Meghan McCain Bashes 'Totalitarian' Trump And 'Inept' Jared Kushner On 'The View'

She worries Trump will use the COVID-19 battle to 'play off our fears for his own benefit' in a power grab.

4/7/2020 4:03:00 AM

She worries Trump will use the COVID-19 battle to 'play off our fears for his own benefit' in a power grab.

She worries Trump will use the COVID-19 battle to 'play off our fears for his own benefit' in a power grab.

McCain said she wants the briefings aired to expose Trump’s flaws — and how “inept” Kushner is.“I want to see front and center what he [Trump] is saying, no matter how ridiculous some of the press conference commentary ebbs into,” said McCain, speaking from her home as panelists comply with social distancing requirements.

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She also warned that the American public needs to keep an eye on the “totalitarian” leader.“President Trump [has] always been a sort of totalitarian president in a way that we’ve never historically seen before,” said McCain. “My fear is that he’s going to play on the American public’s fears in a draconian way and possibly do something akin to the Patriot Act going forward where he uses this moment in time to play off our fears for his own benefit.”

It’s important to see “front and center what he and his team” are doing. “I for one became even more fearful of what was happening when I saw how inept Jared Kushner was,” she added. “So, while he has a team of doctors likeDr. Faucithat we are all in agreement is doing a great job, my fear is that this is a moment in time that can be manipulated by our powers and the government in place.”

Kushner last week for the first time spoke at one of the president’s press briefings as an official member of the team responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hefrom the National Emergency Stockpile, which was established to provide the nation with supplies in an emergency.

Check out McCain’s slams in the video above.A HuffPost Guide To CoronavirusStay up to date withas we cover the COVID-19 pandemic Read more: HuffPost »

Megan is so salty. It's ok to be a Republican or Democrat but no one can like trump... so lame She looks like the “old guy” dancing in the six flags commercial years ago... those glasses Even a broken clock is right twice a day 👊💥 She’s just realizing this now!? It’s almost like her heads been up someone’s ass * cough* Trump *cough* for the past 3 years.

I’ll stand in lines for hours in any pandemic to rid the world of the Trump Pandemic! If this virus scare is some kind of totalitarian take over of our country because the banks have collapsed, how is that Trump’s fault? The federal reserve and all of that corruption was put in motion way before 2016.

I agree but how would he do that ? By making this COVID-19, extend so the democratic candidate has no chance at winning. Or being on tv everyday now ? Please share how? I wouldn't put it past him. Get somewhere and SIT DOWN MeghanMcCain! 🙄🙄🙄 Why do I see people on tv wearing these enormous, oversized black cartoon glasses?

Finally saw the light THAT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ! What in their histories would suggest anything like that, other than everything Who cares what she thinks But she’ll vote for him anyway! But she’ll still vote for Trump if he keeps her rich girl taxes low she's angling for her own corner office in the fema camp

How come huff and puff only gives McCain a article when she trashed trump. But never when she applauds him or when she trashes democrats hmmm I wonder what huffington posts point it well hell tell us something we don't know...the whole party banking on this Damn I was hoping the virus would take the view off the air. Can't there be one positive?

Well... she is a shill for the left pretending to be a 'Conservative'... hey just like Songbird her treasonous father was... Meghan, you have got that right. If Trump knows anything, it is how to market himself. Lol for acting like they give two shits about Meghan McCain’s opinion on anything. Pretty sure she is the one female every democrat has no problem with fat shaming and judging on her looks. But yeah, I’m sure there is no political agenda in using this particular quote

It's already happening and it started in December! Even from a ventilator they'd both be still trying to scam something somewhere. To be fair, democrats think seeing their own shadow is an existential crisis. She caught something from Behar and Whoopie. Stupidity is contagious Give it a rest dear! 😒 Thank you Meghan Mccain

I wish you would spontaneously combust..just saying But she’s not worried about people defending China,supporting WHO which is funded by tax payers- BillGates & georgesoros are huge donors of WHO & tthe Clinton Foundation she’s not worried about the globalist power grab happening now by Gates wanting to microchip us? Odd!?

This clip of these 4 is insufferable. Despite evidence to the contrary. What if at election time he declares a national emergency and stops the election - have you thought of that America? MEActNOW Your father would be so proud! I stopped reading at Meghan Mc............. LMAO that's the whole conservative MO now. Not interested in what she has to say about people that share her views.

She’s been fine with this for quite a while now. Why the change of heart? Must be contract time. Many actions by POTUS that disgust me. However, the daughter of Manchurian John disparaging the man is an utter joke! But of course this individual will/has been doing so. How does come as a surprise to anyone?

MeghanMcCain Run for senate and kick some radical right wing $$ We need her dad now more than ever. SpeakerPelosi has been kicking $$ though. This is comedy hour right? I hope Megan can use her influences to get republicans to turn on Trump. Well duh Hormones raging... NOW SHE WORRIES 😢 I'm liking the pregnant Meghan.

