Michigan Gov. Whitmer Says Trump Incites Domestic Terrorism

The day after chants of 'lock her up!' erupted during President Trump's rally in Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer responded with a plea to turn down the political heat.

10/18/2020 7:50:00 PM

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: 'It's incredibly disturbing that the president of the United States, 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me ... is at it again and inspiring and incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism.'

The day after chants of 'lock her up!' erupted during President Trump's rally in Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer responded with a plea to turn down the political heat.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Imagestoggle captionChip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesMichigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is seen here campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Oct. 16.Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesMichigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who the FBI says was targeted in a foiled kidnapping plot, on Sunday accused President Trump of fanning the flames of domestic terrorism when he didn't put a stop to chants of"lock her up!" that erupted the day before during a rally in her home state.

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"It's incredibly disturbing that the president of the United States, 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial and execute me — 10 days after that was uncovered — the president is at it again and inspiring and incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism," she said on NBC's

Meet the Press.During his rally in Muskegon, Mich., on Saturday, Trump blamed Whitmer for imposing what he sees as too severe restrictions on the state during the coronavirus pandemic. That led to a chorus of"lock her up!" chants. And instead of condemning the chants, Trump seemed to egg on his supporters, smiling and saying,"You got to get your governor to open up your state," and"Lock them all up."

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Girl, you just wait. You have so much more coming. Let me say it for you governor, trump and those who support him are strait trash Governor of Michigan has to sue Trump TrumpIsASerialKiller When a sitting president cannot be indicted for high treason, for being an agent of foreign government, it pretty much confirms United States has authoritarianism disguised as democracy. We are one election alway from full blown dictatorship!

Regetom1 TREND?! Do not fear to RT/Like: buhari/apc are fully in charge in this nation Nigeria! If you don't like things then: RT & LIKE!!! Dear jack can we have emoticons pls? BuhariMustGo EnoughisEnough This is the bottom line This is the solution 💔😭😭💔💔😭😭💔 💔😭😭💔💔😭😭💔 Whitmer 'My tooth hurts. It's Trumps fault!' The obsession is real.

GovWhitmer I think you are the domestic terrorist with the way you treat your constituents. YOURE a fruitcake He will be sent to jail soon. The problem here is her? The people arrested are not for any party. Get a clue you fools. Typical liberal can’t let a bad thing go to waste, exploite it with lies ginou1010 He's incredibly disturbing and disturbed!!

Go take ur meds loony toon She is correct. She’s crazy! Trump should be held accountable Enjoy your time as governor! It will be short. CJ_isnowblue He sure does! She is dead? Trump's a PIG 🐖!!! She jealous because she is not half as attractive as Kristi Noem. So she is acting as a crisis actor. President Trump took an oath to protect the United States from terrorists both FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC in 2017. HE is INCITING DOMESTIC TERRORISM. The idiot doesn't know how to protect Americans from DOMESTIC TERRORISTS; HE IS A TERRORIST HIMSELF WITH HIS RACISM & INCITING VIOLENCE.

Can you say Antifa and BLM WTF Save the drama for mama Gretch. Fun fact: Patriotic veterans have been murdered in the streets of America by the very people who you troll for support. Whither is such a whiner Look what's happened in our state since the Republicans had the emergency powers law declared unconstitutional and took away our protections. Coronavirus cases have returned to the high numbers we had in April.

The American people is at the rescue!!! We will take care of it relax don't worry.. Trump and his hair brain schemes of division and racism is about to be over soon... Trust. The American people.. we are smart and resilient we don't want a banana republic Trump is out of there 😷 It's crystal clear. realDonaldTrump is not and has never been, qualified to be POTUS. He is also guilty of treason and other unlawful acts. Once he is a civilian again, he should be indicted and put on trial.

8645 EightySixFortyFive Vote He has been very disrespectful. U definitely don't deserve it especially as U R trying to protect your state & all its people. But what should any of us expect from the dumbest home grown terrorist the U.S. has ever know who wants only to instigate chaos & fear across the U.S.?!?

Try again governor - it’s b/c you put politics over people with your ridiculous lockdowns that ignor science We know already....firsthand! For years especially if you are black, Asian, Jewish or Hispanic! The Democrats are the most evil violent people on the planet Maybe if she wasn't a fucking lawless tryant...

Sure America - 🎵And ‘crown’ thy good🎵 is all trump heard and decided he would be king. the rest of us serfs. He obviously watches too much TV. Smith83K He is a menace to society . We will VOTE HIM OUT . ☮️🌊🇺🇸🔛 Wait until it comes out this was all made up by this crazy bit*h and her crew Like we didn't know when all of these democrat governors and mayors were letting riots take over their states and cities that it would be so they can make blame statements like this about Trump. She should try accountability, as she is the governor.

You’re the one who created division with your liberal ideas don’t blame your failures on a awesome President. lets hope he is voted out soon he makes me sick and your so right its insane on his part he thinks murder is a play She needs to be removed, if someone in authority violates our rights, they should be removed from their office immediately and charged.

Gretchen is a big division loving POS, don't fall for her power hungry BS. She's just pissed she didn't sleep around enough to get Kamala's spot. They don't call her Stretchin' Gretchen for nothing Totally GovWhitmer & I’m sorry your family is going through all this-of course u get Covid exhaustion but not ready 2die/I kinda regret going 2a Funeral on Fri but everyone wore😷& social distancing-we didn’t go 2the after lunch d🐾🙏🏻4🇺🇸🌎&EUROPE pls

TrumpBrokeAmemrica! realDonaldTrump your house is on fire & you’re the arsonist with a recently raised insurance policy TrumpIsACriminal So glad I don’t live in Gretchen’s Reich! Yeah that’s really bad. I’m sorry those guys got caught She’s right. Sadly. Shockingly. Complete garbage I'm sure the people of Michigan feel differently. I'm sure they love the prison you've created for them.

