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Mexico's first lady stirs Twitter storm with comment on kids with cancer

Mexico's first lady stirs Twitter storm with comment on kids with cancer

7/2/2020 12:50:00 AM

Mexico 's first lady stirs Twitter storm with comment on kids with cancer

Mexican first lady Beatriz Gutierrez sparked an uproar on social media on Wednesday with a Twitter comment widely viewed as insensitive when she swatted away a question about what she was doing to help parents of children with cancer.

Gutierrez published a celebratory post on the two-year anniversary of the election victory of her husband President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in July 2018.Responding to her post, Twitter user Jose David Guerra asked: “When will you personally attend to the parents of children with cancer? Thank you for your kind response.”

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Gutierrez responded, “I’m not a doctor, maybe you are. On you go, you help them,” in a tweet that has since been deleted but was seen by Reuters and widely retweeted.Gutierrez, who was trending on Twitter, then made her own account private, according to Mexican media reports.

The office of the president declined to comment on the row, which threatened to take some of the shine off Lopez Obrador’s celebration of his landslide win’s anniversary. A representative for Gutierrez could not immediately be reached for comment.A shortage of medicines to treat cancer in children drew negative headlines for Lopez Obrador earlier this year as his government tried to overhaul the health system.

Images of sick children and distraught parents criticizing the government from crowded hospital wards damaged his reputation and ate into his popularity.Gutierrez has been a strong defender of her husband, and has come under fire frequently from critics on social media.

The row sparked a trending hashtag #LaBrujaDelPalacio (The Witch of the Palace), referring to the National Palace, site of the president’s offices and residence. Supporters of the first lady denounced the attacks, saying she deserved respect.Lopez Obrador himself rarely shies away from conflict with adversaries. His critics and defenders have attacked each other vigorously on Twitter since he took office in December 2018.

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mexico69RME It is not a lie , BeatrizGMuller is not an MD, and who she answers to, is not a father of a child with cancer, try to understand what is this all about, the richest persons in México are mad, the majority of the aren’t satisfied to pay taxes We urgently wan't them out of the presidency. AMLO and MÜLLER hate Mexico and Mexicans.

El acoso a la primera dama, de personas y medios informativos identificados con partidos de oposición, es constante, invasivo y claramente dirigido a hacerla perder el control. BeatrizGMuller BeatrizGMuller observa la vergüenza que eres!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 She stole the 2nd coming-into-power anniversary celebration show of hubby-the negative narcissist leader of a political cult which grabbed presidency & house majority aided by duped left wing intelectuals, academia & show biz plus those voting for hope, all consience-stricken now

BeatrizGMuller te falta bloquear a jijijiji She is a horrible person. Horror que pase en México En las acciones se demuestra quién eres The 'first lady' of Mexico only cares for her own. Read and prepare for LIC2020 where all solutions will be available What? 😷 No es primera dama. Rectifica La doctora y escritora no ostenta cargo publico en el gobierno del presidente Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Ay que oso que México 🇲🇽 sea noticia por pendejos cómo estos She's not ' first lady ' she said all women are first lady not only one. She also does not have any political position or in the government, which means she is a citizen who can have an opinion and say what she likes. With this are only feeding the anti-amlo 🙄

Damn looks like tooth cancer hit her real bad “The power of the bots” 🤖 The First Lady of Mexico is being attacked every single day by them. A big chain of bots are doing their best for talking bad about the government because of the next elections. In this case it is better to talk clearly and don’t pay attention on it.

Vieja bruja no me representa !!! Una pena LadyPrimeraClase BrujaDelPalacio BeatrizGutierrezMuller BeatrizGMuller , que pena que se presten para noticias amarillistas y fuera de lugar. Que pena. They are your words and your words alone alpha move IVANGIDI oneamexico CarlosGidiB El que está a su izquierda es el chocoflan con greña de rebelde?

Wow. Hasta a Reuters llegó el tropiezo de Doña Betty. 11 mil likes a la nota. Q pena BeatrizGMuller neta q pena!! Y que chingue a su madre el chocoflan 😂😂😂😂 Believe it or not, children and women in mexico have been treated with no respect about their human rights. Sorry seems to be so very hard to say for mexicans first lady. We are living a mess due Lopez Obrador old fashioned decisions. Mexico is back to 70’s!

