Mexico crosses grim coronavirus milestones: 100,000 dead, 1 million infections

Mexico crosses grim coronavirus milestones: 100,000 dead, 1 million infections

11/22/2020 3:03:00 AM

Mexico crosses grim coronavirus milestones: 100,000 dead, 1 million infections

Mexico last week passed two somber coronavirus markers, exceeding 100,000 deaths and 1 million infections. The grim statistics brought renewed political wrangling about how the country's leadership has handled the pandemic.

There were no memorial ceremoniesto mark the latest metrics of calamity. Rather, surging case numbers and shrinking hospital bed space have forced new restrictions for restaurants, shopping centers, gyms and other venues in Mexico City and elsewhere.The 100,000 marker spurred a renewed wave of criticism against a president whose government has eschewed mandatory lockdowns and curfews, stressed voluntary compliance with mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines, and discounted virus testing and contact tracing.

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AdvertisementHeadlines highlighted the official “failure” in a nation where, as in the United States, the pandemic has become thoroughly politicized.In response, PresidentAndrés Manuel López Obrador, a left-wing populist, assailed conservative “vultures” for partisan weaponizing of a calamity.

“From the beginning, they wanted to use the misfortune of the Mexican people in this pandemic to blame us,”the presidentsaid. “It’s obvious.”Past governments, he noted, had left a hollowed-out health network, short on hospitals, equipment and physicians. The system had to be rebuilt on the fly, he said, as the pandemic swept across Mexico. Still, he asserted, the country’s emergency response had “yielded results,” noting that Mexico’s known death rate of 79 persons per 100,000 persons places the country 10

thon the global list, according to Johns Hopkins figures. Belgium is first with a death rate of 133 per 100,000. Peru tops the Americas with 110 deaths per 100,000. The United States ranks 13thwith 77 deaths per 100,000.AdvertisementRegardless of the numbers, Mexicans continue to get sick and die, and cases are spiking again. People fret not only about their physical health, but also their psychological well-being — and that of their children. In-school learning has been shut down since the spring.

“Of course the coronavirus scares me, but I’m also concerned about the mental health of my kids — no school, not being able to see their friends, missing recreational activities,” said Pérez, the mother of two who decamped to Acapulco last weekend with her family. “This pandemic changed everything.”

Here, as in much of the world, people have adapted, endeavoring to return to a semblance of quotidian existence. In a country where almost half the population lives in poverty, they see a desperate need to get back to work, despite a cratering economy. Traffic in the capital is almost back to its pre-pandemic, frenzied pace. Commuters jam into trains and buses. Shopping centers are teeming.

It all looks normal, except for the legions of mask-wearers.“It’s kind of crazy,” said Rosa Isabel Márquez, 41, a lawyer who was trolling for bargains in a crowded mall in the capital’s upscale Santa Fe district. “Forget social distancing! The lines at the cash registers are too long. Everyone is thrown together.”

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AdvertisementDaniela Montesinos had been ruminating for a long time about her 50th birthday. She wanted a big bash, with 100 relatives and friends. But pandemic rules restrict gatherings to 50 or fewer. She managed to persuade a hall owner to allow 60 partiers at the Nov. 7 blowout.

“We had a great time—mariachis, tacos, drinks,” recalled Montesinos, a school secretary. “I know it is the time of coronavirus, but we need some diversion too. … If we don’t die of the coronavirus, we will all die of depression!”Throughout Mexico, officials have identified birthday parties, weddings and other

fiestasas virus super-spreaders. Video of police dispersing sundry shindigs, to the distress of revelers hoisting cups of good cheer, has aired on TV and social media.Rosa María Sánchez has not been in a festive frame of mind.AdvertisementHer husband, José González, 65, a gardener, was always healthy, she said, lacking vices except for smoking two or three cigarettes a day. But he came down with a fever and cough on a Tuesday in September. The family waited until the following Saturday to take him to a hospital — a not unusual precaution in a country where the parlous state of medical care leaves many viewing hospitals as places where people go to die. He was put on a respirator and succumbed two days later, one more statistic on the coronavirus mortality ledger.

He passed alone. “I couldn’t be there when he most needed me most,” she lamented.Sánchez, 64, now stays home most of the time. Her children do the shopping. On the TV, Sánchez seesaccounts of people going to parties and bars. She is aghast.“I would tell these people: ‘Stay home! Use a mask when you go out!’ Because when one loses a loved one there is immeasurable grief. I know. Take care of yourself now. Before it’s too late.”

Advertisement--Sánchez is a special correspondent Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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I call BS... then again because of the horrible miss information, false numbers, and everything else that has to do with fear mongering… We will never ever truly know the facts ever again. Hey I know in which studio that photo was taken. We're number one! If it weren't for the 250,000 dead, including MY OWN MOTHER, I'd be really gleeful about this.

Amateurs. Not a trump fan but with the worlds cases at an all-time high no matter the rules inforced are you ready to stop the BS and stop pretending the Dems could have done anything to stop the surge. Please don't quote your friends in China and their counts BellaDonaModels 😥😳 7.5b ppl on this planet. Peanuts.

Coronavirus has a 99.98% survival rate. Fake news is fake news. El ataque internacional no cesa (sarcasmo) Western scientists either are too naive or are just leftists who willingly spread the Chinese Communist government’s propaganda that SARS-CoV-2 came from nature. They provide no evidence but still insist the virus originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China.

I'm sure the fact that those countries are led by 4 of the worst leaders on the planet is just a coincidence. 100,000 of 126,000,000 vs 235,000 of 330,000,000 vs 170,000 of 209,000,000 vs 133,000 of 1,350,000,000. Not surprised! Just another rich failed state. We need a new system of government and economy in the west.

Not “grim”? And your super spreader Governor is eating at the French Laundry without a mask or a care in the world! We Chinese all know COVID-19 was intentional accidentally leaked on Sept 18, 2019 when CCP did a drill to plant & detect the virus at Wuhan airport. The virus was made in a PLA lab - The other side of the pandemic the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know.