Melania versus the Vapers

The first lady influences Trump crackdown on flavored e-cigs.


President Trump said his wife's influence was key to his decision to crackdown on flavored e-cigarettes

The first lady influences Trump crackdown on flavored e-cigs.

“Durbin was relentless — and Sharpless was spineless,” said one public health official, who asked not to be identified because he has worked with both Republican and Democratic officials on tobacco. “The Trump administration didn’t want to see Durbin getting results, and Durbin getting credit.”

“We can’t have our kids be so affected,” Trump said. “That’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son ... a beautiful young man, and she feels very, very strongly.”

Many of the cases of mystery illness, which has sickened more than 450 and killed at least six people, have been linked to vaped forms of marijuana and black market products

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Manufacturers might also have to demonstrate how their products could be misused. The agency will examine nicotine content, safety, as well as “tamper proofing on the product and perhaps even retail and channel distribution practices,” Azar said.

to replace a state-by-state patchwork as some areas push forward with flavor bans.

for his old employer to consider whether easy-to-use cartridge systems like Juul’s should be allowed on the market.

“These are illegal products and should not be on the market without approval from FDA, which they do not have,” Kessler told POLITICO Wednesday. “The increase in youth use and the recent concerns about safety no longer can justify the administration using enforcement discretion to avoid implementing the law.”

Juul on Wednesday said it would comply with the new FDA policy when it becomes effective.

The abrupt announcement also left Republicans seeking clarity on whether the administration is seeking a permanent ban or just a temporary halt.

“It is incredibly discouraging to see an administration that has prided itself in rolling back regulatory red tape now try to run the American people’s lives for them,” said Dan Savickas regulatory policy manager at FreedomWorks, which supports smaller government. “Flavored e-cigarettes have been a vital option for so many Americans who want to quit smoking. Government involvement in this case, as it always does, will cause more harm than good.”

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Hey but leave the migrant children in detention centers and the guns killing our children. Riiiiiiiight 😡 I bet his son started to vape. I wish it were Melanie vs Gun Manufactures FLOTUS is useless. Wish gun violence on a daily basis could move her as much as 6 deaths from vaping So, should we care? I think not. If she was interested in saving lives, it would be sensible gun control, not vaping. FLOTUS

They’re against the vapers. But the AR-15 sellers, not so much. Vaping. Seriously. Wow. She moved on from cyber bullying then? But insane insulin prices are cool with her Bring on the mango flavored vape juice black market

Justin Trudeau's mom calls Melania Trump's cheek kiss to him 'cute,' says he and his wife 'like Melania very much''They have met before. They have a friendship. He and Sophie like Melania very much,' Margaret Trudeau said, referring to Justin Trudeau's wife. 🤣 In France they call that a threesome. Is it a news ? Cant you guys do better than this ?

I'll believe when he backs husband big mouth with action. He says what folks want to heR but doesn't really follow through. For a kid he forgot he had! Fix vaping but not guns. She's as bad if not worse than he is!! Well, as DJT said - it’s because SHE has a son that SHE cares about.... ( dysfunctional family reveal, right there...)

That’s because SHE has a son Gtfoh! So you’re saying she let him in the bedroom... Juul will lose. The competition will win. Lobbyists at work. Trump Inc. Buying stocks? anitakumar01 Good4YouMelania Mrs. Trump, may be the answer to an uninformed President Trump. 'Let Melania do the talking, let the woman in the house run the house'.

Well,there’s at least one person he obeys to(except Putin)

Netflix Versus the World - WSJ Podcasts🎧 Listen: In today's episode of The Journal podcast, Netflix changed entertainment with binge watching and streaming. Now, competitors like Disney are trying to use Netflix’s playbook against it.

Once 'banned' sellers can start making some real money on the black market. Sorry to be difficult but can’t she do anything to make gun controls move forward? Dozens of shootings versus 6 vaping deaths. Also, can’t she speak for herself? Now if Melania just gave a damn about gun deaths.... All for show. Neither one of the guys be a damn

She's done more than Ivanka or Jared in 2 years. Does she have any thoughts on common sense gun laws or humane immigration? Reality check: there are no problems with vaping in the EU only the US. It is the kind of thing that makes you go hmmm? How does she feel about putting children in cages and then killing them? Barron should visit these people that his dontdeportmelania DonaldTrump is killing.

