Michelle Keegan's immaculate Christmas tree is exactly what you'd expect

Michelle Keegan's immaculate Christmas tree is exactly what you'd expect

Michelle Keegan, Mark Wright

12/6/2021 9:15:00 PM

Michelle Keegan 's immaculate Christmas tree is exactly what you'd expect

Brassic star Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright 's Christmas tree at home in Essex is so beautiful – see photo

MORE: Michelle Keegan reveals why she's said no to Strictly 'a few times'The couple were cosying up on their cream L-shaped sofa, watching a film together alongside one of their pet dogs, Pip. Michelle's towering Christmas tree was as tall as the patio door and boasted a red and gold colour theme with soft white lights. The giant baubles were perfectly spaced out, with the odd clear glass ornament breaking things up.

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The understated yet immaculate tree was in keeping with Mark and Michelle's neutral home. The new photo unveiled the pair's cream walls, beige curtains and simple black TV stand, with a glass lantern resting at the foot of it.RELATED: Michelle Keegan's new hair and skinny jeans delight fans headtopics.com

Michelle captioned the photo:"My Sunday morning view. Father of the Bride, Mark's curled over toes and Pips trying to stare me out."The pair always go all out for Christmas, and last year their dramatic doorway transformation had to be seen to be believed.

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Michelle and Mark Wright's Christmas tree is picture perfectThe décor featured an incredible door frame made from traditional Christmas tree, complete with light up red candy canes, and a combination of red and white metallic baubles set within bright string fairy lights.

At either side of the garland, Michelle and Mark had positioned two life-sized toy soldier statues, and red present boxes with gold bows.Michelle's Christmas decorations were epic last yearAs guests entered through the doorway, they were greeted by an enormous indoor tree matching the outdoor décor, with red and white striped baubles and lollipops. Michelle and Mark opted against the traditional Christmas tree star as a topper in favour of a gingerbread house.

Michelle captioned the image at the time:"The festivities have started early. It's 2020, and the rules have gone out the window! Pass me the mulled wine."The Brassic star went all out with her tree This is going to be Michelle and Mark's last Christmas at her current property since the pair's dream mansion build should be wrapping up over the next few months. headtopics.com

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DISCOVER: Mark Wright gives Michelle Keegan a tour of their master bedroom – and WOWThe Our Girl actress and the former TOWIE star purchased the original farmhouse property for £1.3million and had planning permission granted by Epping Council in July 2020.

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