Que vergüenza con esta señora... ... and worst things will come with the so called “transformation” México doesn't have a first lady. She's just the president's partner. We don’t have “First Lady” It’s very archaic She is a devil! Just like Amlo!! Assesins!!!! Y alguien ya vio su disculpa? Adversarios? Cuáles adversario somos todo el pueblo para que ella trabaja! Igual de loca que su marido ya

por que estan todos escribiendo en ingles? XD Es una mujer que no representa a México,, ella lo dijo. Por eso no le importan lo qué pasa a los Mexicanos RT : Mexico's first lady stirs Twitter storm with comment on kids with cancer muy bien vieja corriente y vulgar BeatrizGMuller PATÉTICA Y TODAVÍA LE ECHAS LA CULPA A OTROS DE TUS ESTUPIDECES Y 0 EMPATÍA

dariusctz Actually she refers to her self as a citizen, so she doesn't apply to the role of first Lady. On the other hand her comment lacked of any empathy what so ever to a sensitive matter as the kids with cancer. Y ahora qué pasó?BeatrizGMuller lopezobrador_ realDonaldTrump ElOpinadorTV De Pena Ajena!!.. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️... pero siiii.... la noticia más nefasta que podríamos tener empezando el mes...

OMG. What a DOG BEAR Ah que bonito mascán el totacho, pero mis bolis sucker , es una ulera, de las que no venden hules She is'nt fiesta lady!!!! Or lady Que Orgullo ehhh vieja estupida. Como siempre enalteciendo al pais. BeatrizGMuller PICHE NACA supercivicosmx Watch this! .! Do you remember? Ellos no son mexico :( no los queremos no nos hagan mala fama solo por una inculta llena de odio.

she voluntarily stepped aside from the traditional functions of the First Lady (even though it's a honorary public role), that's why Ay 'seño bety' ojala ya deje de avergonzarnos ! Que oso!!!!! Amigos, si alguien pregunta somos de otro Mexico, uno que esta en Europa. BeatrizGMuller una vergüenza supercivicosmx supercivicosmx dándole difusión a la que no es primera dama, además de publicaciones de vampipe, triunfal su postura.

Is here!!!She said that... She's not the first lady 🤪 WHAT. A. BEAR. She does not act as first lady of Mexico since this figure was suppressed She is not the first lady BeatrizGMuller Vieja miserable BeatrizGMuller 💩 Vahoooz We are the fuckin' shame of the world. One of the worst president’s and even worst first lady in Mexico’s History(And we have had a few bad ones). It will be a long 4 more years for Mexico.

Que vergüenza 🤦🏻‍♀️😡😡 Que horror !!! 🤦 Que pinche oso de LadyMierda LaBrujaDelPalacio BeatrizGMuller Esto no les afecta a LesChaires porque no hablan inglés. Ya los ha de haber bloqueado la verdulera BeatrizGMuller Beware Reuterd, and nytimes .The hipocrite and miserable BeatrizGMuller gets people fired from their jobs and loves tyrannic retaliation when she 'feels aggravated' . Ask ChumelTorres about it....

First lady? I DOUBT nadaquecelebrar She said, she's not the first lady, she is only te wife of an stupid men who wanted to be the president and now he doesn't know what to do And she was right, she’snot a politician to be accountable for public health. Even she doesn’t want to be called “First Lady” because she has her own career and life.

UNICEF UNHumanRights ONU_es WHO ONU_derechos DeniseDresserG an ordinary, vulgar woman! children are dying of cancer! They took away their right to medical treatment and they also took away their medicines. They are murderers. Shes not, mexico’s first ladie !!!!!!!!!!!! She does not deserve to be called First Lady. Mexico hates this president and this government. There have been 3 huge nationwide public demonstrations against them and is just the second year with the worst results ever. Mexico does not want communism. Please help raise our voice

Chocoflan quedé Que más se puede espera de BeatrizGMuller la bestia que habita palacio Lo peor de méxico una vergüenza lopezobrador_ y su intento de primera dama porque de eso ni a dama BeatrizGMuller You're telling me that the best you could do on today's coverage is an inflated controversy of a Twitter user demanding something that the wife of the President lopezobrador_ can't do because she is not a state worker, or a medic? Just a fake outrage from political apposition!!

