Michelle Wie West, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon

Michelle Wie West, Rudy Giuliani

Michelle Wie West Responds to Rudy Giuliani's Reprehensible Remarks About Her

Michelle Wie West Responds to Rudy Guiliani’s Reprehensible Remarks About Her

2/21/2021 2:03:00 AM

Michelle Wie West Responds to Rudy Guiliani’s Reprehensible Remarks About Her

The former mayor made lewd comments about the golfer during an appearance on Steve Bannon ’s podcast

.While Giuliani and Bannon were discussing the passing of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Giuliani said he had a “funny” story to tell about a time he and Rush were golfing. But, if you know anything about Giuliani and his history of horrific behavior (see:

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in the latestBoratmovie), you’ll know that the story he’s about to tell is not a good one.“On the green is Michele Wie, and she is getting ready to putt,” Giuliani said. “Now Michelle Wie is gorgeous. She’s six feet. And she has a strange putting stance. She bends all the way over, and her panties show. And the press was going crazy. Because they were trying to take pictures… I said ‘[Rush], it’s not me, it’s not you.'”

After telling his story, Giuliani paused and asked, “Is that OK to tell that joke on the air?”To which Bannon responded, “Well you already told it, so I don’t know,” and Giuliani laughed maniacally.I had to hear it so you do too:Rudy Giuliani tells an absolutely disgusting story about golfing with Rush Limbaugh headtopics.com

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This dude is a nightmare. Is every Republican a complete dirt bag or does it just seem that way? Yea well.. its not like everyone doesn't know he's a total piece of shit. Rudy is plain repulsive. And let’s not forget. There sits EricGreitens, not exactly a champion of respecting women. I wonder if all the time this was going on if Rudy had his hand down in his pants trying to adjust his 'microphone'?

He’s a pig