Metta World Peace Says He Wouldn't Kneel for BLM If He Was Playing

Metta World Peace isn't about kneeling either, it seems.

8/2/2020 8:20:00 AM

Metta World Peace Says He Wouldn't Kneel for BLM If He Was Playing

Metta World Peace isn't about kneeling either, it seems.

@LionsShareNewsdoesn't knockJonathan Isaacfor not kneeling for Black Lives Matter -- in fact, he says he'd probably do the same thing if he was still in the league.MWP was at LAX Friday night when he dished his thoughts on the controversy -- namely, that the Orlando Magic player was the only one so far to not kneel during the National Anthem. According to Metta, the dude's entitled to his opinion.

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How about wearing the mask correctly and stop spreading germs and viruses. 🤨 Disrespecting the flag and national anthem has nothing to do With BLM or the Police. It’s respection the 🇺🇸 and Anthem And TROOPS that died for everyone. No ethnicity group Is better than others. Who cares? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Well we know he’s always been a horse of a different color

TMZ is telling us he refuses to kneel, but they didn't ask him why?/the 'why' is important for me to know because I wouldn't kneel either/How did BLM start a slogan & end up an organization raising money for a political party(ACT BLU) and none of $$ has built anything for Blacks You’re real black? You wouldn’t SELL you’re blackness for money? Or is it you hate anyone with a different view? You blackness!

Nobody HAS TO KNEEL to any person, movement, God or anything in this country. What's wrong with ppl He needs to learn how to wear that goes OVER the nose, not under! So basically ur saying he wouldn't disrespect the National Anthem so he wouldn't disrespect The War vets That mask is too small for you...

MWP, Ye, CtG, just go away. Um .... are we caring what a person named “world peace” thinks .... about anything .... Fine It’s his choice. 🤗 Cause he’s a big dummy he’s not all there smh The man who had WORLD PEACE on his Jersey wouldn’t kneel... That’s all you need to know... Freedom of speech people. As a player, there are certain things you have to do regardless if you like it or not. He may not like the movement but if he was playing, he would have to kneel

But who kneeled to BLM? Yooo y’all got the kneeling thing all wrong! What has BLM done to build up black communities? .. nothing . Robbers and thieves . Billions of dollars donated .. schools? No black business? No affordable housing ? No .. yes thieves. He need to cover his nose 👃 that what he need to do , wear the mask right

Why is it so hard to wear a mask properly? Yes only kneel to god Cause hes not a little bitch Cover the nose! Mask the fuck up the right way! He needs to learn how to properly wear a mask. Why/how is THAT even news? He’ll walk right up into the stands and beat someone’s ass though lmaooooo We know As is his right.

More and more people are speaking up. I don’t mind if people kneel during the national anthem if they want to than that’s fine but I won’t. Good thing No one gives a Fck ! He also admitted that he has Down syndrome, autism and ADHD ... YouFigureItOut Mental illness Meta World Peace is the Kanye West of Basketball

We don't care! Why is this a story? I mean he is an American Citizen living in a free society (somewhat, thx in part to the rona). To kneel or not to kneel is a personal decision. What a person does once they rise up matters much more than when they were taking a knee during an anthem. Wow, I actually have new found respect for this guy.

Why kneel for Marxism? He's not wearing a mask for a pandemic either. Who ? Let me say this louder for the people in the back; NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN ASKED TO KNEEL! Instead of running stories of why people wont kneel; write a story about why they haven’t arrested the police that killed Breonna. Stop w the DISTRACTIONS

Hey his choice and it's fair but cops would shoot him just the same. Welcome to america where you have to explain why you dont kneel for the national anthem Is he looking at the camera and the sky at the same time Is this now a trend with TMZ - seeking out comments on BLM from the mentally ill in the black community? - Ali's crack head son, Kanye, now Metta World Peace.

I thought he changed his name again? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 👎 So Metta love ya brother. Color moot point. You can't force someone to so something. You have respect their decision. This world needs love not hate. LIV MORGAN oh That’s why Kobe never passed you the ball She don't mind. Lol. GOOD. I'm with him. I don't blame him. People might think he is in his favorite position.

That’s his call as an American! You can stand or kneel WORLD PEACE MATTERS!!! Smart guy Good because BLM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE PLIGHT OF BLACK PEOPLE IN AMerica! 'Metta World Peace is a facist racist nazi white nationalist' Seriously, who is this guy? Never heard of him. Good lol same dude that went into stands in malice at the palace

Good for him! Also, someone tell the dipsh!t he’s wearing his mask wrong too. 😂 His prerogative. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ we wouldn’t listen to anyone that doesn’t know how to wear a mask properly, anyways! LeBronJamesIsKing same bc BLM is a joke That’s why he not playing now god knows what he be doing I thought he was back to Ron Artest?

Coronavirus news and live updates from around the worldThe coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest. Dr. Wen is so Intellectual standard. tedlieu We had no national strategy on anything. This happens when you put an idiot in the WH Right? Not having one kinda defeats that whole “United States” part of USA. DrLeanaWen is exactly right.

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