Reuters neoliberal A_ausdenRuthen Bueno, ante el mundo seguimos siento kk gracias al kks y sus kkitas She is a bad human!! Pendeja BeatrizGMuller dirá que es un medio vendido 👀 Prensa fifí. Conservadores. Neoliberales. LordMoleculaNecesario La primera 💩 Aclarando: No es la Primera Dama, y no nos representa. El mexicano será muchas cosas, pero no falto de empatía; ante las dificultades levantamos y damos la cara. Cuando ocurren catástrofes, somos un pueblo solidario, que ve más allá del interés propio.

She's not first lady. That position does not exist in Mexico, she is just the wife of the president. BeatrizGMuller mire, aquí hablando mal de usted... wait, bien merecido👎🏻 BeatrizGMuller Ahí está para que veas tu logró!! What a huge bitch! Ya sabemos que la zopilota BeatrizGMuller no es doctora, no es primera dama, no es escritora ni letrada, no es cantante y mucho menos es cocinera ya que hizo un pinche ChocoFlan bien feo

She is despicable. Felicidades BeatrizGMuller eres noticia internacional y no precisamente por tus grandes “aportaciones” literarias o musicales. LaBrujaDelPalacio her only mission in life is to make sure those kids die as soon as possible She is a bitchy...witch... Its a shame for México 'Son inventos de prensa fifi!!' En 3, 2, 1....

Maldito ChumelTorres dueño de REUTERS conservador. Que se entere el mundo que los que gobiernan a México no les interesa lo importante y nada mas les interesa ser populares, los niños con cáncer, falta de medicamentos, el covid-19, el medio ambiente, las inversiones a ellos les vale madres...... ⚠️ Correction ⚠️ She's non the first lady. She's just la vieja del Cacas.

THANK YOU 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Bruja maldita , que vergüenza una primera dama como beatrizmuller no la porque me bloqueo !! Disculpen no todos los mexicanos somos así 🇲🇽 No cayo bajo, enseño de lo bajo que viene...aun que la mona se vista de.... Hey BeatrizGMuller! Aquí, put attention!!! First Lady? We dont have one! Ccp BeatrizGMuller

Sucks like the president maca_online Que pena en serio con este par de brutos como representantes de México She is a disgrace and indolent lady if we can say it. She doesn’t represent us. We are SO EMBARRASSED. She does not represent nor embodies our country. Mexican women are nurturing, wholesome, hardworking, and compassionate. Beatriz is a despicable, horrible, and disgusting human being. Also she is not the first lady, she refused that job.

Check this out !!!! La fina Beatriz les contesta: Terrible image that the Mexican government gives to the world. Te llegó la lumbre a los aparejos, LaBrujaDelPalacio Una vergüenza!!! 😡 🐶🐻 BeatrizGMuller qué oso a nivel internacional, neta qué vergüenza!!! Pinche Reuters vendido, ya te compró Calderón, que vergüenza. 😂😂😂😂😂

Que pena con el mundo! TSSSSSSSSSSS!!! BeatrizGMuller She’s the first lady to not be the first lady. Probably because she is not a lady. At all. BeatrizGMuller Una vergüenza de persona. Urge que ella y lopezobrador_ López se vayan. AmloVeteYa amloEsUnCancerParaMexico ni vayan pensar que todos los mexicanos somos así ,y nombre de muchos mexicanos una disculpa por esos comentarios tan desafortunados

BeatrizGMuller lopezobrador_ oye Beatriz bájale de huevos y ponte a jalar yo soy tu jefa pendeja y vote por ti mira que chingona no quieres el cargo para no trabajar huevona? Yo te puse y yo te quito cabrona Todos tenemos que trabajar babosa y si no sabes que hacer ponle ..... BeatrizGMuller lopezobrador_ para cuándo la disculpa pública? Me da vergüenza tener un presidente y una 'primera dama' como ustedes.

Sadly, Mexico's Not First Lady (BeatrizGMuller) missed MichelleObama 's seminar. BeatrizGMuller espero hayan podido captar que es una mierda de persona. MexicodeLuto ConLosNinosNo NoPrimeraDama 01Jul zopilota Qué vergüenza la neta. El gobierno del presidente López no compra las medicinas para los enfermos de cáncer NoHayMedicinas NoHayQuimios , los niños son los más afectados

ProfesorDoval Not a 'first lady'. Her words, not mine. And apparently not a lady, either. You need to be careful, what you say ! Her comment was from somebody who have not compassion! I belive in Karma! FAKE NEWS: She's the 'not first lady' She is not the first Lady NoPrimeraDama Si Beatriz Gutierrez Muller, NO SIRVE para NADA... ¡Que la mantenga su marido en su casa y SALGA de Palacio Nacional!