No your policies and dictatorship make you a target. Only person to blame is yourself. Beyond disturbing, it’s a crime. Stay strong, Governor. She’s so full of it Tyrant She has no business taking away the rights of the people of Michigan. She’s the governor. Not a dictator Like this one you're narrative is inciting?

Governor Whitmer stay the course. U r saving lives. MURDER45 is Nothing but a MURDER of 220,000 Thousand Innocent American Citizens. Michigan is beside Governor thepaperword He’s is mentally very unstable This women is becoming more unhinged everyday ... Donald Trump — ▪️unprincipled ▪️unhinged ▪️unfit VoteHimOut Vote for — ▪️Honesty ▪️Decency ▪️America He is not us. BidenHarris2020

Lock him up Ok u know what too everybody in the comment section if u don’t live in Michigan regardless of what party u support don’t comment about stuff that u did not grow up in u r assuming thing that u r imaging Michigan state Michigander/Michiganian problems Bell well. JoeBiden FBI CIA Trump needs to calm the flames and do a formal apology to this Governor, by inviting her to the Oval office and holding a special news conference.. because inciting 'domestic terrorism.' is illegal.

My god.. more childish yet dangerous hyperbole. It’s a sad day when all the opposition has is Trump bashing. No new ideas. No vision for the future. Just hate. “The buck stops here” -Harry S. Truman “It’s all Donald Trumps fault” -Every so-called leftist leader. pathetic And there’s some dumb ass Trumpers out there really believing his law and order BS propaganda? If he was a true proponent of law and order the first thing he would do is to go to jail along with the family and the rest of the GOP/KGB Senate. I don’t know how people support him

getamop it's a clear case of inciting domestic terrorism and trump must be prosecuted for that. where's the difference between what he's doing and what Robert Mugabe always did to opponents and journalists in Zimbabwe? we have a golden opportunity to save America, lets do it, VOTE, VOTE! gretchen a mob went to trumps home in ny painted the street get the f==k out of dodge will you still can you said nothing

Trump keeps being himself. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare kenjeong 😂😂😂 Sound like anyone we know? Ahh, yes sounds just like Trump. CAnthonyNull Governor Gretchen Whitmer has shown the type of leadership America needs. She has demonstrated courage, truthfulness, faithfulness to her oath, enormous strength in leadership putting the welfare of those she has been elected to lead above anything else VoteBiden VoteDemocrat

You’re absolutely right Actually she’s the one who can not control her state. I hope they vote her out. She’s really not in touch with her constituents! Find a new line of work like a teacher! Yeah it is amazing, we are in some weird times Open your state... Trump has something against strong, intelligent women.

Doesn't matter disaster or not she still human, she has a family & her life shouldn't be threatened by anyone...especially not by other Americans!! VoteTrumpOut2020 BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica One of the reasons we will vote him out. JohnDyhrberg She's not wrong. Vote BidenHarris to end the hate. What a bunch of morons, believing this crap.

Saw this today. Think it might be applicable. Oh, and the whole “plot” against her was orchestrated by an FBI operative/informant. The elites want to control your mind, have a nice night. The desperate Gov Whitmer that All of Michigan hates doesn't want to admit that the kidnappers were self-admitted Anarchist/Antifa types who are basically Portland Antifa coming after a Gov in the party that gave them cover! The Democrats!

This is ridiculous. SpiroAgnewGhost This Wildling (Yooper) from the Queen City, north of the wall (bridge) stands with Governor Whitmer. Thank you for your service to our Great Lake State. Why would you post this without context - it’s A PROVEN FACT that those plotting to kidnap Whitmer were anti-Trump. Look at the comments your (purposeful) omissions are just lies

HER PLOT WAS A HOAX & THEY WERE BLM & ANTIFA He can’t handle an intelligent, strong woman. He’s totally intimidated and tries to bully. Any woman or person agrees or condones this behavior is a disgusting human. Would you tolerate this behavior towards your family. THINK!! MeToo Lnonblonde Why doesn’t she sue him?

Keep saying it!!!! rkwhitney How is Trump even allowed to run again!! He should be jailed for Domestic Terrorism!!! Women who turn a blind eye or make excuses for Trump’s harassment of Governor Whitmer have truly lost their way! Trump’s an abuser! Dear Lord: So many of your children need mental help. Just read this thread

Agree. Lock him up!! Karen, say, Kavanaugh, say his name. You probably set it up yourself. Pretty coincidental at the election. How can Women continue to support Trump! Trump continues to knowing instigate tensions which have already led to Governor Whitmer’s life being threatened! Where is your empathy? Where is your compassion! Where is your decency! Where?

Charges should be filed against Trump for inciting violence & threats against Gov. Whitmer. Show that such rhetoric is not tolerated. If only we had some law enforcement agencies that took these matters seriously. Bernie Sanders inspired a supporter to shoot and seriously wound Republican congressmen playing baseball. Barack Obama’s anti-police rhetoric lead to the slaughter of police officers in Dallas. This is how it works, right?

