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Michael Avenatti Found Guilty

Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame as the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, was found guilty on charges that he tried to extort more than $20 million from Nike


Michael Avenatti , who rose to fame as the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, was found guilty on charges that he tried to extort more than $20 million from Nike

Michael Avenatti , the brash, camera-ready lawyer for adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, was convicted on charges that he tried to extort more than $20 million from Nike by threatening to expose damaging information about the company. Updated Feb. 14, 2020 3:08 pm ET Michael Avenatti, who rose to national fame as the brash, camera-ready lawyer for adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, was found guilty Friday on charges that he tried to extort more than $20 million from Nike, Inc. by threatening to expose damaging information about the company. The verdict marks a victory for the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, which brought the case last year following a swift investigation. The federal prosecutors were aided by Nike’s lawyers, who recorded their conversations with Mr. Avenatti. ... Read more: The Wall Street Journal

It looks rare that Michael Avenatti, a Lawyer, tryed to extort Nike. Big people, like a lawyer or a doctor only prey on small people not big people like Nike. Dr James teach Avenatti a lessen; tells him that only small people like Maria Reyes can be preyed upon. No body will kno He’s going to like prison. Imagine all the filings and motions he’ll do for other inmates. That’s a lot of commissary cash.

He rose to fame with the media Was it worth it, Mikey? Will you be covering Barr’s interventions at SDNY to make all cases against Trump disappear? I don't know the evidence of Avenatti's guilt, but I can't help but wonder- how long will it be until Trump charges an enemy who is of unimpeachable moral character? funder

Send him some tampons for his butt. Does it matter? These scumbags make the calculation, 'How old will I be when I get out and is the total of my presently hidden ill gotten gains(Switzerland?) worth the 1/4 of the sentence that I'll actually serve. This is standard stuff surprises here. there you go. i thought he would be running for president?! paging CNN CBSNews 😋 basta

Feel sad for wsj, they idolized Avenatti while he bashed Trump. Now it is clear he was a snake all along.

Disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti found guilty in Nike extortion trialDoes that hurt his chances as the democrats nominee? Democrat goingvro jail, get Coronavirus Dang MichaelAvenatti don’t drop the soap 🧼🤯

The head of the spear just broke off. Lol What networks and media outlets propped him up? 🤔 CNN one pop wonder boy exposed. The fame he rose to was nothing to be proud of. MAGA Avenatti got FIRED by StormyDaniels, didn't he? He is now fully competent to challenge Trump now! That's USA 2020... Attempted and fail... wonder if trump will face charges. Also I wonder how much of a trump target Avanati was?

He did some good though.... TrumpCurse 🤠

Michael Avenatti Guilty on All Counts in Nike Extortion CaseEmbattled lawyer Michael Avenatti was convicted of extorting Nike, and of defrauding his client in a bid to reap millions from the shoemaker, in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday.It took jurors less than two days to deliver their guilty verdict against the California litigator, who shot to fame for Holy Toledo Batman ! Wasn't he going to run against Trump2020 too? brianstelter I hate thieves. I hate Nike. Not sure what side to root for here.

You mean rose to shame. Everyone but the media could tell this guy was a greasy grifter. So attempted extortion is illegal? Asking for the majority, Congress, Senate, and Ukraine. 😂😂 “Creepy Porn Lawyer” - Tucker nailed it a long, long, long time ago Rose to fame on a foundation of 💩 Extortion is the other side of class war..

Wow, that was a fast rise and fall! Brave criminal . he should be jussie's cell mate. Keep life simple. Yet McCabe, who admitted to lying, walks around free as a bird. It's hard to get a conviction against a Swamp Creature in their home Swamp, Washington DC. The Creatures run real deep in DC.

Michael Avenatti guilty on all counts in Nike extortion caseAvenatti was arrested in March, about 15 minutes after tweeting that he had scheduled a press conference to “disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike.” CNBC Who can forget when the fake news bowed down to this scumbag 😂😂😂😂😂 CNBC It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. CNBC Brian Stelter said He was Presidential

Well that was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it tweeps? Basta Who was on cnn daily! What the hell, MichaelAvenatti? You were thisclose to exposing Trump & use of his campaign funds on porn stars, Playboy models and under age girls. What was going on in your head ripping off Nike? What made you say...

