Meghan Trainor Understandably Freaked When It Sounded Like Her 4-Month-Old Said 'I Love You'

OK, @Meghan_Trainor's son is *such* a cutie! 💖

6/15/2021 11:53:00 PM

OK, Meghan_Trainor's son is *such* a cutie! 💖

It sounds like Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara's 4-month-old son, Riley, almost said 'I love you' on camera.

, attempting to say"I love you" in honor of Daryl's birthday."You'll never know how much we love you," she captioned the clip.In Meghan's video, both parents were giving their love and attention to little Riley before he babbled back something that sounded a lot like"I love you." Understandably, she and Daryl started freaking out — so much so that their baby got a little stunned and almost started to cry."We're gonna count it!" Meghan cheered before comforting her startled son. How sweet!

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