She knows his secrets MelaniasSon NotATrump You look so happy melania. Was the price of admission really worth it? Good job. Better than her husband. At least she cares unlike Trump

Trump says considering ban on flavored vaping productsDonald Trump on Wednesday announced his administration was considering a ban on flavored vaping products, amid a growing outbreak of severe lung disease linked to e-cigarette use that has claimed six lives. Authorities "may well have to do something strong about it," the president told reporters But hand out assault rifles like they are candy Nothing on AR-15s? What? 'She's got a son . . . ' Whoosh - no other word explains this one. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Maybe she can get him to support background checks and AR15 bans. begs the question, what does she have on him? She could potentially be the most important witness in a trial... But kids dying from automatic weapons of war is ok. it. If FLOTUS is that concerned, perhaps she should look into ALL threats against kids and get her husband off his fat ass to do something.

While it is tragic abt the people who are suffering from vaping related illness, why don't they care abt the kids they have separated & incarcerated. They are trying to deport kids receiving critical medical care ensuring their deaths. This concern for vaping rings hallow. Are you kidding me? is fashioning Melania into a hero? Be best....

I want to know when the First Lady is going to do this about guns in this country. She is worried about people dying from vaping but not from mass shootings? She's as Hypocritical as the rest of the Republicans I guess her son must be vaping Wonder if could get her assistance on background checks? So she could care less about children being killed by guns but 6 people died vaping. Do not give her credit for anything.

This isn’t good news. This means that she approves (and is accountable) of everything else. The kids in cages, the family separation, etc

Yes, we get it. The media is backing tobacco companies. Minimum age should be 18 or 21

That’s a good thing. Capers are used by teenagers and millennials and are so dangerous for them. Would like to think this is true, but I just don't believe it. she needs to work on him about getting rid of semi automatic weapons. LMAO Overkill smoking while our environment get's trashed. Did Baron get caught vaping?

Why don’t you ban cigarettes lol? Millions are dead from them not a handful! Oh my bad I guess the tobacco companies are paying you to do that so they can get profits back from lost sales due to vaping. Then how about banning cigarettes that kill 10,000x more people than silly vape Vaping is a problem, gun violence is a real national emergency. Trump & senatemajldr still waiting for NRA to tell them what to do. hughhewitt Varneyco marcthiessen

I think Mel’s living in another state and the confines of her convo with Donnie Demento is limited to “Where’s the check”. And guns, Dearie? Kids do gun drills in schools...maybe not where your’s attends, but ours do.

Trevor Noah jokes Melania tried to sneak out with John Bolton: 'So sad to be fired, I am also going'The Daily Show host mocked the departure of the national security adviser, who disputes that he was fired, insisting instead that he quit the Donald Trump administration. Tabloid fodder? Ahhhh...those crazy Europeans...anything for a 'tickle' !... ; The war monger himself

but no care about all the kids killed with AK15s What about gun control? Over 36,000 dead from guns 6 from vaping? Not saying its not a good cause but what about guns? Trump cant afford to lose the NRA vote! We all know this! Don't give her that much credit - she probably just threatened to show everyone how small his dick is.

anitakumar01 Who planted this garbage story? Did she really! Let's see for how long. Guns kill kids more than vaping products do by a long shot. How about that Melania. Duh! She has a son. How about assault weapons? They kill quicker. Obviously she doesn’t care about the kids dying from gunfire.

Late-Night Hosts Poke Fun at Trump's Twitter Feud with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen'Trump called John Legend a boring musician and called Chrissy Teigen a filthy mouthed wife,' James Corden said on 'The Late Late Show.' 'In other news, Melania's campaign against cyberbullying is still going strong.'

Barron Trump is 12-13 yrs old- that puts him squarely in the demographic targeted by the vaping industry. Vaping is a huge problem in middle schools & high schools. Melania most likely acted to protect her son. Fortunately, this at least has a collateral health benefit to others. Very, very difficult to listen to a person who is a birther idiot.