Ha ha!!!!! What a pathetic clown😂😂😂 michaelavenatti Unbelievable, is there any conspiracy behind him? Save room for Trump at the jail... Still doesn't change the fact that Trump is illegitimate, cheated on Melania like he did all of previous wives, paid them to be quiet, must cheat in elections, committed impeachable offenses, & represents a Republican party that is a branch of the KKK. America is in a free fall.

Can someone explain the charge please? I keep reading but I’m not sure what I’m reading. People need to wake up, I think this was all a huge set up. Trump always wanted to get and screw Avenatti somehow, Trump is attached to this I bet you anything. He wanted retribution for what he did to Trump with Stormey Daniels case and Trump will not rest until he ruins him

You forgot to add...and respected presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti convicted in Nike extortion caseBREAKING: Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti convicted in Nike extortion case. Thought he was supposed to be “President Avenatti.” This dude ran for president lol Basta

Brilliant He wasnt famous for his legal brilliance. Actually he was incompetent which says alot about how easy it is to be idolized by the MSM and libs. All you have to do is criticize trump and you must be a legal genius. He rose to fame as a CNN guest. FakeMedia Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy How sad maddow, HardballChris, brianstelter, ChrisCuomo and all the others must be! He was their guy! Their hero! Their next President! Bless their hearts.

Thoughts and prayers for your loss. 😏 I guess Michael won't be President and MSNBC is Secretly eating CROW! Sad Smells like a tRump wack job. BIGLY! Karma, the new brand of sneakers Nike will be producing

Kors keeps it country cozy for fall 2020 at New York Fashion WeekMichael Kors looks to the country for inspiration for his Fall 2020 collection at NYFW Wow.. I love clothing.. and this guy 'Michael Kors'.. he knows how to make Woman look awesome! I love it all the styles he's created for each lady on the cat walk! Gorgeous Feminine Looks .. who wouldn't want to look this good!

Omg must you guys include Daniels every time What a POS!! Hey brianstelter your buddy is going to prison. LOL. Enjoy prison, porn boy. MichaelAvenatti 😂😂😂🍆🍆🍆 Another corrupt CNN favorite He’s your future pres right? You backed his efforts and reported fake news right? Good luck! CNN will never recover ...

* Michael Avenatti (D) fixed it for you Do you think that Barr and his prosecutors went after Avenatti ecause he went after Trump? Yes. This is a lawyer aggressively negotiating with Nike lawyers for his client. Period. The prosecutors and Barr should be investigated about how they came to decide this prosecution.

LMFAO CreepyPornLawyer

Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Argues for AcquittalHarvey Weinstein’s defense team asked a Manhattan jury to find the Hollywood producer not guilty of sex crimes, saying his actions might not have been respectable, but they were always consensual. I mean I think they might be right.... Cause, you know, old man Weinstein is so fucking hot. High Five Bruh!

How’s he polling JoyVBehar No, he rose to fame through free publicity. Did he actually get the money If not according to Trump he's not guilty. He should have been nice to Trump and may be AG Barr could call for lesser sentence - oh right he is an enemy of the prez. Couldn't have happened to a bigger dick. LOL

Justice has been served! When he was attacking Trump he was a star of Dem party, he actually was a Crook. What does that say about others that Dem party so strongly supports. Idiot. Glad he won't be practicing law again (hopefully?) i guess he will miss 2020 Politicon He's In The Jailhouse Now !

Should of hired Trumps guys. Wait wasn’t he the Democrats 2020 Presidential candidate? Nike: Let me help: Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame by appearing on CNN 72 times, was found...'. 🙌🏼👍🏼👋🏼 CNNs peoples champion!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good! Think the jury fore person was a Republican who ran for office in 2012? O, no... that was Roger Stone. I forgot it only goes one way.

