Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah Interview Sparks U.K. Bidding War (EXCLUSIVE)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first major interview since splitting with the Royal Family has sparked a hot bidding war in the U.K.

2/23/2021 7:01:00 PM

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first major interview since splitting with the Royal Family has sparked a hot bidding war in the U.K.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first major interview since splitting with the British Royal Family has sparked a hot bidding war in the U.K. for rights to air the highly coveted sit-down. S…

and the BBC are all bidding for the CBS primetime special, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. It’s not believed that streaming giants Amazon or Netflix are in the running.It’s understood that ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group, which will be selling the program overseas, is keen for the interview to land on a free-to-air broadcaster, which would ensure a significant profile in the U.K.

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It’s likely that negotiations will come down to a straight shoot-up between the U.K. public broadcasters. ITV, in particular, has a proven track record hosting content featuring the British Royals, notably the annual “Royal Variety Performance,” which is attended by senior members of the Royal Family.

It’s also worth noting that Markle and Prince Harry gave one of their most high-profile interviews to date to ITV journalist Tom Bradby as part of the broadcaster’s 2019 documentary “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey,” during which Bradby famously asked Megan whether she was okay — a very human gesture that Markle even referenced in her recent op-ed in the New York Times. headtopics.com

The timing of the CBS special could also be a factor for whomever wins the rights — and could pose some head-scratching for the BBC.The Queen’s annual Commonwealth broadcast is due to air on BBC One on Sunday, March 7,the same day as the CBS interview.

Pre-recorded at Windsor Castle, the broadcast is part of the Anita Rani-hosted program “A Celebration For Commonwealth Day,” which will also feature the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex.

Last year, the Commonwealth program aired at 2:15 p.m. U.K. time, but it’s still unknown when this year’s edition will air. If it airs in the evening, the BBC — if it wins the rights — could be looking at a near back-to-back block of royal programming, which won’t be the best optics for the public-service broadcaster. The couple’s interview

is due to air on CBSat 8 p.m. ET/PST, which will be 1 a.m. in the U.K.It’s noteworthy that the streamers haven’t jumped on the CBS special, particularly as Markle and Prince Harry have a multi-year deal in place with Netflix. But it’s not altogether surprising: the most logical home in terms of viewership for such a high-profile, topical interview is undoubtedly a broadcaster, and despite the bitter divorce from the Royal Family and the barrage of negative press while they were living and working in the U.K., Markle and Prince Harry have their share of supporters and fans in Britain. headtopics.com

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Announced last week, Winfrey will first speak with Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, about stepping into royal life, marriage, motherhood, her philanthropic work and how she handles life under the public eye. The two will then be joined by Prince Harry to discuss their move to the United States and future goals.

The special is produced by Harpo Productions. Terry Wood and Tara Montgomery will executive produce, along with co-executive producer Brian Piotrowicz. Read more: Variety »

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What a piece of 💩 ITV for the win. If Sky, who are too sensationalist, gets it, I'll find another outlet on which to watch the interview. Who cares... These two are overrated and bore me That hat is atrocious. Ha don't make me laugh. Your loss racist Britishpeople. That hat she is wearing could put your eye out! Watch it Harry!

I thought UK don’t care about the Sussexes. 🙄 😴😴🥱🥱 Wow!!!More Popular than expected Since so many English have thrown the 2under the bus. You'd think the English would be happy since these 2 make their own money and do not cost the Tax Payer. So the 'lack of interest' is creating a 'bidding war'? Pls can someone explain to me what this oxymoronic claim mean? YouGov said: 'no interest'. Media said: 'bidding war' of views. Why should we have 'war' where there's no conflict of 'interest'?🤔 ConflictOfInterest

I'll have to DVR.. Must have the same kind of polls as Australia, Murdoch ones 🤮 It’s like that car crash you can’t stop watching....it is sad hearing their supporters root for this. When really it’s just plain disgusting of them to air their dirty laundry in public. With a big does of self promotion. Go visit your grandfather.

They have no shame ...... bidding war! I hope the network gets extra millions from all UK biddings. Nothing but love for Harry and Meghan ❤️ OliveJanK is RRs and palace propaganda to downgrade Harry&Meghan popularity. Palace can’t handle a little compilation. But I though no one likes Harry & Meghan. I mean they were stripped of their patronages right? They are no longer working Royals right? They live in America right? I am so confused right now. Could it be that they are really fans?

ITV in bidding war with Sky to air Oprah’s interview with M&H? What a shocker! Didn’t they say they weren’t interested in the couple and that they are irrelevant to the UK? Hypocrisy on high heels!! nehpazojArchieH But but but..... they are irrelevant and insignificant. Just checking, is there a bidding war for ‘Magnificent 7’ in the US ? 🤣🤣🤣

ledbettercarly Why do you keep referring to Meghan as markle in your article. I don’t get it... if you don’t want to watch it then don’t watch it🤷🏽‍♀️even if the interview wasn’t at the same day as the old bats speech,I doubt people would wanna listen to that old woman and her lies after everything she did and let her courtiers do.

p_j106 What bidding war? I've not seen any ffs. Must be new to the British that people do have interviews. Also why are they so worried? Are they worried H&M will tell BP deep dark secrets! It’s seems like H&M really head of state. The way brits are racist,I genuinely don’t understand what the old bat could say that they would take heart with🤔

But I thought nobody cares on the island. Whatever happened to, “these two are irrelevant.” Why would they want to buy the rights to have this shown in a place where nobody will watch it? I can’t quite put my finger on it I thought they were irrelevant? ledbettercarly They are making $$ off of Harry's royal title because they don't want to get real jobs or work. MM wears an ugly $3500 dress in her living rm for Spotify zoom. Meanwhile, AOC single-handedly raised over $5M in four days for struggling communities in Texas and went there to help!