It's funny when they pretend Melania does things, other than sleep in separate location. Melania Trump’s causes go absolutely nowhere, we should expect nothing else. It’s all BS, FLOTUS Take on gunviolence Kids are dying Parkland GunControlNow VapeBan I think it was more the money from Big Tobacco than any concern on FLOTUS part that drove the ban.

wow... now that's a big deal... She didn’t do jack. Some NRA strategist has been watching headlines and said how about vape pens to distract from guns and we can use Melanie as a prop “concerned” mother. But could care less about gun control because her privileged little darling is safe behind golden walls...but peer pressure tho...

It's easy. FLOTUS simply threatened to go public

“First lady...” Pfft Lol oh how stupid you are...they didn’t do ANYTHING but wipe out the competition for Big Tobacco... oh right because she has a son What about the kids separated from their parents and the AR-15s!!!!!! Who cares? She should still be kicked out of the country because she’s here illegally on the Einstein Visa and lies about her qualifications.

What about guns, Melania? Now Military style weapons and ammunition She was a prop and if course everything HE said was a lie. Now do guns, Melania. What financial leverage does she hold? Is her prenup finally ripe?

This is the only thing I agree kid says there are tons of students vaping in the bathroom at his high school. If only the number of children lost to gun violence so moved the First Lady. If only Melania disliked kids getting mowed down by assault weapons... Big Tobacco wrote a check. Mystery solved.

This wins the “ Stupid Tweet of the Day” award. If true - how about she worry about the kids locked in cages or those murdered by gun violence or her husbands endless lies. What’s your goal with this post? To absolve her of her husbands endless sins? Shame it wasn’t the NRA I assume because Barron is surrounded by secret service and body guards MELANIAJTRUMP isn’t worried about her child being shot by an AR15 at school. Vaping however......GunControlNow GunReformNow AR15 FLOTUS

Because she has a son. But she doesn't care about children dying from guns. Haha! You are all so gullible. Trump administration isn’t doing a damn thing. Guaranteed “Allegedly “ please add that

Blablabla. If FLOTUS has so much sway over her husband but hasn’t done anything to move him on children in cages and gun controls, what does it say about her position on those issues? She actually doesn’t care, does she? Great! Now do guns. Also, let those kids out of the cages. Vaping is corny She needs to do a lot more!!! Gun Control HELLO!!!

She has a son that may be enticed. Typical Republican, it only becomes an issue when it effects them personally. They are subtly slipping in counterfeit products. They are just trying to look like they care about something. Just like guns talk to them in a few days and their story will change. They want the bootlegging to stop so their donors make more money

She should stick to soft porn. Maybe her son started vaping. She must be fine with AR-15s killing people. Lets see if anything happens.

She better would do something about our gun law, e- cigarettes 10 people dead in years, mass shootings 10-20 dead in a second, so let’s get the priorities straight No he did NOT say his WIFE’S influence was key. He said the FIRST LADY’s influence was key. He doesn’t know her name or that she’s his wife.

Flavoured e-cigarettes kill kids. So do guns FLOTUS. Pay attention. Banning vaping before AR 15s? Something wrong here. Puleeeze!! The tobacco industry convinced trump. Melania could care less about what vaping is doing to kids!! FLOTUS IReallyDontCare,DoYou? Lol lol lol it’s her kid he don’t have any lol lol lol

Jesus People actually comparing vape juice to a Constitutionally protected Right. Melania doesn't give a crap.

SheHasASon Well she does have a son. Not impressed! Anyone that lives with, beds with and follows a filthy hog around, is herself a pig. Then, too, she’s almost as big a liar and phony as he is! Can’t wait to see them both gone. Try TRUMP FAMILY are not for the U S! Then Why did she sit there and say nothing?

🤮🤮🤮BOTH LIARS! Get with it lady! Phony and liar! Now do it for guns I find it odd that the 'first' lady is getting in a twist about vaping, but would seem to be perfectly content with people buying AR-15's So far about 6 people have seemed to have died from complications from vaping? How many gun deaths this year?