Gracias BeatrizGMuller , ahora el mundo sabrá que tu marido dejó sin medicinas y tratamientos a niños con Cáncer para poder pagar una refinería y una terminal de camiones en Santa Lucía, si comentar las dádivas buscando votos, porque los niños y los enfermos internados no votan It's really!!? WTF!! BITCH lady!!

I can’t believe this witch’s comments ! JD_GuerraMunoz Una persona Nefasta, solo con intereses propios. mira HatsumiNonaka Hola JesusRCuevas epigmenioibarra a ver si sacas a tu marionetit LordMolecula en LaMarranera y pides censura a Latam por atacar a DoñaFlorinda LaNoPrimeraDama BeatrizGMuller MullerOdiaALosNinosConCancer

What a shame! Sorry that this despicable person is Mexican, many of us don't voted for her husband... They are f*cking crazy, we need to stop this mess Ahí le hablan a la repostera fallida. La que salió del agujero para reflejar estos 2 años de incompetencia y corrupción total No primera dama porfavor, porque decidió no serlo ni apoyar a la niñez desde un principio.

She is not a lady ,not a singer, even not the first (She is the 2nd wife of MALO)...Shame on BeatrizGMuller those are your guests POTUS USAmbMex m_ebrard Vieja puñetona No mamen eso que.! Ya ponganse serios los de la oposicion! AMLOVerguenzaDePresidente Shame on she! First lady? Mmm, no. This little woman doesn't deserve that tittle. She is just an arribist, mediocre and silly person.

BeatrizGMuller Beware... Tomorrow... You'll be on the presidential blacklist That was a callous response. Por eso no brilla en sociedad 🙄 Esa está peor😅 Que pinche vergüenza! Una disculpa de parte de los mexicanos. No creo que BeatrizGMuller se disculpe. Help Ya está en inglés para que todos vean la triste respuesta

Mexican people need HELP to combat this negligent government, we don’t deserve this! Edd_Campe NachoRgz a ver bola de sanganos defiendan aqui tambien les falta 🥚🥚🥚 mendigos lambe suelas Please, do not call BeatrizGMuller nor 'first' or 'lady' those are terms way above her. She's from another Mexico. We don't know her.

She does not represent our country! Full of shame ! chamuquirijillo Qué oso y qué pena Así el desdén de LaBrujaDePalacio BeatrizGMuller por los niños con Cáncer y sus padres, solo le interesa que el Chocoflan no “sufra” And she is a crappy singer. Alexis was out of the Palace (where the president and his wife live) begging for his medicine. But he was not heard, he was not seen, he was ignored. Unfortunately, Alexis passed away. Many other children have also died. 😢

¿m_ebrard lopezobrador_ ahora si entienden la importancia de una disculpa pública de ella? Es su obligación por soberbia y perversa. Sólo para aclarar, ella no es primera dama y rechazó el puesto, sólo es la esposa del presidente actual. Lo demás si. She's not the first lady, She's our bitch El cacas no habla inglés

juanpalz Ahí está la nota, disfrute BeatrizGMuller, gracias por todo lopezobrador_ she isnt the first lady, she’s the mistress of the president! Son una vergüenza a nivel internacional entiendas ya no defiendan a este par de imbéciles Y ahora imagínese los mexicanos que pusieron a ella y a su esposo jajaja 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

LaBrujaDePalacio Hola BeatrizGMuller Que pena BeatrizGMuller she demanded an apology when her son was told chocoflan, the parents of children with cancer are waiting for an apology from her and the only thing, she does is to block her account, she should help children with cancer, not ignore them labrujadelpalacio

It's.... The No first lady Vergüenza mundial. And the lady beatrizg becomes the victim her twitter reflects her pride and lack of empathy for cancer children is a disgrace to the world lopezobrador_ CarlitoS_lim JManjarrez Sabuli_2007 cerebromorlet marcopeabody Amadoelquelolea Artchui ANDROMACO64 zoerobledo

No es curioso que aqui no haya ningún chairo defendiendo a BeatrizGMuller Sera que es porque no saben inglés? JustSaying La esposa del mamarracho es una vergüenza internacional. Bueno... Los dos ¡Qué vergüenza!!! Oye FelipeCalderon ya compraste a Reuters también? 😆 Viste BeatrizGMuller Tssss, quemadón a la NO primera dama.

