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Michael Hertz — You’ve Surely Seen His Subway Map — Dies at 87

In 1979 his firm came up with the New York City subway map that is the basis for the one still used.


Michael Hertz, who helped design the NYC subway map you know and love, has died at 87. The map is one of the most consulted in human history.

In 1979 his firm came up with the New York City subway map that is the basis for the one still used.

The map that Mr. Hertz’s firm came up with included streets, neighborhoods and other surface reference points. And it depicted the city and its signature elements like Central Park and the waterways in a fashion more reflective of reality — the park wasn’t square, as on the earlier map, and the water wasn’t beige.

with his eyes closed so that he could better feel the curves in the routes. (One of the complaints about the Vignelli diagram was that it was done entirely in straight lines.)“The best thing I could probably tell you is to quote my sainted mother: ‘Success has many fathers,’” Mr. Kelly said. “That’s not to disparage any work that anybody else put into the map. But, in all honesty, it’s Mike Hertz that did all the basic design and implementation of it. In all fairness, the father of this map, as far as we’re concerned, is Mike Hertz.”

was done by Mr. Hertz in 1998. But the core concept developed in 1979 remains.He worked for the Walt Disney Company as art director for movie advertising for a decade before starting his own firm in the late 1960s. He worked on transit maps for Houston and Washington, maps of New York City’s various neighborhoods, airport maps and directories, and more.

“Perhaps the biggest constraint was that it had to fit into the existing map frames in every subway car,” Mr. Hertz said. Since the city is taller and narrower than Vignelli had made it, he added, the team had to “knead, bend and squeeze the map to fit in the already existing frame.”

Mr. Hertz in an undated photograph. “In transit map circles, Mike was a giant,” an M.T.A. official said. “All New Yorkers carry some image of Mike’s subway map in their heads.”“We realized that we could nip and tuck smaller areas of the city to give more space to congested areas like Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn without major damage to the overall sense of the city’s geography,” he said.

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it's spelled hertzs* mdeatherage I got to know him a little through Wikipedia work and he friended me on Facebook. Such a nice man. RIP Nobuyuki Siraisi, the lead designer who rode the lines with his eyes closed to get a sense of the curves, deserves mention here. He did a great job! May he RIP. Could not have survived NYC without it!!!

I prefer the tfL London Underground. Smells infinitely better. probably because the stupid transportation museum is on there I’ll never forgive him for making Staten Island tiny. Damn. His map was a huge part of my childhood. My family’s been in N.Y.C. since 1927, so I’m sure some of my family remembers seeing his original map all the back in ‘79. R.I.P. Mr. Hertz.


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