Still awaiting all of the charges from his antics and lies before Congress in the Kavanaugh hearing... **HEADLINE CORRECTION** Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame trying to extort the President of the USA, was found guilty on charges that he tried to extort more than $20 million from Nike. Wasn’t he just trying a quid, pro, quo? I hear that’s legal now...

BistyCSRoss Show of hands: even while cheering on taking on tRump...who else saw a version of 'This' coming? Where’s Brian Stelter telling him he believes he has a real chance to become president He rose to fame because FakeNewsCNN put him on. Just like all the losers on cnn Modern-day Icarus Well he said he wanted to run for President. Now he finally has something on his resume to make him a perfect man to lead. Politics and crooks go hand in hand so he is just upping his chances of a landslide win...when he's released from prison that is.

CNN Day made How disappointing to find out that he’s as dirty and crooked as Trump! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 CNN hardest hit

Well the sad thing is, this wouldn't matter much to Dem voters so he can still do his planned 2020 run. As they say 'Vote blue no matter who'. Well he won’t be running for President any time soon Future President, 2064! Well, hey there Karma! What is CNN going to do with his office? Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Just blew it.... Lebanon Belly Dance combines Debke steps by Tasha Banat

😆🤣😂👍🏻 Doesn’t make sense? Oh when the Dems come crashing down, oh when the Dems com crashing down. If involved with the hoax then take a number, or when the Dems come crashing down... EVERYONE JOIN IN! 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Dude’s gonna to learn some painful lessons in prison.😂🤣👍 cant believe i almost voted for this guy

Wow, but extorting a foreign country using taxpayers money for political gain is A-Okay. It surely seems like for Trump enemies the law is heavy handed. Good. Even though the MSM anointed him the second coming during the Kavanaugh hearings. Unbelievable Creepy porn lawyer

Who is investigating Nike? So quick to convict, when your not Trump nor his cronies. They get rewarded for their corruption and criminality. Bwahahahahahahaha Boies Schiller. Were they not involved in hiring a company to spy on Weinstein's sexual assault accusers? Wasn't the firm involved in the Theranos scandal/ fraud? Now Avenatti's case , after he went after trump. Nike' s scandal? Hillary Clearly it’s Trumps fault right liberals 🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️😂😂😂 Clearly needed a better lawyer. No pardon or Department of Justice interference for a light sentence in his future. So I guess Stormy was a smart cookie for distancing herself from this guy. SnarkyL So he won’t be running for President? Come on , don’t leave me hanging. Yes or no?

Boy! That was stupid. Sometime you win sometime you lose!

twright55 brianstelter planning to make conjugal visits? Telling of society when a scum bag like this can rise to fame. You let that fame & notoriety get you! Go straight to jail & do not pass GO!! GREEDY!! Scumbag of the year. Wonder if CNN will have him back on? Lol Congrats Nike while the rest of us are taking an L on SNKRS, you’re in the courtroom getting the W

Guess presidential run will need to wait until 2062 Barr will be very upset. He’s tried his best to make sure that no leftist wrongdoer is ever punished. How do you feel now, liberal media: CNN MSNBC ABC ?

Darn, he would have been a great asset for the demonrats, possibly a presidential nominee. 🤣🤣🤣 Good riddance! Finally Avenatti got clearance to replace fake president Oooppss! Avenatti got greedy and now has to pay. He “better calls Saul”! Basta! No one is above the law!!!! I guess he’s not running for President

And to think the main stream media thot this would be the next president, damn fools! Desperate times, Desperate measures Unlike Avenatti, Stormy is talented. Google 'stormy bj compilation'.

Yes!!! Wow, his buddy brianstelter is going to be totally bummed out. Avenatti was like a co-anchor on CNN for a couple of months. Now what? He walks free and becomes a news Anchor and head of the DNC? Didn’t see that coming. 😀Great day for justice michaelavenatti Going to federalprison Does this mean he can run for President now?

now he's qualified to run against Trump The weak mind of a sick person always ends with a prison sentence. Bye, bye Micheal Avenatti.

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