BidenHarris2020 BidenHarrisLandslide2020 VoteHimOut VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Who can police the president? TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist

No different from what you do on a day to day basis. Yes he fuckin does and no one holds him accountable ForgeRiver Lock him up. MoosBreaking Just whitmers antifa type thugs. Blame whitmer policies for starting to provoke the crazies. Clueless whitmer deserves whatever happens. This won't stop until a lot more people are dead and Trump will be directly responsible

Stochastic Domestic Terrorism, thy name is tRump. BuntyKritty It should be a crime..... it probably is. DomesticTerroristInChief America doesn’t have a president now! We are being ruled by a mobster and his gang! Vote so we can get a real president. HimHopenot LockHimUp RickFreedland She's one Tough ass Woman . Love her fine,Smart, Brave Ass! *She ain't hiding in a basement. Like the BUNKER BITCH!

You need a straight jacket. realDonaldTrump is full of hatred and desperate. We can no longer trust him as our POTUS! I am so sorry you have been put through this and I hope all are charged!! He must go-a danger to America! hester_hen But with Trump its not surprising. Trump is always incredibly disturbing.

Sorry bout your luck. Lol saadmohseni Buh by... AJDelgado13 Sic sempir tyrranis. By the way, does your husband enjoy his fishing trips while you lockdown everyone else? This president is a fake president! Such utter deceit has become the expected from the democrats. Here is a what a true leader thinks: 'What the hell's the matter with this guy?' Biden said. 'Attacking Governor Whitmer on the same day this plot was exposed. It's despicable.'

She is correct Hey & gretchenwhitmer... how’s that 8645 plot working out for ya? When ya going to tweet an article about that nprpolitics? You’re a freaking joke! You guys supported the Marxist BLM and ANTIFA as they pillaged the cities. You encouraged them...until you found out it was hurting you. Again. You disregard your part in this. Your Gestapo tactics piss people off. You just pissed off a group of ANARCHISTS who hate Trump, law and order. Democrats supported violence and mayhem.

NPR is sadly trash now. We need to stop being surprised. Trump is evil Shocking to say the least, lock him out NOW! Keeping your population in prison is probably the motive of your troubles. Use common sense. AJDelgado13 What a drama queen SpiroAgnewGhost Governor Whitney; as a Woman, Leader, Intelligent and obviously a capable politician committed to the welfare and well-being of your state and people; all of these qualities you embody and live are his, trumps kryptonite. Thank You for your foundation of leadership.

SpiroAgnewGhost For that alone he needs to go..... Jim22873573 Why TH is this woman standing alone? Other leaders need to stand up in solidarity with her. It’s her fault people can’t stand her, she is a horrible person all around! BlueZapfel VanillaISIS must be decimated & rendered helpless GovWhitmer stop with the attention seeking! You can’t accuse realDonaldTrump with no evidence! No one cares! Move on!

GovWhitmer we don't believe it... Praying for you and your Family!! SurbanWomenPleaseLikeMe It is not news that she is saying this... A much larger concern is why aren’t you and the rest of the media saying this very obvious truth? It reminds me of when the media took months before they said he lied... How stupid was that? Don’t let this be the same..

It's way beyond me how the president of the United States can turn his 'followers' against an elected official, instigate her kidnapping and murder and not be removed immediately. This 'white America' is no place that i can be proud of. SpiroAgnewGhost Ya you’d think so !! FBI We THERE YET?!!! Asking for a friend 🗽🇺🇸

It's called Stochastic Terrorism: sending out a signal with the intent that some one will get the message and execute the deed. Um, the conspirators were all anti Trump. He didn’t motivate them, your autocratic policies did. Nice try though, Empress. Please vote we need help!! I've been struggling like never before...I even asked strangers for help..That's why I set up this cash a pp my name there is $Dynamic274..I'm a woman that's been looking for a job and it's been truly ruff..I have lost everything due to my job closing.

AJDelgado13 SUE him for placing you at risk, and for in-sighting violence against a State Elected Public official. And Everything and ANYTHING else the AG can come up with no matter how old the law is. If this behavior surprises anyone you must be a Trump university alumni Thank you very much Governor Whitmer for your honorable service for the citizens of our country as well as for the state of Michigan. CHEERS.

Time to DUMP LOSER CHUMP in November. Traitor in chief; terrorist in chief. What is disturbing is your violation of your oath and your desire to dictate to us. His voters despise you. Your faux kidnap plotters were Antifa and BLM supporting Trump haters. Aren't you referring to the kind you created? It’s not like she’s a barber trying to ear a living and feed her family.

EmeraldForestTi He cannot abide by smart women. FakeNews TrumpDerangementSyndrome ElectionInterference Hahaha youdontsay.png Yes this president supports his radical right wing kidnappers Michigan, please vote this woman out. Please. How? I am hoping that just as soon as he is voted out of office he is locked up! Donnie is an idiot!

There is something truly wrong with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Harvard2H Any GOP governors standing up? Any Senators condemning this? It’s not just Trump, it’s the people not holding him accountable too. It's amazing the conspiracy theory they've come up with From the White House 😡 Has it ever occurred to you that the way people feel about you has more to do with what you do than what Trump says?

cipherEquality Okay lady And the Trump War Room is doing it again today. They are targeting her with lies and threats joncoopertweets America people should gather together and vote for Joe Biden. We all knew it was a mistake when he become USA president nd what he has done all this year's. Please don't make the same mistake again.

joncoopertweets Trump is a STOCHASTIC TERRORIST Trump is bully not a leader. He believes people should jump when he snaps his fingers. Lets make sure come together and get him out of the office VOTE For True Leader ***Biden Harris***🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍 joncoopertweets The audacity of anyone chanting 'lock her/him up' is a cry for help. The best way to help anyone chanting this is to have a ready made lock up for a week living under lock and key. The imprisonment may substitute the chant with another tune.