The 'not' first Lady. Jajaja LaBrujaDelPalacio es noticia en Reuters 👀 La señora esa que ama vivir en un palacio y dar lecciones de moralidad a sus “súbditos” pero le dio webita ser la primera dama y trabajar en el DIF. No tiene “cargo político”, pero qué bien revienta organismos de gobierno Mejico ante el mundo...

Better know as LaBrujaDelPalacio, LadyMierda or CacasWife Que bueno que se dan cuenta en el mundo la sociopata narcisista que tenemos de noprimera dama igual que su esposo Is a bitch Ya vez, nadamas andas dando pena ajena, ya mejor cierra tus redes sociales y vete a Palenque BeatrizGMuller Lamentable que Mexico sea nota por culpa de esos parásitos sociopatas del 4T BeatrizGMuller y Elcacas lopezobrador_ es el reflejo del más puro resentimiento e ignorancia de mexico AmloFracasoPresidencial AmloVeteYa

She isn't the first Lady, and She isn't a Lady Que triste BeatrizGMuller La Zopilota Hi, Reuters. That's not our first lady. Our first lady is a girl named Geraldine Ponce. She's the president lover, and the owner of our AMLO's heart. Just want to make that clear. That 'thing', cannot be labeled as a 'First' lady... This unpresentable woman has absolutely no tact, sensibility and /or respect for ill children and for mexicans as a whole...

OTROS QUE ESTÁN COLUDIDOS CONTRA LA 4T?!?!? No tienen nada más que hacer 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Despicable woman! Así de triste las noticias de mi país.. Ya andan casi iguales en cuanto a vergüenza mundial rocionahle y BeatrizGMuller (la primera no dama) Seems works also for the DEEP STATE SAD! This is completely FAKE NEWS! KIDS WITH CANCER HAD NEVER HAD THE ATTENTION THEY HAVE TODAY!

She’s a disgrace to this country just like her husband Latam This lady do not represent Mexico´s women MexicodeLuto MeduelesMexico ConLosNinosNo ConLosNiñosConCáncerNo ConLosNinosConCancerNO Creía que había dicho que ConLosNinosNo ... LaBrujaDePalacio NoSoyMedico JLozanoA She is not First Lady, not even a Lady!!!!

ConLosNiñosNo hypocrite no way 🤦 trending!!! .... only in México's government... 🙁😕🙁 And that's not the only stupid thing happening!! PrEP programs for people with risk on getting HiV have been canceled!! All users were asked to stop getting it and once COVID19 locked down passes, they might sign UP.. again? That if they are not infected then!! 🤦‍♂️ NoSoyMedico

... Mexico's first lady= Geraldine Please translate rocionahle Mucho rara celebrando su triunfo y la señora lo opaca con su osadía It´s not a medic nor a lady. Pues no esta haciendo NADA!!!!!!Viva México... Y es bien z.o.rr.a..... Ora puez pinshis vorolavotz, lla ce lez akabó el güeso por ezo yoran rezentidohs ponjansen bitasilina en la k0la

Shame🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ AKA 'The Zopilota' lopezobrador_ , JesusRCuevas She’s not the First Lady, she doesn’t call herself like that because she’s not doing her job, she’s just a “housewife” also she clearly isn’t a lady! ' - When will you personally see the kids with cancer? - I'm not a doctor, maybe you are. How bout YOU help them.'

