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Merrick Garland Underscores Justice Department’s Independence

Attorney general is defending the Justice Department for backing some Trump administration positions that President Biden and Democratic lawmakers want reversed.

6/10/2021 2:50:00 AM

Attorney General Merrick Garland defended the Justice Department after its continued support of some Trump administration legal positions drew criticism from fellow Democrats and the White House

Attorney general is defending the Justice Department for backing some Trump administration positions that President Biden and Democratic lawmakers want reversed.

by journalist E. Jean Carroll.Biden Justice Department officials held, as did the Trump administration, that the former president can’t be sued because he was acting within the scope of his official duties when he denied the accusation in 2019.“Our job at the Justice Department in making decisions of law is not to back any administration previous or present. Our job is to represent the American people,” Mr. Garland told Sen. Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.), who pressed him at a Senate budget hearing about why the department continued to back some Trump Justice Department decisions. “And our job in doing so is to ensure adherence to the rule of law, which is the fundamental requirement of a democracy.”

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The attorney general’s comments came after the White House publicly distanced itself from the Justice Department’s action in the Carroll case, one of several recent moves that have revealed differences between Mr. Biden and his attorney general. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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This is the clear sign that Trump succeeded in damaging America's critical institutions. We need an AG with a firmer handle on these types of situations, who is results oriented and not afraid to execute his authoriyt! merrickgarland1

Garland defends Justice Department moves seen as pro-TrumpAttorney General Merrick Garland strongly defended recent Justice Department moves that appeared to give legal cover to former President Donald Trump and his appointees “The job of a Justice Department in making decisions of law is not to back any administration, previous or present,' Garland said of recent criticism of DoJ actions backing Trump I'm done with him now.🤨 Lol

Biden's attorney general defends controversial Justice Department arguments related to TrumpAttorney General Merrick Garland defended a series of controversial arguments made by the Justice Department in recent weeks that endorsed legal positions held by former President Donald Trump and the previous administration Biden must correct his mistake and REMOVE Garland..Collectively as a country we must let Biden know how we feel..we must all call or write the WH and let them know our displeasure..I have already sent mine.. Donald Trump: “America is a great country.” CNN: “Trump states that he hates 194 countries” Pay attention to what DOJ is doing here‼️ U.S. Gov defending Trump as a rapist Because it was in line with his duty as president You can’t be serious DOJ is obviously a Trump loyalist & white supremacist How could you have this in our White House? Need to STOP this abuse

Merrick Garland's DOJ wants to substitute itself for Donald Trump in defamation caseE. Jean Carroll wants to sue Trump for allegedly defaming her while he denied an allegation of sexual assault. This guy is a disappointment! Set up Discovery discovery discovery What level of nonsense is this!!!!

It’s complicated: Moving on from Trump at DOJ is a minefield for 'straight-shooting' Merrick GarlandMoving on from the long shadow cast by Trump administration is proving to be a complicated legal exercise sometimes limited by institutional norms that the former president regularly shattered. No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character ~ Retweet and follow Bakare_K_O

Opinion: Merrick Garland's E. Jean Carroll misstepElie Honig writes to anyone hoping that former Attorney General William Barr's replacement, Merrick Garland, will methodically undo the deep structural harm done by his predecessor: don't hold your breath. Thus far, Garland has been too timid in his approach, and he seemingly has no plans to become the anti-Barr. eliehonig Opinion We need a pit bull. eliehonig Opinion eliehonig Opinion Do your dam job look into what the judge ask u to do do not pass those cases by remember what they did to you look into Barr ass also how he try to stop our reports from reporting news to the people do your dam job or leave✊🏽

Rachel Maddow Rips Merrick Garland For Continuing To Protect Trump“We knew it had to be cleaned up. We hoped that it would be cleaned up. I don’t think anybody expected it to be continued,' said the MSNBC anchor. She gave the AG a complete, much needed shredding.