1Of7BillionPlus Remove Trump Now. Incompetence is now the description fitting all complicit. Incredibly disturbing, but is anyone really surprised? Trump has no ability to empathize. But let someone look cross eyed at him and he is ready to execute them! Mariasview1 Trump is an evil force in this country. He has to be stopped. We need a solution to his distraction.

Can someone charge him the same way their charging the others “LOCK HIM UP!” Before Putin sends a jet to rescue him on 11/4 joncoopertweets “Trump’s Dangerous Base.” If an organised antifa were real, they would be like children playing in sandboxes compared to the actual right-wing terrorism present in the states. Not just me saying this, the FBI does as much as well. Perhaps they are part of the 'deep state' then?

joncoopertweets Seriously I'm a nobody and I would never post on Twitter anything that suggested the crap orange biohazard suggests. I couldn't even make a joke about it because, oh I don't know, it's kidnapping And you believe that claim ? Omg this is America, 2020 and you would dare to make that claim What planets are you from ?

nikkib25 This is beyond disturbing!! I hope Gov. Wilmer has qualified protection. trump is inciting jeopardy to her. Can't he be charged with something restraining order? SOMETHING! PaulHBeckwith Of course he does. The big question is, will the Congress put up with it? joncoopertweets Hope she and her family stays safe...you are a winner in our books. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

It’s shameful that this very disturbed individual is still Our president,I’m from Mi & I think our Governor is doing a good job of pissing off all the wacko nut jobs. Better headline: Trump incite domestic terrorism. Full stop. He's scared of, and intimidated by, her. Plain and simple. joncoopertweets Our President SUPPORTS White Supremacist terrorism. DISGUSTING UNBELIEVABLE ABHORRENT HE MUST GO. TrumpMustGo

Trump and his maga-fanatics have dimmed America's light. Donald maybe violating RICO mob racketeering re white racism terror joncoopertweets He won’t stop until someone hurt her. joncoopertweets joncoopertweets FBI lock him up! Let’s make this hateful harassment stop. Whitmer is deflecting fromher failed leadership.

Lock him up. Maybe you shouldn’t try to be a dictator. If I were her I'd be watching my back, Trump and his 4th Reich hooligans might be plotting their own 'night of the long knives' I'd be heavily guarded during and after election day.\\. cindy8000 Gretchen is well known for her overreach. I have long known about it before Trump said anything. deflection

Not only does Trump incite violent crime.... These people know that if they commit the crime, Trump will pardon them. He is trying to kill is too! He doesnt care if 6.million people die. He is even disrespectful to the men and women who areww in the MILITARY calling them LOSERS AND SUCKERS if Trump is so law abiding as he claims why the hell is he promoting kidnapping and violence so much against democratic governors - police officers, take note of this outrage out of this fools big mouth - he despises you too

Is this the governor who unconstitutionally locked up millions while her husband went fishing? grab em by the pussy maga No, no he didnt.. Blablabla She's pretty evil... when I see her, Darth Vader/Evil Empire music plays in my head... If you vote for realDonaldTrump, that means you’re ok with: 1. Racism KKK 2. Proud Boys 3. Police Brutality 4. Corruption 5. Uncontrollable Pandemic & Massive Deaths 6. Declining Womens Rights 7. Voter Suppression 8. Inequality ETC What does that say about you? SERIOUSLY!!!

The group are DEMACRATES, your peeps ! Esinem79 If you vote for realDonaldTrump, that means you’re ok with: 1. Racism KKK 2. Proud Boys 3. Police Brutality 4. Corruption 5. Uncontrollable Pandemic & Massive Deaths 6. Declining Womens Rights 7. Voter Suppression 8. Inequality ETC What does that say about you? SERIOUSLY!!!

inskeep Astounding, simply astounding :( inskeep Lock HIM up Indeed. Trump is unhinged. It is so wrong for the president of the United States to encourage such bad things and not openly condemn bad actions What a nut case gretchenwhitmer. Give it up & do something else for a living. Well, maybe if Gretchen Whitmer acted more like the Governor of Michigan rather than the Tyrant of Michigan, people would look upon her more favorably.

Trump's behavior is unforgivable. I'm afraid someone is going to lose their life because he's egging on his followers. I hope I'm wrong. Oh plz.... she thinks she’s really THAT IMPORTANT Trumpism is a tragedy of ignorance and want Chavez much? He is so mentally deranged and evil ! Disturbing? Its criminal 😡🇺🇸

She’s bringing a lot of attention to the story by continuing to talk about it tho Well obviously! F””K Trump Do a little more digging... these guys aren’t Trump supporters. They are anti government period... Whitmer has been a complete disaster for Michigan and we won’t recover for many years. It’s pathetic that there isn’t a single member of the gop who is human enough to say something. Fucking pathetic. And yet it shows exactly what they are.

inskeep emboldened Trump needs to be held accountable for this. What a historically incompetent and threatening president. DJ Trump and all the idiot men playing with their guns are afraid of smart women. straitarrow10 Well, he is an asshole. Trump, his enablers, and followers are dangerous for Americans

Hey Governor, Hitler’s own General Staff tried to assassinate him with a bomb which the world knows failed but it led to his suicide, any thoughts? It hasn’t been reported you were going to be executed. You were going out into Lake Michigan as far as we have been told! Dump Trump!! He’s no good! Murderous plots and threats are all fun and games unless uttered by someone outside a particular demographic.

