Meghan Mccain, Chris Cuomo

Meghan Mccain, Chris Cuomo

Meghan McCain on Chris Cuomo altercation: 'Men get to be tough and swear, women are unhinged'

Meghan McCain on Chris Cuomo altercation: 'Men get to be tough and swear, women are unhinged'


Meghan McCain on Chris Cuomo altercation: 'Men get to be tough and swear, women are unhinged'

'The View' co-host claims women in media wouldn't get away with an 'obscenity-filled tirade' like Cuomo, who is being backed by CNN.

“Men get to be tough and swear,” McCain tweeted, “women are ‘unhinged.’”

McCain herself is certainly no stranger to being hit with the “unhinged” label, as the Republican’s impassioned debates on The View have frequently come under fire for coming across as bratty, according to some viewers. It’s a label she’s pushed back against, including slamming a “s*****” headline run by Elle for her recent interview with the women’s magazine.

— Brandon Orgeron (@brandon_orgeron) August 13, 2019

Your performance on The View is frequently unhinged.

McCain’s complaint echoes one she made in May, in which she hit out at conservative women being portrayed as “hysterical.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo has since issued a mea culpa of sorts, saying he “should be better than the guys baiting me.”

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I have witnessed this in life, too.

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