I thought all the polls said British people aren’t interested in them ? So why spend millions bidding for it then? 😏😏 I'm confused because I thought they aren't important and the good folks in the U.K didn't want to hear from them. THEE OBSESSION! Why is there a bidding war for something most Brits ( according to the BM) don't want to see?

Guess who the first one to give his opinion about the interview because he will glue in his armchair to see this ? 🤔PiersMorgan 😂😂😂 Poor man ! he's going to have an ulcer if he keeps stalking them I thought they said they don’t care about them🤷🏽‍♀️ They said they are the irrelevants Do not give any British MSM any access! They are majority Right Wing Trump loving Racist that Create a platform to consistently dehumanise and abuse heavily pregnant Woman and told her to GO BACK WHERE SHE CAME FROM! boycottUkMedia

One must ask the questions why would the reigning Monarch need to be in a bidding war with the irrelevant sixth in line and an American? Maybe the monarchy is all that they believe it to be or maybe a distraction or perhaps so when she is overshadowed by them the RR cry So causing conflict with the viewing is the reason why queen is airing her program. Overshading message seems aimed at tv networks. That's cold.

The tabloids lied for 4 years and now a U.S. network is going to drop a truth bomb on them. The faked stories they're already writing for an interview they haven't seen yet all clones The obsession of the dumped inmates of Shutter Island. The DEMAND, Meghan is adored by the people and the people demand to see her. Her haters are her biggest fanatics, thedemand to see her is REAL.

I’m excited to finally hear their version of the story since all we have been bombarded with are the lies of bigotry and racism spread by the British media and royal family. Racist and anti-American British media hate Meghan! But one thing they can't let go: audience and 🤑🤑🤑! Rats! 🤢 This is hilarious.

Obsession is real !🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 It'll be great hearing Meghan & Harry in their own words talk about their life experiences, debunk media lies, and expound bin their future plans regarding their foundation, production companies, etc. XoxoLeigh1 Instead of bidding on tv programming ... why aren’t they negotiating brexit fishing trades

YouGov is a scam. Didn't they claim people don't want to watch the interview. Propaganda polls....Yet UK networks are cat fighting to air it...😂😂 Fan behavior! ArchieStannumb1 I wouldn't bet on the BBC going for this one; they wouldn't want to upset the senior members of the RF and their 'fans'. I'll be watching Meghan and Harry. InSussexsCorner

Thry should refuse to air it over there. All of this and we still have 12 days to go 😪 I thought the island didn't want to watch the special? 😂😂 Brit here and I cannot wait to see the interview. However I fear Harry will not fully spill the beans, which leaves me somewhat frustrated. I thought they were not interested. 🤔

why doesn't he focus on Cruella's speech I swear am so excited! I hope netflix streams it Didn't the pool said 50% of the UK people weren't interested? 🤔 What happened to the stupid pole they did this week over 70% stating they are not interested and that They shouldn't do the interview? These horrible people needs to pick their fight and stick by it.. they should stop confusing everyone 😡😡

Why an intense bidding war when they keep saying they are irrelevant? 🤔😂 Of course. The UK will always, always be interested in what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are doing. Always. Why? I’m certain they told Meghan to go back home. And too Harry they said, he was irrelevant, after all he’s sixth in-line to the throne. The only one that matter is Harry’s brother. You know the one who is continuously incandescent with rage and bored of racism.

Is there an issue with including Meghan’s first name. I lost count of the times she is referred to Markle 👀 I would love for Meghan to just casually mention that she's having a daughter during the interview. And I though they were irrelevant lols the British media can’t help themselves But but YouGov polls swore no one was interested 🤡🤡🤡 In other news, this obsession the UK has with these two is very disturbing. They need to get another hobby cause this is embarrassing 🤢

But they keep saying saying that the entire Toxic Island DESPISES them, why a bidding war to listen to them Hmm I'm confused... I thought their 'polls' said most brits didnt want to see it? Seems like obsession and hypocrisy to me lol But wait I thought they were irrelevant. I heard everyone wanted them to 'go away'. 💀😂

Great title for this article. The UK is so obsessed with Harry and Meghan. They don't live there anymore so why can't they focus on the people in their country living in castles off the taxpayer Leave the racist island to the Queen's speech affirming her attachment to predominantly brown and black countries as she tries to remove from the line of succession, two children with black blood after she erased Meghan's name on the birth certificate of her own child.

I thought Oprah and 60 Minutes got it. Either way, long live, Good King Harry and Good Queen Meghan! Duuuuhhhhh! The UK is obsessed with them! Lol. This clowns, I thought they were not going to watch it? The obsession is real. But ... I thought they didn’t want to watch it Lets hope the BBC does not bag the rights to air it, ripping the people of the UK off with their TvLicence tvlicensing

What a beautiful couple. 💙