Michigan Governor on Trump's rallies: It's so disturbing

The President continues to hold rallies, with few masks and little social distancing, and a number of Governors are alarmed. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz join Katy Tur to discuss.

9/18/2020 12:43:00 PM

“It’s just so disturbing,” Gov. Whitmer says of Pres. Trump holding rallies amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We’ve made great strides, but this undermines all of that. And it jeopardizes our economy, and it jeopardizes the health of our people.”

The President continues to hold rallies, with few masks and little social distancing, and a number of Governors are alarmed. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz join Katy Tur to discuss.

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Trump is apparently winning Probably because Michigan’s Governor is a Socialist Democrat, who wants to undermine the President’s election. Are you NEW to FOREX? Minimize your losses with my expert strategy with an investment capital of $300, i can guarantee $3,500 as profits after 5days of investment without sending money to anyone . Inbox me if interested.

Stace_RNresists But come on over to Lowe’s and Home Depot. - no problem. Corona doesn’t exist in major retailers Question if everything is closed in her state how come her Botox is fresh? It only last three months and that’s a fresh forehead and eyebrows... where are the 4 inches of grey roots? It's not a rally, it's a protest.

What is even more disturbing is his lawyer Barr's statement on civil liberties, will someone in his DOJ remind the Fatman that the World was practically on lockdown, dies fat affect the brain, paging Dr. Carson, paging Dr. Carson!!!! “It’s just so disturbing”. That’s “science” to democrats.. Main stream media (CNN; MSNBC; ABC; CBS; NBC; PBS; NYT; BBC; NPR; etc.) Stop covering Trump 24/7/365. Start covering Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Democrats, etc. Stop giving Trump $billions in free campaign advertising like 2016. Is it really worth selling our Democracy for ratings?

At this point I would say trump's rallies are intentional to kill people, but why would he want to kill his base. Maybe because he doesn't care for anybody but himself in his quest for reelection. And he just loves the adoration of his people, it strokes his ego Trump is shameful but let’s face facts his supporters decision to attend is also shameful.

Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself,and perhaps his family...all he wants now is to remain president by hook,or by crook! But THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Yep 👍 Donald Trump solely cares about being re-elected, and if that means a couple of Americans have to die, ”it is what it is.” Trump does not care, we must vote every Republican out that has stood behind this twisted lying president,

Oh just shut up already. Shouldn’t governors pay more attention? IT IS NOW MURDER Got it 👍🤣🇺🇸🙋‍♀️ mnleg Connect2MN She needs a straight jacket! Disturbing,was blocking people from buying paint and other supplies at Home Depot! Meanwhile the democrats are protesting, looting, and rioting in crowds of thousands 🤣🤣 but sure

Fake Ass News Yep we do... Whats disturbing is she is one of five governors who thought of the idea to put infected patients into old folks homes and cause 40% of the US deaths. Hello fam add me on snapchat: tomholland590 📲:7075302022 order your top shelf cannabis and other thc products

NYC delays reopening classrooms againNew York City Mayor de Blasio delays the start of in-person learning again amid Covid-19 safety concerns: “We are doing this to make sure that all the standards we’ve set can be achieved.” Why did the NYCMayor and DOEChancellor not start working on a good plan to reopen schools. Even though they both wanted to keep schools open. All politics ladies & gentlemen. Desperate times nowadays for the Democrats. Lol, de blasio even using the words 'standards' and 'achieved' is laughable.

16 Straight Hours Inside The Alternate Reality Of Pro-Trump TV Channel OANThis is what it's like watching an entire day of Trump World's answer to state television. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Trump would be the second Republican President to want to make a state propaganda television station to only find out it's illegal. Unlike Nixon, Trump turned his campaign staff goons loose on the private sector to make it happen anyway. Gross

Oops! VP Mike Pence's Name Temporarily Missing From Some Michigan BallotsLocal election clerks in Michigan were given ballots that listed Trump's Republican running mate as Jeremy Cohen -- an error that has since been corrected. Easy to forget that. Another inept Michigan Democrat... who knew?

Oklahoma's epidemiologist warned of Trump rally deathsOklahoma&39;s former state epidemiologist warned that President Donald Trump&39;s rally in Tulsa in June could lead to as many as nine deaths and 228 new cases of COVID-19, according to documents released Wednesday. The documents released by the Oklahoma State Department of Health in response to an DEAD numbers do not matter TV RATINGS are Trumps concern He's hanging by the skin of his teeth Herman Cain was at this same Tulsa2020 Trump rally. He is sitting right behind the guy standing on the right.

Climate change is affecting wildfires. But Newsom and legislators still need to do moreIt’s time for the governor to start blaming mismanagement of the forests as much as climate change for these horrendous wildfires, columnist George Skelton writes. It's arson starting wildfires. Stop with the bs. Yes, but there are people who need to go to jail for setting them. Rake your forest boy GavinNewsom

Trump Announces a New Round of Farm Aid in Battleground WisconsinPresident Trump unveiled $13 billion in new aid to farmers facing economic harm from the coronavirus pandemic as he aimed to boost support among rural voters at a campaign rally. Chaos. trumpsocialism Yawn . . . keep on trying to buy votes. Trump is a waste of space. TrumpFailedAmerica coronavirus