Who knows if this is even true. Words don’t mean anything to him She should start an anti-bullying initiative.

What about the Guns Melania? Ok- now do guns A broken clock is right twice a day. If only the Administration and all those associated with it could achieve such a standard! What if she threw divorce if he didn't act? You’d think she’d be able to persuade him on gun control legislation. But no... 🙁 Nonsense-the vaping industry hasn’t bought any politicians

best buy She has no desire to influence when it comes to making sure guns are not killing young people? Pure political theater lhumphries13 They caught Baron vaping I’m sure. That’s the only time she cares about anything particular thing it’s when it affects her kid Her child as she sat. She is a gold digger for real. Stand beside a man that denied her child to the world

He also said because she has a son. 😳😜 She's not first or a lady. Actually I let him know that this will become an epidemic. Too many unscheduled deaths is not a good look on my resume Reminds me of a headmaster running a small private school.... Too bad he doesn't have a 'gun-wife' to help him think about another, more serious problem. 🙄

Melania have any thoughts on guns? Because prohibition worked so well for alcohol and marijuana ... 🤔🙄 Imagine if she cared about hungry families fleeing violence. The last two paragraphs ......TF politico! Visiting migrant centers? Caring

Maybe she can whisper AR-15... But assault rifles are OK. Melania is a Puppet. Joon His wife influenced him. What about gun control and mass shootings she has nothing to say about that How many people have died from smoking cigarettes?...asking for a friend FLOTUS: Now do guns How about guns Bitch? Guns, health care, asylum seekers, children in cages, bullying - cyber and actual, deportations - the list is endless and SHE wants to influence him on vaping!!! Give me strength.

Didn’t he mention that this Melanie woman had a son?

Did she catch Barron vaping in his room? You mean the one who has a son named Bannon or Barton or Bono or Barron, or something like that? 🤨 Lets not forget her son. Great idea thank you FLOTUS Dumb and dumber....your choice Proud of our First Lady! She is also the wife and mother. Her concern is real, genuine, sincere and Down To Earth. Fully support her initiative. And appreciate it

Well her Be Best platform sure didn’t influence you! ‘President Trump’s dementia-induced rambling about his own son and wife was key to his decision to crackdown of flavored e-cigarettes’ There fixed it for you. Melania gets orange, too?

My bet, she caught Baron smoking an e-cigarette, or he got caught in school smoking one and getting him out of trouble was her promise to have the President do this. Now if only he could figure out who his son is. the stupid ass said 'she has a son ' notice he didn't say 'we have a son' maybe Baron isn't his lol it's not like he shows him any kind of love or attention

Is she in mourning? Either too much or not enough, makes you look at her sideways trying to figure out...who are we today Sybil. Trump said she knows about it from HER son. I hope the vapes didn't affect Barron. Looks like a nice kid. FLOTUS does not care about school mass shootings, but does care about e cigs...that have killed no children...smh and realDonaldTrump thinks this is something major he is doing..smh. tobacco is now flavored and kills tens of thousands, but yeah ecigs are the biggest issue

If only he had the guts to take such stance on guns, assault weapons and strong background checks. Because more young people will die from gun violence at the end of the day than the combined annual deaths from vaping. If only she felt the same way about assault weapons. She actually looks like a man. Is that the same reason you he doesn't do anything about gun control. He is also married to the NRA.

Right! But she has no influence over kids in cages? Is he tired of hearing how Useless she is? I wonder what his motives are. Some PR person must have come up with the idea. I’m not gonna believe differently. It’s way out of character. A shame she doesn’t feel strongly about guns. America needs healthy slaves to pay for government debt.

I Don’t Really Care! Do You? Awww yes because of HER child Weird how 6 people die from vaping and the federal government institutes a ban within weeks, but 20 kindergarteners, 22 people at a Walmart, 49 at a nightlcub, and 58 at a concert are shot and killed and there’s nothing that can be done. To crack down on, jeez

Lmao sure it was

Purrfect timing, what a day to distract, what too many people dying, no study of gun deaths but ban on electric smoking, where have you been FLOTUS do you really care What she said to him was “I won’t touch that thing.” He assumed she meant an e-cigarette. Can somebody educate her about assault weapons

Yes, she was telling him about her son, and he was very moved by her story. That and today’s polls about tanking suburban women support... Bzzzfft He actually said 'she's got a son' 🙄 When talking about Melania he said, “She has a son... together..” Maybe if she was worried about her son together with Trump getting shot at school, something could be done about that

Because she has a young son.................together with someone.

