Merkley: Postmaster general might be working with Trump in a 'form of election manipulation'

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) says he's worried that 'the postmaster general is working with the president to make it a problem so he can argue he doesn't like vote by mail.'

8/6/2020 11:38:00 AM

Sen. Merkley says he's worried that 'the postmaster general is working with the president to make [the US Postal Service] a problem so he can argue he doesn't like vote by mail.' 'It's another form of election manipulation.'

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) says he's worried that 'the postmaster general is working with the president to make it a problem so he can argue he doesn't like vote by mail.'

Share this -copiedSen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) says he's worried that "the postmaster general is working with the president to make it a problem so he can argue he doesn't like vote by mail." Read more: MSNBC »

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Absolutely! Get over the voting by mail. There is a absentee voting method you should have already applied for. If you haven’t then you don’t understand it or need it. Do something SenJeffMerkley to stop this. Please. I can’t handle all of trumps corruption against the American people Worry about the Democtat leaders....

Of course he is. Just look at all of Trumps Cabnet picks. All of them were placed to dismantle their prospective offices and privatize them. Sen. Merkley is a complete idiot. The postal service has been a disaster for quite awhile. Better known as snail mail. Can’t depend on it. Your worried! Get your head out of your ass, of course he’s working with Trump to manipulate the election. Now what are you going to do about it.

DHawes22 It’s more than that. It’s a CRIME! Who has jurisdiction to prosecute DeJoy? USPS PostOffice Then do something about it!!! Is mail in voting totally secure? If not, then it should not be allowed. Merkley and rest of incompetent govt crack pots should at least try to make the post office break even. Don’t blame Trump for not trusting the swamp. Many parts of govt were broken like the VA, the FBI, Border security, immigration system, etc.We need a tough person in charge!

Of course he is, the only thing he can do well is cheat and lie. He is going to try everything to stay in office. Just because legally he can't doesn't mean he won't do anything to stay! work w/the facts. 'It has been estimated that 24 million voter registrations in the United States—about one in eight—are either invalid or significantly inaccurate'. TO DATE, MOST STATES DONT HAVE CLEAN VOTERS' ROLLS.

SOUNDS LIKE A LOOSER BITCHIN WOW — LEFT HAS GONE BONKERS WITH NO PROOF AT ALL — MAIL-IN BALLOTS = FRAUD Plenty of evidence: “In May 2016, CBS2 Los Angeles identified 265 dead voters in southern California. Many cast ballots “year after year.” See: Voter ID and signature verification Not might be IS!!! Yep, another conspiracy. 😀

Dah dumb ass. Wake up do something about it msnbc = Fake News So what’s the action plan? Duh 🙄🙄🙄 The crisis at the USPS is is an opportunity for UPS FedEx & amazon to do something to perhaps save the 2020Election! See and share my article with a gameplan for action to counter the FridayNightMassacre of DeJoy: MailInBallots MailInVoting

THEN DO SOMETHING FOR FUCKS SAKE! Y’all crazy with these made up media stories. Has your country gone totally corrupt do you understand what the rest of the world except Russia thinks of you The real voter manipulation is calling for mandatory mail in voting. Ya think?! Might be? C’mon, it’s OBVIOUS that he is cohoots with him

Then we should urge postal employees to come forward and tell us what’s really going on Please let the people know that Orange 45 is going to take Medicare and SSI away from us WELL DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING FOR GODS SAKE! Widespread absentee ballots ARE election manipulation...🤷‍♀️ Start educating people about OTHER WAYS to SUBMIT absentee ballots!!!! You don't have to MAIL IT. You should get it a week or 2 before Election Day. Fill it out and TAKE IT to one of the drop-off sites (if any) your state/county provides. You don't have to wait until Election Day

Lock them all up! Thought 4 postmaster: U will regret upon X-mas season & online ordering=HIGHEST USPS volume of the year=immed after elections.. Why? People will use FedEx & UPS instead of snail mail=less business than last year. Elections=time 2 show U can compete w/big boys. STOP SAYING HOW WORRIED YOU ALL ARE... AND JUST DO SOMETHING!!!!&

Malarkey Trump bff was put into that position to ensure the manipulation in election seriously think about everything trump has done with this guy & the 2 putin things withdrawal of troops from Germany & nothing done about the bounty on our soldiers pmt to Russia 2 ensure Trump reelection Vote in person, on your way to the grocery store or Home Depot. Easy.

