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Mel B, Spice Girls

Mel B’s ex-nanny 'who had affair' with Spice Girl writing film on her wild life

Mel B’s ex-nanny 'who had affair' with Spice Girl writing film on wild Hollywood life

5/15/2021 11:36:00 PM

Mel B ’s ex-nanny 'who had affair' with Spice Girl writing film on wild Hollywood life

EXCLUSIVE: Lorraine Gilles was hired as an 18-year-old and later claimed she’d had a steamy affair with Scary Spice in papers filed during a lengthy court battle over defamation claims

The Spice Girl’s former nanny Lorraine Gilles is penning a feature film around her days of wild living in La La Land.And it seems she’s got plenty of material to draw on for the fictional project after claiming some crazy times with Mel.Lorraine was hired as an 18-year-old by Scary Spice and later claimed in court papers she’d had a steamy affair with the star.

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Mel eventually agreed to pay Lorraine £1.8m after a lengthy legal battle over a defamation claim.Now Lorraine tells me the flick will be inspired by “what I went through coming to Hollywood seeing everything as a non-celebrity”. She adds: “I’ve written 80 pages of script, and am working with friends in the film industry.”

Discussing the project, she vows it is about “building my career” .She continues: “It has a ‘dramedy’ element to it, like The Wolf of Wall Street. When I talk about something serious, I make a joke about it.“Some of it is my true Hollywood experience as a nanny.”

But she will have to tread carefully – she reportedly signed a gagging order following the settling of the case with Mel.Meanwhile, Lorraine, from Germany, is thrilled to be making cash by stripping on website OnlyFans.She says: “I like taking sexy pictures. I don’t mind showing me.

“I do not feel like I need to hide away because I felt for a long time I was not in control of my life.“I want to do OnlyFans. I have always liked modelling, and this is obviously a little sexier, but it is nice to be in control.” Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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