She ought to be great full. Trump’s FBI saved her ass from a pissed off constituency. Gov. Whitmer GovWhitmer should sue Donald Trump for endangering her life. Trump has used the court system to bully and intimidate everyone he could his entire life... Suing him would be poetic justice. This sounds to me like Jussie Smollett

People from both sides of the aisle need to condemn 45's words. Inciting violence against women was wrong in 2016 and is wrong in 2020. I think that, like many of us, he just doesn't like her. Seriously would someone lock him up with all these threats and calls for violence and crimes?! Enough. Terrorists incite terrorism. They are the terrorists.

Or another fake hate crime We know how good left left is at coming up with these type of plots. So Witchmer can spread her lies and accusations without consequence nor accountability, but let's continue to go after that 'orange bastard'? NPRBias NPROmbudsmanNeeded realDonaldTrump trumpisnotwell LMAO what a dumb bitch 🤣

itmeboopy As opposed to whole Democratic Party including Biden that doesn't even acknowledge that Antifa exists. Not only that, they've helped incite actual domestic terrorists and anarchists to riot, loot, cause violence, and pay for the bail funds of the people arrested. IT'S SAD THAT WE HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT DOESN'T BELIEVE IN THE RULE OF LAW, HE WANTS TO BE A DICTATOR!!!

richardbrake Usually if a lot of people have a problem with you, it's not them. Just saying He’s a disgrace Oh please. She’s incredibly disturbing PERIOD It is the job of all Americans to overthrow tyrants. What I’m learning from the comments here is that Whitmer is kryptonite for incels. It's incredibly disturbing that Whitmer chose to incite violence to the president with her 8645 message during her Meet the Press interview. She is very hypocritical.

It is what it is. 250,000 dead. Off with his head! When he gets his Free Bible with Incarceration, he'll have time to reflect. Stay strong, GovWhitmer He’s inviting nothing but your policies incite people to want to put u in jail for not doing tour job and looking out for ALL people! So does the media Keeping your state unfairly locked down for political gain is unfair and why your Supreme Court sided against your dictatorship. Dictatorships invite domestic terrorist

Corlene I hope GovWhitmer will win a big victory and secure her seat. I hope that Trump and his con men will be impeached for fraud, call for civil violence from criminal idiots. Disturbing that a governor had to be restrained by her own state house from using her executive actions to trample Michiganders rights.

100% true period Trump is disgusting SHOULD HAVE LET IT HAPPEN Whey do you have an '86' the president on your desk? This may be new. But, it will never be normal. On November 3 we can make it old again. What does it say that you're supporters where the ones planning this. realDonaldTrump is no fan of women or law and order. He’s a fascist fraud and a murderer. RepublicansForBiden

She needs to go .shes not for the people. MrJonCryer I'm thinking there are millions of people that agree with Trump about you. Maybe if you did not run your state like a Communist country these things wouldn't happen. Just say'in If you've got proof of this, show it. Otherwise it's just another Democratic anti-trump ploy and lie.

She needs to do some research before ignorance. How many Demonrats have said to use violence against Republicans? TRUTH BE TOLD!!!! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 She’s really milking this because she knows MI voters are going to kick her out for destroying MI’s economy The president is a traitor and we will be removing him from office on November 3rd.

realDonaldTrump is the leader of a domestic terrorist group. If he incites violence or promotes hate and division which leads to acts of violence then he’s a terrorist leader. TerroristTrump As she has an 86 45 sign in the background during her interview this morning... Curious about the other list of people?

TheBaxterBean Don't forget to update your article with the official Trump campaign's recent tweet To look the Michigan Governor, one would not think she is so bigoted, ignorant & racist! Guess one never knows about insanely neurotic people in power! Watch out for them, they can cause long term damage to the middle class!

richardmarx Don’t forget he promotes domestic stupidity as well. The pres should be arrested for inciting violence against the govt ShashaBrown12 bjflanagan GovWhitmer is every American🇺🇸 SUE HIM!!! Take his entire $750 along with his real estate assets. This excuse for a leader is everything wrong with the country. Yeah, we all saw the sign psychos

Laura Trump said Trump was just having fun. This kind of behavior isn’t needed in American politics. He behaves like an amoral dictator. Like Joe Biden says “The words of a President matter”. Trump knows what he is doing and his daughter-in-law stating he was “having fun” is deplorable. This is America, behave like Americans.

He should be charged with a hate crime. Trump needs a jail cell. Just get rid of her, she is a menace to herState and the United States! Also she is very unattractive ! My prayers are with you. Thank God for the FBI, who did their job and were able to keep you out of harms way. I hope you & loved ones will continue to be protected& alerted to any viable threat or plan of action against you. It is unprecedented and Un-American what you’ve faced.

Timothy McVeigh got his domestic terror yearnings in Michigan militia. If you don't vote for Biden, the terrorists will win. Please vote. Vote With donnie, it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Blame the victim. Trump is the ring leader and should be arrested to If she was not do power hungery she would not be having people who want to harm her. Just open up the state faster.