Then maybe SenJeffMerkley the house should haul P.M.G. to a committee for a question and answer game. SpeakerPelosi How much of this game Trump & his flunkies are playing, is the American people expected to put with? Trump wants to play hardball, show him who's got the balls. thereidout These Trump appointed manipulations must END now! The American people are sick of this.

Stop yapping & fix it Congressional oversight, please. Ummm, yeahhhh! In the European Union, 63% have put a ban on mailing in ballots except for citizens living overseas. Another 22% have imposed a ban even for those overseas. And most of those that allow mail-in ballots require some form of photo ID to get one.

A Dem from Oregon,,, you don't say. Perhaps he and the rest of the feckless political grifters out there should worry more about mobs rioting for 50 days straight. So what happens if they can't count all the ballots by January 20th? Did these guys ever quit? Especially this liberal stooge. thereidout Sure is and Congress is not doing a damn thing to protect the right to vote. Some might call Trump's actions treason! ThursdayThoughts

Then we had all better vote in person with ID then..just to be safe Ari Melber agrees to Free Leonard Peltier Pro Bono with the Full Backing of MSNBC RACIST BIDEN revealing his racism against black & Latino Americans again today! Biden is a disgrace! He has done NOTHING for black Americans & we know why! He says “YOU AIN’T BLACK!” & he slams them again. Trump has made jobs & opportunities! GO TRUMP!

Not even trying to be subtle - it's an effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans Ya think!! Of course that is what he is doing...his whole cabinet is in place to destroy every department that represents the people of the US, they are only there to support trump and trump profits, and trump “Me First Agenda”!

We’re not voting by mail 🇺🇸 Laughing. What a clown sharonj49 Leaders must be more forceful seeking Justice! Team Trump must face consequences for their non-stop crimes. Blaming GOP is not an excuse to do nothing! ImpeachBarr RepJerryNadler SpeakerPelosi TheDemocrats HouseDemocrats You guys lose 2% of mail....that would be roughly more than 2 million votes ... That's a problem. You deliver 80% spam ads to my mailbox. That's a problem.

Michigannurse Of course he is Election manipulation & voter suppression! They'd doing anything possible to insure that TraitorTrump steals another election! The postal service endorsed the Democratic Party! We need to start bringing powerful messages from powerful people in a coordinated tv, internet ad. Musicians, actors/actress's writers, from all over the world. List Trump's crimes. People who may get through to the stubborn Deutsche Bank DonsNextCon ConsequencesForTrump

okpokiriike Of course it is! Question. Isn't interfering with mail delivery a Federal crime? Just asking. Another way to invalidate the election... The democratic party is the new party of conspiracy theories. It all started with Russia collusion. Now it's post office collusion. Great work MSNBC...HAH!

RogenaLSpokane Arrest the SOB and he'll change his tune MSNBC has become a purveyor of conspiracy theories. Did the Postmaster General require approval or is he another of hundreds of acting Federal officers? Might be? The radical left wing media is so entertaining Democrats need to be more decisive about voter manipulation. The postmaster is clearly working with the president to destroy votes by mail and help erase our elections. Assertive action must be taken to ensure the survival of our democracy and our right to vote. KatieJohnson.

53 yr old is the average age of postal employees as you all know this is the most vulnerable pop. We want our family home and safe. Even if this means waiting on letters extra weeks. So Jeff have we learned anything yet about giving so much authority to the senate and the executive branches of government? You squeeze their heads by cutting off the funding to their pet projects until the pressure in their heads forces them to pop like a grape!