Melania: Oh there's to many children dying from vaping. Trump: Are they black or White? Melania: mostly white. Trump: ok, let's do something about this. This is America ..prohibition was an emotional female reaction and it didn't work.. This is AMERICA.. People choose their own poison.. it is ILLEGAL (again?) Vapes that are destructive.. Ban the Vitamin E in them!!

She's as useless as he is. What are her thoughts on fruity AR-15’s? He is probably getting paid by the tobacco company. realDonaldTrump FLOTUS Immigrant 1 should let Individual 1 know that, to date in 2019, Deaths from Vaping 6, from Guns 39,235. Can he do the math? Creepy people. LOL! You can't possibly believe they actually talk to each other? Rumors are she doesn't even live in WH!

FLOTUS really? This is your concern not the kids thy are getting killed at school over and over again? Could you maybe work on that with Donny? Great - thanks FLOTUS but what about all the kids killed by automatic and semi-automatic weapons?

Dah! Now if she could only influence you into doing something about the millions who have lost their healthcare. MURDERER! That’s you Donald j trump! She should ban her husband from touching anything else . Everything he does turns to shit . So we’re banning flavored e-cigs but keeping the real cigarettes? 6 people died from bad juice her answer is to eliminate a billion dollar industry ? E-cig stores around me were ok with trump because they thought business man would help .

FLOTUS does he know Barron is your-his son and you are married? i really don’t care, do u? FLOTUS Trump: 'She has a son.' Let's just outlaw all things 'lead-flavored'

Why aren't you reporting the dementia addled announcement he made? He made no sense, that's the real news. He is incapacitated. Has she missed the gun death data? Hey Melania, guns kill over 3000 CHILDREN in the US every year. Maybe you could champion that cause. So where is Melli’s concern about gun deaths, suicides, etc? How can we “be best” with so many guns on the street?

How about guns and kids in cages FLOTUS fuckmelania idontcaredoyou DeportMelania trumpsthecon He better. 😂😂😂😂😂😂she doesn’t care you bozo But nothing is done when a 17 month old gets shot in the face by an AR15? Srsly? Small people die using unapproved mods on vapes. Bam them all. Hundreds of people die to high caliber high capacity assault rifles. Don't do shit. GunReformNow

Imagine if she cared about everything killing our kids. Like guns. Bullying. You know, something that killed more than a handful of people.

but what about GUNS, FLOTUS? Regular people... Happy wife, happy life. flotus but having children die daily due to guns is cool with you? Hey in cages separated from their families Nanny state Vaping in the 50's... duh. What about guns Basically it was the FDA. 🇺🇸 Y'all just going to keep on publishing his lies as if it's a real story huh?

I guess we just discovered most vape users are Democrats The haters in this thread are pathetic. Can’t crackdown on guns huh? Just look at her expression. It tells it all. She was on a billboard in Times Square for a Camels cigarette ad. She doesn’t care as her jacket so very well stated. Their priorities are really screwed up.

Never seen a White Owl I guess he must be paying Melania well To bad Melania isn’t as worried about kids being shot in their schools. Guns not on the agenda?

FLOTUS realDonaldTrump Making it save for him from e-cigarettes but not guns? BeBest Listen to FLOUTS y’all. She is the resident WH expert on putting small, thin cylindrical things in your mouth that sometimes give you a disease, afterall. Does she have any influence when innocent people are blown to bits by random shooters in school, at the movies, at concerts, at work, at Walmart, while praying, while driving....

Oddly, FLOTUS 'bebest' and anti-bullying campaigns have no influence on him whatsoever. Guess she doesn't see AR15s or high capacity ammo as dangerous as flavored vaping. Literally Barron's fault lmao Seriously, she did not. They don't even LOOK at each other! 😂

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