Of people in America vote for another term for Trump, it is a sign of the seething hatred and prejudice in those voters - which is ~ 48% of America matthewjdowd Whitmer is not beyond criticism. And what is not mentioned is what liberals say about Trump every day. Equally disturbing is the silence and inaction of William Barr. ImpeachWilliamBarr

Waaaaaahhhh....Vote Red!!! her violating peoples rights are what inspired them not trump. they were libertarians for the most part not Republicans Thank you President Trump, and keep up the fantastic work! End the lockdowns. All the hate by everyone in these tweets, in political office and the media must stop. We must embrace live and understanding. Do not let a few bad misunderstood apples ruin our live for each other.

Lock 45 up!! A group that hates trump is inspired by trump? Trump needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison People who put evil and darkness out into the world find that it only comes back upon them three fold, Donny will learn this YouGetWhatYouGive MrJonCryer Nothing CrazyUncleTrump does anymore surprises me, he is literally insane!

Her actions cause others to hate her, not the president! She’s Hitler the second! This one of many reasons to remove and replace trump & all his republican henchman from ever setting foot on our White House to permit them to destroy our democracy! TrumpIsATerrorist MrJonCryer 45* is a sadist Criticize me and you are inciting hatred and violence.

The rest of us get locked up when we break the law, so why not Gretchen? Is she above the law? Can she ignore the orders of the court? Can she circumvent the legislature? I guess I must have missed the coronation when they appointed her Queen over everyone else! realDonaldTrump promotes domestic terrorism. By association, PressSec & the church these 2 shysters went to today in Las Vegas NV approve of domestic terrorism acted out by Trump's True Believers. I despise these churches. When will USA tax them?

Lock her up! Incredibly disturbing but not surprising. Not sure what to tell ya, you reap what you sow This is not the America I grew up with. We need to all go out and vote to bring back humandecency to the country. Vote no more KidsInCages, no more forcedmedicalprocedures, nor more authoriatrianbehavior

XiaBamboohermit She is nothing, but a political player, a bad one too. Michigan is for Trump!!! Trump is a threat to every American. Now Gretchen is goiing to try and tie Trump into a plot that comes from her own far left dem terrorist group and look NPR is pushing this fake news StareSimulation Stark differences: Trump gets Covid-19 and an empathetic Biden pulls attack ads. An kidnapping & execution plot against Whitmer is foiled and Trump is out 10 hrs later supporting it. Decency and empathy matter. Vote

Trump shouldn’t even be running for potus! He should be LOCKED UP... 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I think Trump is afraid of GovWhitmer 😱 BLM - Antifa and their supporters incite domestic terrorism... Sorry lady you are the only one doing that to your state, all by yourself!! It’s amazing the people of Michigan elected this lady to be their governor I bet they are second guessing that decision

It WAS NOT TRUMP! It was her own constituents! Not too smart NPR is in the tank for the libtard left. realDonaldTrump should not be president, and neither should JoeBiden. JOEBIDEN2020 Repeach the dictator Fake Madam, your conduct is the only thing that is disturbing. You are not the ruler of your state and you need to release your people so they can live their lives.

Dictator Whitmer, you started all this. Locking down MI for months. Saying ' following the science and data'. Or this beauty ' trust me'. You dictate, you don't govern. MI enjoys freedoms. You gave zero evidence of ever giving up your abusive powers. So MI retaliates. Puzzling Don't know if she belongs in jail, but sure dos belong in a loony bin

Trump belongs in jail No one finds it weird how many china accounts are posting on this The piece of hot garbage has no soul. Actually, it's the citizens of MI that despise you and your efforts to keep the state in a lockdown. You need to be voted out, so your 15 min will be up! trump2020 i’m so very sorry!

Whitner needs to go now Every comment from conservatives here is either: ▪︎ justifying the violent plot ▪︎pretending the terrorists weren't hardcore conservatives ▪︎Or claiming trump isn't responsible Conservatives are aching to murder millions of Americans. The sad reality is he won’t quit running his mouth and inciting violence until he’s out of office. In the meantime she is at a high risk and if harm actually comes to her, he won’t take responsibility.

Hey Goves How about you address real violence that the dem cities have instead blaming the President because people hate your guts VoteHimOut2020 This governor needs to put on her big girl panties she decided to get in the politics she gives as good as she gets her husband tries to take the boat out she restrict citizens

They are recruiting here, in Englewood, FL. Local sheriff says it’s freedom of speech. Would they say the same if it were AlQuaeda? FBI DHSgov You need some help! Psychiatrist? I think America is starting to realize Biden has old out our freedoms to the Chinese and Russians for hundreds of millions in his family’s pockets. Vote all Republican to drain the swamp before the democrats drown our freedoms in it😡🇺🇸!

when will people start being responsible for their own actions. All I see is Whitmer attacking Trump. How about she look at herself in the mirror. She caused this with her dictator lockdowns. Holding businesses and workers hostage. One of the worst Governors. Except, of course, at least one of the alleged plot’s organizers was known for anti-Trump rants made in front of his anarchist flag. In other words, he’s a typical leftist mope.

It was left wing nuts who were behind it. Yes in deed. He is calling 4violence from zextremist right, zracists, proud boys, the neo-Nazis, the white suprematists.. those he calls “the very fine people” those his dog whistle was heard by when he said to “stand back and stand by.” His call to violence is being answered.

She, won't Fight Her OWN FOLK. So, what do you think is going to happen. Except that the ringleader was FBI which means Whitmer and her fed buddies made this entire thing up. It was all a political stunt by the dems. What a shock. No evidence of trump doing it. It’s all her. She also vetoed a bill that would make it a felony if you ask for multiple absentee ballots. She’s a snake.