She's merciless and stupid, she even switched her twitter account to private to avoid harsh comments, very well deserved, though Pobre MÉXICO con AMLO y la señora. Para los que no saben inglés, abajo lo pueden traducir lopezobrador_ Qué triste que por esto se nos conozca en el mundo. lopezobrador_ y BeatrizGMuller Celebran dos años y siguen sin tener idea en donde están parados. Lamentable cada que hablan o escriben 🤦🏻‍♂️

El socialismo es la peste. Correction, she’s NOT a you can see. Thank you for reporting what is happening in Mexico. A lot of us didn't vote for morena, knew before the election that they were dangerous for the country, don't support the government and now we are afraid they are taking away freedom of speech. We need international help

Sorry, who dis? That's not our first lady. Sorry world, we will teach her some manners the hard way She's not Mexico's first lady, she is TheWitchFromPalace LaBrujaDelPalacio BeatrizGMuller lopezobrador_ 🤣 She is not the First Lady Que bueno que lo borro deniseramosm 🤣 Predident wife is a Witch. ElGab What a shame miss muller

José David Guerra Muñoz: When will you talk in person to the parents of children with cancer? Thank you for your kind reply. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller: I am no doctor, maybe you are. Go ahead and help them. Que pena!!BeatrizGMuller Que vergüenza a nivel mundial!! Cheers BeatrizGMuller lopezobrador_ happy anniversary!! 🤣

OUCH BeatrizGMuller!! Ya te traen a nivel internacional!! Por cierto, ¡ELLA NO ES PRIMERA DAMA DE MÉXICO! Ella es la “PRIMERA BRUJA MANTENIDA Y HUEVONA DE MÉXICO”. 🤣‼️👌🏽 Worst First Lady. This is not Mexico gentlemen. So ashamed! Sorry 😐 A verte stupid lady whitout interest in mexican children BeatrizGMuller

Y está en tendencia LaBrujaDelPalacio 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤭🤭😂😂😂😂 Mi estimado BaksLive tú que tienes más poder. Saludos. LaBrujaDelPalacio javier_af Solo se tomó la foto con los niños que no le importan más que el suyo, tipo de morena egoísmo y simulación al 100% JLozanoA She doesn't a doctor BeatrizGMuller ConLosNinosConCancerNO

There's no such 'comment on kids with cancer...' She was asked about an alleged shortage of cancer drugs. All that was operated by a pharmacist company accused of bad practices on past Mexico's admins , like the one of Peña Nieto . I can't believe Reuters are spreading fake news There's no such 'comment on kids with cancer...' She was asked about an alleged shortage of cancer drugs. All that was operated by a pharmacist company accused of bad practices on past Mexico's admins , like Peña Nieto . I can't believe Reuters are spreading fake news

En México será conocida desde hoy como LaBrujaDelPalacio rsotomorales She is not a “lady”, she has proven her la k of basic human decency time and again. Pun intended? Witches stir evil recipes in big cauldrons. LaBrujaDelPalacio literally PalaceWitch BeatrizGMuller lopezobrador_ La están cagando y me gusta !!! 🤣

Te hablan, no primera dama BeatrizGMuller . labrujadelpalacio. Garcimonero 'Mexico's first lady' 👇 DeniseDresserG Bestia respuesta de la esposa del presidente BeatrizGMuller ahí le hablan.... la “no dama” de México ante el mundo nicomoayudarla... DeniseDresserG Lady ? BeatrizGMuller is not the First Lady, she is just the President’s wife. She lacks education, manners, common sense and empathy for those in need, specially kids suffering from cancer. She supports socialism and preaches like Karl Marx but lives like Bill Gates Chocoflan

JLozanoA Awesome , thanks for keeping an eye on MX, we do need it so bad, Mexico is affraid of new Administration, thanks Beatriz BeatrizGMuller que ya tan pronto se te olvidó que conlosniñosno? Pobre México, pero eres visible al mundo y que te vean como realmente eres, LaBrujaDelPalacio NoSoyMedico

Mexico's witch ladymierda BeatrizGMuller & his sociopath husband, lopezobrador_ eliminate medical insurance for millions & top it off eliminating cancer treatments for kids & mothers. When asked When they would get treatments, she answers “I am not a doc, you go help them'! JLozanoA DeniseDresserG Extrañamos a la gaviota! Ella si era educada y ayudaba a los niños con Cáncer! VuelveGaviota

Mexico has no first lady! Que no es la firstlady es la Not first lady Is not a first lady Is a white trash lady She is la zopilota beltrandelrio Garcimonero beltrandelrio represents our president very well, don’t care about the problems of these childs Wait! She's not the First Lady. BisouCaramel La señora, esposa del presidente dio una respuesta digna de una república bananera.

