'Meltdown': As Rudy Giuliani flails in court, Trump hides in WH

“People who knew Giuliani long before he served as Trump’s lawyer are openly, publicly bemoaning what he’s become,” @AriMelber reports.

11/22/2020 12:02:00 PM

“People who knew Giuliani long before he served as Trump’s lawyer are openly, publicly bemoaning what he’s become,” AriMelber reports.

As Trump continues to lose in court over his election fraud claims, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber provides an update on the ongoing litigation and breaks down Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre behavior in court. Washington Post reporter Libby Casey and journalist Blake Zeff join to discuss Giuliani’s distracting behavior and the GOP’s efforts to undermine the election, Casey asserting “you could not script this.”

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AriMelber Just wash those sins right out of your hair. Way to go Rudy. You can't even keep a lie straight. AriMelber The rule of law, no one is an exception. AudreyGarden AriMelber ETTD should be a term in social psychology and political history books AriMelber AriMelber Mr. Stop and frisk enuff said!

AriMelber Excuse me, this is who Giuliani has been all the time. He’s just more sloppy with it. AriMelber On CNN this morning , “a Frankenstein monster, haphazardly stitched together”. An apt description. Centrists2Cents AriMelber This echo chambers average IQ is less than 100. AriMelber Because Dump has dirt on him. Otherwise Rudy would've flipped him the bird years ago and put him in jail.

AriMelber I knew he’d completely lost it when he said Clinton didn’t show up at world trade even tho there’s ample photographic proof. Used to be u lie and folks stop believing you AriMelber Not worried Trump has always been one step of dumbocrats. AriMelber Guiliani is a disease AriMelber giuliani was always like this... just took time and circumstances to reveal it

AriMelber He a drunk. Cohen said he drinks all the time. An he look like he on something else with how he sweating .even his daughter said she voted for Biden AriMelber He became part if the cult. AriMelber Jack ass for Trump AriMelber Giuliani is and always was, a mobster. AriMelber Governing by Tweets. Senior staffs using the revolving door. Sidelining American partnerships and agreements that maintained American power and its leadership in global politics. Subtly stoking the rage of racism all surprised me. The greatest surprise however was the silence.

AriMelber Giuliani was always an asshole. He’s no different than who he has always been. He was hated by the majority of New Yorkers when mayor, except cops, of course. He did what any other mayor would have done during 9/11. What he has done is exploit 9/11 and has made millions from it. AriMelber This man thinks young women would want to go to a bedroom with him... with drinks!! Would you trust him.. not a chance..

AriMelber become? AriMelber Stop covering Trump and Rudy, these national and international disgraces. Move the fuck on. AriMelber I just hope one day Madame Tussaud’s throws up a life-sized Giuliani with the hair dripping just like this. A fine memory of this auspicious moment in history. AriMelber Ask his daughter

AriMelber Once again a public figure spirals down in self-destructive behavior but those around him only seek reflected glory. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc, etc. Someone care enough about this man to get him compassionate care. AriMelber A loser AriMelber WHo gives a shot what he has become. WHy does anyone care? Focus on what matters. Thousands are dying, the economy tanking and you want to talk about poor old F Rudy?

AriMelber Hiding on the Golf course AriMelber No matter how hard they try, they still want to do black face AriMelber Is Giuliani assuring Trump that he has overwhelming evidence of fraud, considered 'a con conning a con'? AriMelber Say what you want but Trump and Giuliani belong together and deserve each other. A match made in the darkest deepest caverns of Mount Doom. Wouldn't surprise me at all if Rudy, while fishing with a friend, once found a ring lying on the bottom of a creek. myprecious

AriMelber Yes ugly hatful man. AriMelber He's always been a dick. Ask his daughter. And then there was Bernard Kerick. EOS. AriMelber Giuliani is bringing his career to a close. Zero credibility after this Trump attempt to cheat Americans out of democracy. AriMelber He’s become America’s Enemy of The People!

AriMelber What is so sad is that a GROWN ASS man, Rudy, let’s another grown ass man, Dotard Donnie make a COMPLETE FOOL out of him while he golfs....😳🤣 AriMelber AriMelber Well this is what happens when you sleep with mutts, you catch the fleas, and the disease that blackens you heart to the truth, to justice, to integrity and to honor and when it fill you to capacity the blackness leaks from you...

AriMelber If you cant stand the heat, stay out the kitchen! AriMelber Giuliani become a 'Frankenstein's Monster', fraudulently creating MOVIE CHAOS, on behalf of Trump's SINISTER STRATEGY shaking every tree to see if something falls down that could be used to carry out his COUP. AriMelber No he was always this way.

AriMelber He looks like a rabid dog. No offense to rabid dogs. AriMelber RudyGiuliani is a legal scavenger that spots realDonaldTrump, the vulnerable, as an easy prey. AriMelber NEW DEAL DIDN'T INCLUDE BLK PPL Roosevelt's New Deal didn't include Black ppl at the time. The GI Bill didnt include Blk vets at the time. Democratic Party's top agenda doesn't include Black ppl now. Black ppls' specific needs aren't included Biden's 1st & top priorities!!!