Any person that does not immediately and soundly denounce his behavior has no decency. This is not politics, this is dangerous behavior that should NOT be tolerated. Based on this alone, trump supporters, think about what you are doing Tyrant No one better I can find than this communist Michigan is a complete disaster because of Whitmer

He’s a vile little man baby 💙🗳💙 Trump is the biggest terrorist there is The overwhelming majority of people in the liberal state of Michigan have her back, and will respond if a hair is harmed on her or her family. BestGovernorEver 😂😅🤣🤓🤔🥱 Get over yourself Gretchen! Why is this breaking news...this is a well known fact

He’s EVIL. Trump is a horrible president and even a more horrible person. Disturbing but not surprising. ....and our Justice department is complicit in its silence.... The current domestic terrorists are Antifa gretchenwhitmer file a restraining order He’s doing the Talibans dirty work for them. No wonder they endorsed him

She’s spending a lot of Michigan time posturing for a Cabinet position. Trump/minions do/say something criminal/unethical, etc We get outraged we condemn he doubles down Until another scandal comes along & we repeat The process of trump-crazy normalization seems 2b moving in speed of light Massive vol of surreal coming fro the WH is debilitating

Why isn’t this one of the biggest stories in the country We can not normalize this! She is so stupid, if it was not for Trump's FBI they would have. Her state rioted, looted and murdered people in the streets. Burn't down people's businesses that they worked hard for. Do for others what you would do for herself. She vacation other's people in her state cannot.

Her state has had militia nut cases for decades. So how is that anyone at the federal levels fault? It's not. 'He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.' - Leonardo da Vinci Shes pathetic and has worked to destroy the lives of the citizens living there. The end So much for a law and order Trump campaign unless you mean kangaroo courts

Please, Gretchen - at long last, have you no decency? Trump supporters: these are the actions of a dictator. Nothing is more in-American than this. How can you not see this? CountryOverParty Look up the definition of SOCIOPATH. A reflection on his narcissism, the man is incredibly bad for this country. More than that though, he's afraid of you, so he has to put you down.

How the state of Michigan is allowing this right now, on their property... Protesters were gassed and arrested. The national guard was called for for them, but not armed terrorist on state property? tRump encourages domestic violence. Period. Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist. TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist

...and I DON'T mean you, Governor Whitmer! the michigan ag should charge trump with domestic terrorism and have him arrested. enough of this! Disturbing? Yes. Surprising? No. That’s funny shit right there. Our president is a major douche bag This is a Shame. Gov. Witmer. I can't wait until the Americans who care about their country can chant 'Lock him up'. It will be the largest crowd trump ever had.

Disturbing The more garbage that comes out of DONALD TRUMP mouth, the stupider he gets. He never shut up, it's all blah blah blah talk. It's called ' True lies '🧐 This is so crazy. One thing I don’t get, if the plan was always kidnap, then Murder, why put on a trial?.. some sort of “moral justification “ for their own benefit?

Why is this guy allowed to get away with absolutely everything? I don't understand. Yeah...cept it was a trump hater that hatched the plot. Another conveniently phrased headline from . One might accidentally take it that Trump has something to do with her kidnapping. I think her own unconstitutional actions caused her issues

oh. ridiculous grandstanding It’s incredible she takes no responsibility for her tyrannical unconstitutional policies that have clearly been struck down by the highest courts possible. She must be suffering from some sort of delusion or mental illness She's right. Perhaps only after he leaves office and becomes a citizen will he be on our terrorist watch list?

Let him be tried for internal terrorism! It is her policies that created this. Not Trump This is pathetic. President of the United States should go out of his or her way to protect every citizen. Not put them in harm! ShameOnDonald TrumpIsARacist TrumpIsACoward ChickenTrump TrumpWantsViolence Vote

He is consistently moronic and hateful. Will never change. He’ll never have remorse or empathy That actually is not accurate. You were not allowing landscapers to mow. You oppressed your citizens. She’s right! It's Trump 🙄😬 By their own admission the planners of this attack were anarchists and considered Trump a tyrant so that would align their ideology alongside Antifa/BLM NOT “right-wing” so this is all BS

Isn't that what you did when you joined the protestors. Trump hasn't done anything like that. To insinuate that he has is a conspiracy theory. It’s hard to hold back true tendencies... What I find truly disturbing is his flailing rhetoric that flip flops between crises. The character counts week as an educator was by far the most recent example of his unbalanced and altered reality

Whitmer Almost four years since Trump terrorist's chanted 'lock her up' for Hillary, now same idiots chanting 'lock her up' for Whitmer, only people who were locked up were Trump's 'good men' Flynn, Manafort, Roger Stone, just to name a few traitors Luv Your headline should read: ‘Trump criticizes a domestic terrorist, that happens to hold office.’ 👍

The President of Death, Despair and Devastation asks America for 4 more years. It should be illegal for trump to incite terrorists against Gretchen Whitmer. He called her names & didn't help Michiganders. He put his misogynist squabbling ahead of the needs of people in crisis Yeah like Antifa the idea 💡

This has become the new normal and I can't wait for it to stop. I feel so bad for her. This is wrong. That’s how mushroom dick rolls. TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison This article would benefit from a sentence or two that simply define terrorism. People accusing Trump of inciting terrorism are not being alarmist, they are being accurate.

