Mich. county officials used federal Covid relief money for bonuses

Michigan county officials used federal coronavirus relief money for bonuses.

7/23/2021 12:07:00 AM

Michigan county officials used federal coronavirus relief money for bonuses.

The money, described as “hazard pay,” included $25,000 for Jeremy Root, chairman of the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners.

ByThe Associated PressCORUNNA, Mich. (AP) — Elected officials in a Michigan county gave themselves $65,000 in bonuses with federal relief money related to the coronavirus pandemic.The mostly rural county, between Lansing and Flint, has a population of 68,000.

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Commissioners — all Republicans — last week voted to award money to county employees. It ranged from $25,000 for administrators to $2,000 for cleaning staff. All workers got at least $1,000.Commissioners are paid $10,000 a year for their part-time job, plus a stipend for meetings.

Besides Root, commissioners John Plowman and Brandon Marks each received $10,000 in extra cash, and the other four commissioners got $5,000 each, MLive.com said.“I think that I earned it,” Commissioner Cindy Garber said. “I work really hard at this job. I was here in-person all through this crazy year.” headtopics.com

Elected officials in a Michigan county gave themselves $65,000 in bonuses with federal relief money related to the coronavirus pandemic.YouTubeCommissioner Marlene Webster said she was “mortified” when money appeared in her bank account. She said she didn’t know she voted to reward herself.

“I’m giving the money back,” WebsterWILX-TV. “I think one commissioner is giving it to a nonprofit so those actions indicate that we truly did not know this money was coming to us.”A message seeking comment from Root wasn’t immediately returned Thursday.

Garber said the large payment for Root was justified because he “bears the burden of all emergency orders.”Stephan Currie, executive director of the Michigan Association of Counties, or MAC, said the group works closely with counties about how to spend federal virus-related cash.

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Michigan: Florida of the North No doubt How else do you think corrupt government leaders would act? proudphilistine Commissioners — all Republicans — last week voted to award federal coronavirus money to county employees. It ranged from $25,000 for administrators to $2,000 for cleaning staff. All workers got at least $1,000.

Ahhhh republikkkans. Liberals are very resoursefull Wow I applaud those that are giving the money back or to a nonprofit. For the rest of them, they lacks integrity. on_bender Well, that needs to be paid back. Of course they did. Fire them all and let them survive on their stolen bonuses !

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Republican county Feds should demand repayment immediately ! MaddowBlog Y'all should vote them out. Full stop. No excuses or reasons. If you're a single issue voter, switch issues for this election and VoteThemOut2022. You deserve a gov't that works 4everyone. These folks aren't it. justsayin 🤨🧐 Putting the money in the hands of people who have no restrictions to pay themselves is the height of public trust stupidity. We have all clearly moved past having integrity or morals in the public sector and unless it is clearly against the law, people will take every advantage

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