DeniseDresserG ¨El propio López Obrador rara vez evita el conflicto con los adversarios.¨¿? beltrandelrio What a shame BisouCaramel LaBrujaDelPalacio NoPrimeraDama Que pinche vergüenza 🤦🏻‍♀️ Es una bajeza! Speak eanglish . She’s no lady. beltrandelrio Vergüenza nacional. JLozanoA This is first lady?

20 años (18 + 2) HOLGAZANEANDO el ganso López en su interminable campaña de proselitismo y... ... en lugar de que ya se ponga a trabajar porque el país se está cayendo a pedazos... ... ¡se va de “acarreado” a la campaña del pato Donald trompas! Cosas veredes esta P A C H E C A la vieja jajajaja beltrandelrio Perdón por la piltrafa que es esposa de nuestro dictador!!!

beltrandelrio one minute ... she is the Not First Lady ... Hijole que pena con las visitas DeniseDresserG 'I am not President, nor First Lady, so I could help them as you do not' the man should have answered. Worst Lady in fact palomapert Es una porquería de persona y mas aún el gobierno que administra a México lleno de corruptos confesos, ladrones, ignorantes y estos tres calificativos los tiene la misma persona

JLozanoA She is showing her real nature. JLozanoA Lastima que los chairos no sepan inglea JuanConnor18 Ya valió madres Qué famoso JD_GuerraMunoz!!! Ya saliste en Reuters!!! JLozanoA Algo que sería interesante de saber es, porque en una 'celebración' tan importante para su marido, partido e ideales, ella está en Cancún?.....

Rey_Fifi She is a Nasty person! The worst human being in the World! What a trash human. She is a communist person and her husband too! ➕ narcopresident = MX 👎🆘 Las mascarillas son mandatorias fuera de la caja, hasta que se les apliquen la vacuna. lopezobrador_ I’m sure your wife didn’t mean to come across aso insensitive. Why not ask her to make a statement?

Total disgrace. Nope Reuters!! she is not the First Lady, she is only the president's wife, she decided that she doesn’t want to work, she is just living in the palace and make stupid comments Tonta.

Mexico says López Obrador will visit Washington to celebrate new trade pactMexican President López Obrador has been invited by the Trump administration to visit Washington next week to celebrate the implementation of the new North America trade pact No one wants to come here Ah....thanks, but no thanks. Did he ask the Donald to build a wall yet?

Timothée Chalamet and Eiza González Reunite in L.A. Following Their Mexico Getaway

Terry Crews Faces Backlash ... Again ... for Black Lives Matter TweetsAmanda Seales called Crews’ comments “unintellectual and irresponsible” (via toofab) TooFab When has America ever treated black people better than anyone. Just stop with your self righteous and pandering. We are disrespected as a group by every other ethnicity bc of people like you. Happy for your success but stop with your weekly bipolar fits! 👁 TooFab We have to separate the message of Black Community from those of the anarchists, arsonists and rioters. Its one thing to bring attention to and end systemic racism. Its another to just want to burn the country down and watch. TooFab Drives them crazy that Crews sees things differently than they do. It's called having an opinion of your own.

Ryan Seacrest's Relationship with Shayna Taylor Off Again, Seen Cozying Up with New WomanThe 'American Idol' host was seen vacationing in Mexico with a new lady friend after 'amicably' breaking up with Taylor for the third time. TooFab I think I've identified the problem in their relationship. She appears to be the wrong gender. TooFab TooFab To the ppl that r saying Ryan is gay, how ‘bout he just may be a serial dater? No one is calling Bradley Cooper gay. Or Leo DiCaprio. Or Colin Ferrell, or Gerard Butler? Or when George Clooney was single for 700 yrs.

Faye Emerson: The Inside Story Of The First Lady Of Late-NightJoan Rivers was widely considered the first female late-night host when she began hosting Fox’s The Late Show in October 1986. However, nearly forty years before Rivers took that job, there was ano…

Publisher's wife played undisclosed role for Melania TrumpThe owner of The Hill helped arrange his wife's unpaid advisory role in the first lady's office. So fucking what? This administration is full of cronyism. realDonaldTrump only wants his own 'yes' people. They don't have too be qualified. Thus the reason the WhiteHouse is in flux. Mixing long time politicians with TrumpIsUnwell goonies, has turned politics on it's head. TrumpIsKillingUs Everything about this family is crooked!