Meghan Markle Steps Into Her First Non-Royal Role: Disney Film Narrator

The news follows a viral clip of Prince Harry reportedly asking then-Disney CEO Bob Iger about a role for Markle in July 2019.

3/26/2020 8:13:00 PM

Meghan Markle has scored her first non-royal role following her and Prince Harry's announcement to step back from royal life, as the narrator of a Disney live-action documentary 'Elephant' by lisettevoytko

The news follows a viral clip of Prince Harry reportedly asking then-Disney CEO Bob Iger about a role for Markle in July 2019.

Elephant,news that follows a viral video clip of Prince Harry asking Disney's then-CEO Bob Iger about a voiceover role for Markle in 2019. Disney announced the film on Twitter, adding that it will be available for streaming on Disney+ beginning April 3.

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Sky News reported that Buckingham Palace confirmed the development:"Disney have this morning (in LA) released info regarding the voiceover project The Duchess of Sussex participated in for the Disneynature film, Elephants, which will debuts [sic] on Disney+, April 3rd," a statement from the Palace said.

, from July 2019, shot during the live-actionLion Kingpremiere; in it, the Sussexes greet Jay-Z and Beyoncé (who voiced Nala in the film).Prince Harry can be overheard in the video asking Iger, “You know she does voice-overs?”, and Iger can be heard saying, “Sure, we’d love to try.”

The video’s appearance on social media came shortly after Prince Harry and Meghan’s January announcement that they would step back as senior members of the British royal family, and seemed to be proof that the pair had been working for quite a while on building new income streams for themselves.

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lisettevoytko How on earth did you manage to get a reputable publication like Forbes to agree to print this rubbish. She did this for a charity, it's all over the internet. TraitPro MeghanMarkle May Choose New Surname after Officially Exiting Royal Duties with PrinceHarry sussexsquadpod lisettevoytko This is great news. I will watch this fantastic documentary

lisettevoytko They need the money lisettevoytko Stick to facts .. leave the speculations to the British Media Cartel..Meghan is awesome 💚💚 lisettevoytko sussexsquadpod lisettevoytko For CHARITY. lisettevoytko The headline alone is full of lies and fabrications so I won’t be clicking. Forbes reputation is going download hill as you continue to use tabloid media for your source, including a doctored video. This is not honest research. Shame on Forbes.

sussexsquadpod lisettevoytko Awesome! - Meghan is a sneaky traitor to the Queen lisettevoytko Is accuracy really such a challenge? How is it a non royal role, when it was done 6 months ago? And the 'viral video' you mentioned was a doctored clip by trolls. Ppl liek u r worse than the gutter press lisettevoytko Does anyone really need to know this right now. Timing is everything

lisettevoytko she scored or her husband did? 🧐 lisettevoytko Thank you. Remember the date and especially what the reporter says, namely despite speculation, there is no, relationship with Disney So, hold back your pens and your malicious comments or others DO NOT SPECULATE, one way or the other. lisettevoytko what if she's the original carrier o.o

lisettevoytko Subscribing to Disney Plus right now. Love her. lisettevoytko Everybody, get ready to hear Queen Meghan beautiful voice!!! lisettevoytko Well that answers that question lisettevoytko I love her voice plus it is for a charity so I will definitely support and watch. lisettevoytko She’s so beautiful, damn..

lisettevoytko Is she bothered abt Her father In Law's virus? How is she keeping her kid safe? she should be talking abt these things rather than her money making plans!! lisettevoytko No one cares. The world is suffering, people are sick and dying. Do you honestly think anyone cares about either one of those ungrateful twits?

lisettevoytko I'm so excited she got it. I remember a video where he spoke up for her about it and it is so sweet. MimiRocahzwei lisettevoytko DeelightRI lisettevoytko Not accurate. This was recorded in Sept 2019. DeelightRI lisettevoytko Yes Meghan 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕 MeghanMarkle lisettevoytko Don’t forget in July 2019 Harry was caught on a hot mic talking with the head of Disney Bob Iger about Megan’s voice over work. This is nepotism pure and simple. Good news is that this movie will fail just as hard as Megan’s and Harry’s marriage.

lisettevoytko So unimportant! lisettevoytko irrelephant lisettevoytko 🤮🤮🤮 lisettevoytko Awesome Harry is the best husband ever lisettevoytko Shock horror! We all heard Harry on bbc news put u forward for the role 🙄 lisettevoytko Her husband put her out there offering her talents at a Royal event, ironic.

lisettevoytko Good for her as long as she earned this opportunity without any outside influence but have my doubts. lisettevoytko Boycott Disney. Asshole player. lisettevoytko I feel sorry for her covid 19 lisettevoytko Here we go with piersmorgan 's rant..🙄🙄 lisettevoytko What a useless ornament.

lisettevoytko In a time of pandemic, this kind of news is upsetting. It's like trivializing the suffering of the common people, who are most affected by COVID-19. lisettevoytko She stays winning. Love that lisettevoytko Shoutout to Harry for putting on his wife. He real live talked to the Bob Iger and now we’re here, that’s love.

lisettevoytko It has always been about her acting career. lisettevoytko RationalMale lisettevoytko Hey, Frenchie, how do you like your makeover?

Meghan Markle Is Teaming Up With Disney For Her First Post-Royal ProjectYou can stream the Duchess of Sussex's new movie on April 3. Nah No, thank you. We are in the midst of a pandemic and so there is no more carrying capacity for another group of parasites. I would rather have root canal work without anaesthetic.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the Royal Family Are Working Through Their TensionsThey're apparently all in a 'better space' now as the start of Duke and Duchess of Sussex's transition period approaches. is it possible to leave harry and meghan alone for one day? The royal family should be working on prince andrew bullshit Diana has always said that the British royal family is not a family thirsty rivals of jealousy. Prince Harry and Meghan are right to distance themselves. The Cambridge couple and Prince Charles are unable to reunite the family. Because of their narcissistic jealousy

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the Royal Family Are Working Through Their TensionsThey're apparently all in a 'better space' now as the start of Duke and Duchess of Sussex's transition period approaches.

Meghan Markle has sparked a boom in this quirky fashion trendMeghan Markle's emerald earrings from V By Laura Vann have sparked a major fashion trend - statement earrings - and they're selling fast. Timing is key you know 🙄 We are in a global crisis. We don’t care. Oh, please. Nobody wants to emulate that creepy woman.

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