CORRECTION: White Supremacy incites domestic terrorism. The fact that GovWhitmer was the target of a domestic terrorist kidnapping at the hands of ardent white supremacists and still refuses to call out white supremacy after the fact shows that she's complicit with it. qnp She is a tyrant--- LockHerUp GovWhitmer

Huh? Dirty Donald is Evil! This is been stat quo for the last four years yet most people didn’t care ENOUGH about his divisive rhetoric until these nut jobs he has empowered, tried to kidnap a white Governor. I hate that this happened to her but I’m dumbfounded that she’s surprised! Why won’t the Liberal Media admit that POTUS is the Domestic Terrorist in Chief of America?

Why can’t he be prosecuted for trying to incite violence!!! I think it's time to stop clutching pearls and calling him out for what he's really doing: 'The president is so inept, he can't even get his personal cabal of Fatman Basketball militias to kidnap one little old woman' Trump is counting on the militias to steal michigan for him. Whitmer won't let him otherwise

Oh shut up!! That's because it's real, folks. Tell it like a joke, act it like reality. That's the M.O. and you are not coping. Donald hates that our governor has such high approval ratings for actually stepping up during a pandemic that he surrendered to back in early May. He really does. Remember how in the first election he insinuated there would violence if he lost? Then, 3 guys in Kansas were arrested for plotting to blow up an apartment complex made up of primarily somalians should Hillary had won.

TRUMP 2020 I hope the Senate has a plan in place if Trump loses the election. We can’t afford to allow Trump a podium to stir up trouble. Perhaps Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy should explain to Trump what sedition is. Donald Trump is the domestic terrorist we have to worry about - he inspires his MAGA cult to violence on a daily basis The TrumpViolence must end We must VoteTrumpOut realDonaldTrump TeamTrump senatemajldr GOPLeader GOPChairwoman GOP

Its criminal! Trump is the leader of radicalized right wing domestic terrorist movement. She needs to get the message... People don't like petty tyrants governing by edict. Where does she think she is, New Zealand? Kidnap her and put her on trial? How? How do kidnappers put someone on trial? You could have skipped that part and said execute her. Also didn't they plan to attack Republican state senators as well?

NPR fails to remind readers that for the last 4 years, the Democrats and the anti-Trump media have put Trump on trial attempting to remove him from office. This is such projection. And just what do you think any and all of the hateful chants given in unison to trump and his supporters are, if not inciting domestic terrorism? At least MSM is on your side. Fuck

I wonder if she's still mensturating? WHY IS HE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE?! 🤬 She's such a drama queen, who can't accept her own state's Supreme Court's rulings. headline: “Governor Whitmer says Donald Trump incites domestic terrorism” Corrected headline: “Donald Trump incites domestic terrorism” Gretchen Whitmer is right. Donald Trump is the next president only for domestic terrorists.

theodoricofyork I’m waiting for the FBI to put him on their domestic terror watchlist. LockHerUp She is so full of shit! trump is the one who needs to be locked up. He is dangerous. Whitmer’s problem is with her own constituents, whose rights she’s trampled. Get over yourself, Gretch! It is disturbing. Please MICHIGAN. How about you voters turn out so we don't have another debacle

Trump rally crowd chants 'lock her up' about Michigan Gov. Whitmer, target of alleged kidnapping plotGov. Whitmer responded to Trump's criticism during a rally in Michigan, posting that his was the kind of rhetoric that had put her family in danger. Kinda ironic considering she locks businesses Lock Trump up What about his daughter she did the same thing Hilary did .

Michigan Gov. Whitmer calls Trump's latest attacks 'incredibly disturbing'Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Sunday called President Trump&39;s broadsides targeting her "incredibly disturbing" given that authorities recently announced a foiled antigovernment militia kidnapping plot against her. HALT DIE FRESSE MONKEY 🥳🥳🥳 She should remove all Republicans from the ballots since they are now a terrorist organization. What is wrong with his supporters and him?

Michigan Gov. Whitmer says Trump is inciting domestic terrorism after 'lock her up' chants at rallyGretchen Whitmer said that Donald Trump was fueling domestic terrorism a day after his criticisms of her during a rally in the state spurred supporters to chant 'lock her up!' Why would Biden supporters about what Trump says? Perhaps, the right honorable elected official from Michigan is suffering the negative effects of an ongoing Hormonal Imbalance.....? He said same thing at hillary in 2016. Its a repeat🤡

'Incredibly disturbing': Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says Trump incites domestic terrorism'It is dangerous, not just for me and my family, but for public servants everywhere,' said Whitmer, calling on opinion leaders everywhere to 'call this out' and demand Trump tamp down his remarks. Election day is in 16 days! Polls say Biden is likely to win. Who will win in your opinion? Biden sold out America to our enemies Shes in love with Trump..

Michigan Gov. Lashes Trump For Endangering Her Life After Rally 'Lock Her Up' ChantAfter driving the crowd into a frenzy, Trump smiled, repeated 'Lock her up,' then chillingly added: 'Lock 'em all up.' The most dangerous man in the world. Also the most deranged man in the US government. Do we really pay this guy to lead us I am ashamed of watching this.

Michigan Gov. Lashes Trump For Endangering Her Life After Rally 'Lock Her Up' ChantAfter driving the crowd into a frenzy, Trump smiled, repeated 'Lock her up,' then chillingly added: 'Lock 'em all up.' Karma. Trump's Covid Kill Count is now equal to 3 Vietnam Wars or 214,583 Herman Cains. No. Lock him up.