She is also supporting AZ governor, and he is a major Trump lover. Dude isn’t doing his job, just shut down salons and tattoo parlors over the weekend. Total dipshit! Is she smarter when she's pregnant or when working from home? Whatever it is, she's seeing the light. Wow, where was that when the republicans had the chance to impeach him. Too little too late. You (Meghan)and your fellow Republicans own this disaster. This is on you.

It's MeghanMcCain ... Hmmm first thing I can agree with what she says. Where are the John McCains to put the orange blob down for the count ? Trump enables Jared Kushner's coronavirus task force, revealing the dangers of nepotism Whatever child He will. Not that the Democrats aren’t already playing off our fears to put unrelated pork into the laws they pass, right?

Likely As much as she enabled him, after he repeatedly insulted her dead father, she shares the blame for the orange idiot. Isn’t it ironic that the people calling him “totalitarian” are mad because he won’t take totalitarian actions? okdoomer MeghanMcCain no shit sherlock!! Still won't vote Democrat tho, right princess privilege!! If you don't vote, it's a vote for that predator! 🤬

Totally agree Investigate the money trail to these drugs and labs back to Jared and 45 realDonaldTrump will do anything if it gets him what he wants - narcissistic, no compassion, no empathy, immature, insecure - yep he’ll say and do anything - America needs to vote wisely in November! U late dude. Fucking duh.

projection to what end? Bahaha I’m very impressed with this solid assessment from McCain. C’mon! I get it, your dad hated the guy! Just be part of the solution! If I recall you dad and a few other Az politicians had a few scandals up their sleeves in the day. Don’t throw rocks at glass houses! Your father was a traitor. The flag was wrinkled on his casket? I defended you on the view. But you are gross.

Eyes rolling realDonaldTrump jaredkushner ICYMI She confuses me. Yea no shit. She’s figuring this out NOW? Lol fake Meghan McCain is a lot like Carole Baskin. While the media begs him to shut down the whole country. Hint: he doesn't have the constitutional authority to do that. MeghanMcCain supported this racist for the longest. Hush 🤫

Of course!? Any politician of any stripe would use current events to build political capital. Welcome to politics I guess? MomPerinyon Wow I missed a good one. Thanks, online meeting. What else would you expect from him! Hey, Meghan, have you missed the fact that the Democrats srecalready trying to do that?

Isn’t he doing that now? She realized her newborn will have to live in the aftermath of this shitstorm. And she'll still vote for that sociopathic narcissist in November Who wants to grab power. President Trump has the power the voters conferred to him. The power grabbers are the hungry Dems and RINOs who dream about power day and night! Shame on you, Meghan. I want to forget what your late father did.

Go away you’re starting to sound like your father. He did the same shit when he couldn’t win the presidency and Trump did 🥴 Will you vote blue as well? If not don’t continue your supposed worries about trump and JaredKushner 👇👇 He says it correctly! 👇Blinders off. I accept your apology. JoeWalsh

Valid fear... Meghan, you certainly don’t think your a conservative anymore? I get why you hate Trump but do not let hate blind you from truth. Your just getting this now? MeghanMcCain Like your buddy SpeakerPelosi is doing Glad you all are having fun w American lives... If he does... he would only be to torment her. Nobody else would be impacted.

Thank you MeghanMcCain Our president is helping save lives. Megan's comments shows her ignorance! CTmagazine BGEA FoxNews denial kills. Your false God realDonaldTrump has forsaken you. Do unto your neighbour as your neighbour would do unto you. StayHomeSaveLives WeAreNotDrugTrialRats Idiot Stop the bashing president Trump McCabe! Totally ridiculous!

We’ve only been saying this for 3 years but very astute observation Meghan You’ve defended him for 3 years even though he drug your father’s name through the mud time and time again. Huh? Who is this and what have you done to Meghan? Isn't she a trump supporter?(serious question, didn't she support him)Or now she's afraid because he seems to have absolute power and is killing us.

She should make sure to sign the 'do not medicate' form so Dr's will not save her life and make Trump look good. ya think? Wow! Who? Who asked her and who cares? Yet another idiotic and juvenile opinion. Huffington and McCain making people dumber. Give me a break! coronavirushoax deepstate Hahahahahaha, no kidding!!

Oh poor Megan she doesn't know which end is up! THIS MAN DOES though! From MIT and a Doctor! Soooo you're mad that he didn't take it seriously. And yet, he's the one 'instilling fear'? How does that work exactly? She'll still vote for him though. duuuuh. Well her hubby does not feel the same way Well yes, and too much makeup for a home video. I think she got too used to TV makeup.

Uh! Just catching up, is she She is Absolutely correct maaaaaaaybe she shouldn't have supported conservatism her entire life? He is the president of the united stated - you don`t get more powerful than that darling. Too fucking late, Meg.

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