😎 How many phony scenarios are the Democrats and fake story media coming up with? The public can smell the phoniness and BS. Will the President also spy on his opposition...oh wait..... that was Obama on behalf of Hillary. The GOP can't win any election without cheating. Those who began as attorneys should be disbarred. All of them should additionally be charged with treason

So instead of being “worried” maybe the senator should DO SOMETHING! Is there anything this administration does that is ethically correct? To say nothing about all the legal dark-grey zones. These politicians are the antipode of integrity and ethics. Trump is the devil, he rottens the souls of those around him.

The Postmaster general and Trump better be careful. This is surely brutal corruption at the highest and is criminal in many aspects. The FBI is needed now to save the United States of America. Why u think 🤔 he was put there duh come on now BIDEN2020stopvotermanipulation Oh sure ok lol ! Conspiracy much......

Of course he's working with Trump. By not calling it what's obvious lessen your credibility. So the Democratic Party is the one who wants vote by mail but then said Trump will cheat if we use vote by mail! So that means Democratic Party already has a plan in place to cheat or they know they are going to loose so let’s start planting the seed!

Let,s work something out with fedex or dhl or any other secure delivery service. In Europe there is a vote with your ID card that has a microchip in there. Something we apparently do not like in the US. Exactly! Vote by mail should be safe but we are playing in Trump’s hands. He wants us to vote by mail so the Postmaster general could help him tamper with our ballots. WhenWeAllVote staceyabrams MsLaToshaBrown Ppl need to return ballots in person bc mail in is not safe.

“Might be working with”..... … More like, IS, working with... the devil. If preventing voter fraud equates to 'election manipulation'. I say we need a lot more 'election manipulation'.

Factbox: Trump, Biden offer clashing visions on reopening economyThe coronavirus pandemic threw tens of millions of Americans out of work, ended the longest U.S. economic recovery on record and undermined a key argument for President Donald Trump's re-election. Biden s forgot his own name again Pretty sad these 2 douches are what the best democracy on earth can come up with 🤡

Joe Biden Plans to Spend $280 Million for Advertising During the General ElectionJoe Biden’s presidential campaign said it was devoting $280 million in paid advertising during the general election, focusing on 15 states pivotal to the former vice president’s challenge to President Trump. So ....annoying...platform in person please Lots of Blm money to be spent 🤑 Heard this guy was interning in their social media department:

Wanted: Young People To Work The Polls This NovemberIn an unusual partnership, entities including Comedy Central, the Fair Elections Center and Patagonia are recruiting poll workers. It's one effort to try to avoid a massive shortage as older folks opt out of their usual service over coronavirus concerns. I hear it at the end of every Daily Show. 🙂 🗳 npr is propaganda for the democrats. Always biased and screwed. Thank you so much - more of this please! I'd hedge a bet that the VAST majority of citizens don't know that voting is NOT a protected Constitutional right, & fair/accessible voting comes down to an army of volunteers Younger people need to hear this is a civic responsibility!

Kobach loses Kansas Senate primaryBREAKING: Rep. Roger Marshall won the GOP primary for an open Senate seat in Kansas on Tuesday, turning aside the controversial Kris Kobach How unfortunate, I was hoping Kris could win the Dems another seat white privilege So long Kobach

'Strike three, this President is out': Sen. Merkley on Trump leadershipSen. Merkley on coronavirus response: “The president is so disconnected from the reality on the streets of America.” “Strike one, strike two, strike three, this president is out of action in terms of national leadership while the nation is suffering.” Why arent talking bout this Usual bs from a do nothing he would be if you got SpeakerPelosi to introduce House bill to transfer 25th Amendment trigger from VP to bi-partisan group of Ds & Rs...and make SenateGOP defend 25th as is would you like to defend 25th as is Sen Merkley? neither do your R colleagues make them

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