through Which Chinese Banks BreatheHeard on the Street: The city’s GDP relative to China’s keeps shrinking, but that belies its role in the country’s banking system This sentence was not written in English Please tell those Mainland Chinese, who always says Hong Kong will die without China... OR China will die without the lung? FreeHongKong LiberateHongKong hongkongpolicebrutality Yes and its not china its hong kong

Taiwan urges citizens to avoid Hong Kong and China after detentionTaiwan's ruling party on Wednesday urged citizens to avoid visiting Hong Ko... China miss nothing And a lot more countries are going to warn their citizens and businesses away from Hong Kong too. EDITOR: Lee Meng Chu and Lee Ming Che are two completely different people. This article is really sloppy journalism.

Hong Kong Exchanges makes surprise $39 billion offer for Britain's LSE Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has made an unsolicited $39 billion t... No Deal This would be tragic. Not Hong Kong but the CPC behind it, Hong Kong is struggling

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