Europe, Men Have A Bigger Carbon Footprint Than Women, Thanks To Their Appetite For Cars And Meat - Cnn

Europe, Men Have A Bigger Carbon Footprint Than Women

Men have a bigger carbon footprint than women, study finds

Men have a bigger carbon footprint than women, thanks to their appetite for cars and meat, according to a new study

7/21/2021 9:21:00 PM

Men have a bigger carbon footprint than women, thanks to their appetite for cars and meat, according to a new study

Men are responsible for 16% more greenhouse gases than women, a new study from Sweden shows, as they consume more meat and fuel.

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Saying, 'Thanks to their appitite,' is a nasty derogatory insulting comment and snarky unbecoming if CNN. It should read 'because of their appetite' What about the other genders cnn? What are the footprints of the non binary cistard people? Or they/them? What’s the science behind that one? Why does refuse to acknowledge the other genders?! There are more than just two!!!!

There are two genders? And what about the other 532 genders? Nobody cares Look at cnn being based by admiting theirs only two genders And again CNN misleads the public...greenhouse gas emissions from foods did not differ much between the two genders. The results from our research show that the choice of holiday and transport are areas for which this may be most relevant.

Sexist This is absolutely wrong. All industries have an insane carbon footprint. It is not individual people and what we choose to eat and do for fun that causes this. It is the companies that refuse to modernize their technology because they would lose profit. What about meat cars, you forgot about that...

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Mostly thanks to them having more money actually Just random guess: but I’d bet the cosmetic industry weighs the scales pretty heavily one way Jesus Christ you people are so screwed up…get a life I though anatomy plays no role in what a person enjoys? Bruh nobody cares and women don't have an appetite for meat and big cars?

Do better. 'Americans have a bigger carbon footprint than the rest of the world.' Even better. 'American whites have a bigger carbon footprint than the rest of the world.' And now time for sex. ''American white men have a bigger carbon footprint than the rest of the world.'' Women have a bigger appetite for men ... than men themselves... as humans we must all abide to a green lifestyle .. as birds breed, as trees emerge..without any carbon footprint...follow the a green environment ...

Look how defensive these guys get 😂 They generally have a bigger footprint period.

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In our defence my wife does keep feeding me boiled eggs and baked beans with a side order of salad That must be male privelage. Thanks for another great piece of journalism cnn. 👎🏻 And they fart more. Oh...i get it...its because we like to eat gassy foods...right...someone better open a window And we fart more

Yet nobody talks about the threat posed by Guns and Roses, thanks to their appetite for destruction Blah blah!! That is why we need a complete transit system, so nobody needs a car anymore. And if men have not to work as hard anymore with the help of robots, then they can consume less meat, because they don't need that extra power.

Which gender produces the most methane According to new studies…. CNN distributes more Bull 💩 than all of U.S cattle farms combined….

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So true. Fast, gas-guzzlers and steaks on the grille are staple for men. But I would be appreciate it should a woman chauffeur me around in her two-seater with the sunroof open and serve me real dinners. According to new studies we don’t give a 💩 about new studies…. Did big oil pay for this article? Surely that’s logical to think based on weight and height alone ergo… 🤔

Easy to that everyday. Guns, big pickup trucks and steak dinners seems to be necessary confirmations of manhood among many American men.

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