Melania Trump's auction items fail to bring desired price

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The lot of three items put up for auction earlier this month by former first lady Melania Trump failed to reach its desired monetary threshold of $250,000 for an opening bid.

When the auction for the three items -- a custom, wide-brimmed white hat worn by Trump during an official White House state visit, a watercolor of Trump wearing the hat and a non-fungible token of the illustration with animation -- ended Wednesday night, there appeared to only have been five total bids on the auction items, each around the minimum requirement of 1,800 Solana tokens, the cryptocurrency selected by Trump as the only way for interested buyers to pay.

While the minimum requirement of Solana tickets was met, the $250,000 threshold wasn't met because over the last two weeks, almost the entirety of the auction, the crypto market has taken a massive dive, with values of various currencies falling 20, 30 or even 40%, as was the case with Solana As a result of the lack of interest in Trump's items, an inflated opening bid amount and a plunging market, the"Head of State Collection" -- as Trump dubbed her lot -- appears to have...


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Hahahahaha grifter

Ohhhh, does hubby need money for his lawyers

I see the haters are on here.

Great. How many lies does Biden tell in a day.

So sad.

Trump Syndrome at it's best.


Trump and his family will scam and sell their own family for money. Nobody wants those iteams from you lady !


No surprise here. Who would want something she wore?

The most interesting part of this article is how the value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate so rapidly.


Too bad China didn't want to buy them.. remember hunter's art?


nobody cares

That’s cyber bullying……….

What will she wear when hosting Jeopardy?

The fleecing of America under the guise of auction unsurprisingly failed. America is catching up with the trump ploys at last!

Nobody wants her junk.

'I really don't care, do you?'

I’m going to puke!

250k ? For what ?

That’s cause people are afraid Melania’s clothes might have hydro chloroquine on them.

And it is a really ugly hat

Who cares this ain’t news. You’re trying to stir shit up 👍👍👌👌

Get a part time job .

But never mind going to war with Russia because the Biden's oue Ukraine 🤣

She’s selling her clothes 🤣🤣

What a shame! I guess she is going to have to go back to her former gig as a

They seem to fail on all fronts recently. People are eventually getting detached from TFG's charm

Hey have you guys considered doing journalism or still just like random petty desperate bs

Who in their right mind would pay for such garbage?

Ran out of money already ?


Who does she think she is. She's not Jackie o


Mel is such a pretty woman. She could have at least tried to embrace her position as First Lady and do some things to show some class. Sorry to say she will be in my opinion just another pretty face, not a woman worthy of that title of FLOTUS.

cnn ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS cnbc Reuters Who in their right mind would pay her $250,000 for a damn hat. They got money like that to wasted. Bring it to me. I know several needy organizations that could use it. The Trumps are that broke?

The name Trump means less every day. Today we learned he only has 73 million in liquid assets, not the 700 million he reported. What else did he overvalue? I bet Melania is having her rings appraised as we speak.


Wouldn’t even take them for free.


Perhaps if she got Trumpy to pee on it - many republican senators would pay a lot more money for it.

Well Damn!

Melanie needs some cash. Help the poor girl out. Send her your money. 😭

Pitiful diversion… SCOTUS announcement, now this. How about some real news…

Even if someone will give me free will not spare space in my home for all such auctions.

Why are some people so jealous of this beautiful queen

Thoughts and prayers

Knowing and accepting the truth is the rightful way....

Guess she’ll have to wait for the estate to be settled

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