Mena Suvari Details Years of Sexual Abuse: 'It Was a Process of Destruction'

The 'American Beauty' star also opened up about her past struggles with drug addiciton.

7/21/2021 11:51:00 PM

The 'American Beauty' star also opened up about her past struggles with drug addiction (via toofab)

The 'American Beauty' star also opened up about her past struggles with drug addiciton.

Suvari said she broke up with"Tyler" and quit using drugs. After going to therapy and through the support of her friends, she ultimately realized she deserved better.Suvari went on to meet Mike Hope on the set of the 2016 Hallmark movie,"I'll Be Home for Christmas." The two tied the knot in 2018 and in October 2020, announced they were expecting their first child.

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Although Suvari had been married and divorced twice before, she said with Hope,"it was the first time I felt I wanted to have a family with someone.""I found out I was pregnant when I finished writing the memoir," she said.Suvari and Hope welcomed their son, whom they named Christopher, in April.

Meanwhile, Suvari -- who works with disadvantaged youth -- said she decided to share her story"in hopes to always shine light and inspire.""This is my truth. This is my voice," she explained."I was so tired of fighting and hiding my whole life. I hope I can help someone else see their value. If I can lessen the pain for someone else, then I want to do it, because I didn't have that person."

"This is what I have learned about myself. And for the first time I'm giving myself permission and finding the voice I wished I'd had.""The Great Peace: A Memoir" is set to be released on July 27. Read more: TMZ »

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TooFab She is very brave. Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story or situation for young girls and women. Its unfortunate that we don't teach children that they have self worth. I know I could have benefited from that knowledge. TooFab . J A S M WHALES & CHEETAH CLUB THE MEWSICK OF THE HIGHROLLER IS COMMING ! • NEVADA • MACAO • MONACO • MELBOURNE • SINGAPORE • ARGENTINA • DUBAI AND OTHER LUXURY PLACE OF THE WORLD !

TooFab Drugs, embedded in every section of society now. Ruins so many lives and yet still flows in almost completely unchecked. TooFab Amazing strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. TooFab The rate of sexual abuse and exploitation of kid actors is roughly 100%. It’s the grossest thing that nobody in power gives a shit about or chooses to willfully ignore.

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