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Mexico to penalize creators of TV series seen as 'dirty campaign' against president

Mexico's top electoral court said on Wednesday it would penalize the creato...


Mexico to penalize creators of TV series seen as 'dirty campaign' against president

Mexico 's top electoral court said on Wednesday it would penalize the creato...

The series, called “Populismo en America Latina” (Populism in Latin America), features a segment on Lopez Obrador alongside former South American left-wing rulers such as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva.

Pina Digital and Virna Gomez could not be reached, while the other parties did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Media outlets that ran publicity for the series will not be sanctioned, the court said, in order to guarantee freedom of expression.

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Mexizuela is on its way. I'm glad they're going to do it those mothrfckrs were really unfair with him. I disagree with censorship of any kind anywhere. Warnings as to content may be put in place but censorship, no. Sweet. What are there immigration policies? I think we’ve finally found the country to emulate! And they’re right next door.


Surveillance video shows 'TV Santa Claus' leaving old TV sets on porches throughout neighborhood'Maybe TV Man was just ready to strike and put a little humor in our lives,' one resident said.

Lionsgate TV Ups Scott Herbst to Scripted Development Head, Jocelyn Sabo to Senior VP, TVLionsgate has promoted two of its executives, naming Scott Herbst as its new head of scripted development for Lionsgate Television Group and Jocelyn Sabo as senior vice president of television. Her…

‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ TV Series In Works At NBC From Josh Berman & Sony Pictures TVThe Brat Pack is back! In one of NBC’s first buys this pitch season, the network has put in development St. Elmo’s Fire, a modern adaptation of the cult classic 1985 feature. Written by… Why? I love the movie but idk about this one here I'm sorry industry is filled w uncreative assholes.

Mexico pushes U.S. to designate El Paso shooting an act of terrorism Mexico 's government on Wednesday amplified its assertion that the Aug. 3 ma... By a very nasty piece of work... How is it not already?! I am afraid that Moron45 will designate it an act of patriotism.

New Mexico man accused of 'forcibly' feeding meth to his catA New Mexico man is accused of 'forcibly' feeding methamphetamine to his pet cat, police said on Tuesday. Just curious ...... why did someone decide to test the cat ? PLEASE tell me that the cat has been removed from that den of horrors and been re-homed with a responsible owner! 🐱 😫😩🤬😡

New Mexico man choked a cat, fed it meth, abused his girlfriend, police sayAaron Spaulding was already facing multiple felony counts from a domestic incident when he was charged with animal cruelty. This 8-year old boy died after eating his dad’s meth which he thought was cereal Mentioned the cat, before the girlfriend?

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