Uk, Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, Reveals She Had A Miscarriage İn July - Cnn

Uk, Meghan

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, reveals she had a miscarriage in July

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has revealed she was pregnant with her second child but suffered a miscarriage in July.

11/25/2020 12:36:00 PM

Meghan , Duchess of Sussex, wrote about the difficulty of losing her second child, the human impact of the pandemic and the movement against structural racism and police brutality in a deeply personal piece for the New York Times

Meghan , Duchess of Sussex, has revealed she was pregnant with her second child but suffered a miscarriage in July.

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Why is it high profile people always want to lay their personal problems at the doorstep of everyday average people? Unfortunately, hundreds of women have miscarriages......why is she getting the spotlight.....again I thought her and Harry had renounced to their royal titles last summer when they decided to leave England and the duties they had in the royal family. They can’t have it both ways and use the royal titles when it is convenient.

Too bad for her. But this isn’t news. Seriously, thousands of people are dying because of covid. No one gives a damn about a celebrity’s miscarriage. Honestly. Who cares Extensive fraud at Disney - see Markle/ABC/Disney (General Hospital 2001). Frozen ripped off from The Snow Queen 1998 (see Peter Del Vecho)- one of many examples of plagiarised/stolen material at the company.

We don’t care. Our new president voter fraud Joe My God these comments are sick.. I pray for a turn back toward compassion and empathy in humanity or we really are just doomed. Weren’t Harry and William both miscarriages She is a brave woman. I thank her for sharing this. It's a tough topic but a necessary one.

The lost of a child is alway traumatic, my heart felt sympathy goes out to her & her husband, let’s give Meghan support & a voice that can comfort others who have experienced the same loss. They are different from us & will always be because they are Royals Sending Love &kindness She wants the same publicity Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have. Loser

All self-serving nonsense. Many women have. What makes her so special? windmillcharger Very sad for her and Harry. 💔 Nobody gives a flying fuck. If you value democracy so highly why do you give this woman such a platform? I think we all had difficulty dealing with some of those issues too. 2020 has been a difficult year.😔😔😔

She must be missing the fame of being part of the royalty. Why publish something so personal and painful? Many families experience the same and don’t announce it in Facebook. Yawwwwwn She annoys everyone Was that just a paid advertising JohnBerman & AlisynCamerota? If it was you should speak up & declare it. Think UK getting sick & tired of Americans dumping on them when they don't even know what went on w/Meghan & Harry. CNN NewDay NotRacist

I don't believe her. How about that? I think she's lying. I'm old enough to remember when she wanted the press out of her private life. Nah, she's lying. She had no miscarriage... she just wants sympathy and attention. The end. STRUCTURAL RACISM is a LIE! Individuals can be racist or bigoted but the hoax of systemic racism must stop!

“A Story on Racism You Will Never Forget” Isn’t this the woman who made her husband give up his tile for a private life? Hope he can regain them after their divorce. 💜 Meghan Markle, is not a duchess, she gave up that right We love you Harry and Meghan ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the hatred for her is pretty stunning especially coming from the British peeps. it’s almost as if she has brutally killed an innocent person or something.. smh

Markle over sharing again..(Her piece in the N.Y. Times) At least she is getting click bait responses ...anything to get noticed... NORMAL people dont talk about these things.. that's one narcissistic broad... GOP TheDemocrats We the People of United States have officially started a third party for this country called PATRIOT PARTY 🇺🇸 on Ballots described as PAT Party it’s time we end this corruption and we have multiple state reps and senators already switching patriots Trump2020

💔 This is fiction! She need popularity again, to keep the money coming in! There are people dying Megan !!!!!! Win Reward Zone USA - Pizza Hut $100 Zooooon Meghan could be a symbol of people riot. I appreciate her bravery in speaking out about such a very personal issue. I am sure it has comforted someone somewhere. Thank you Meghan and keep faith, you will have a second, God willing.

😭😭 terrible reporting again, she is not a duchess, all u do is spread fake news So sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and your family during this grievous time. Meghan the social climber. This was in July Meghan and kind of Sus that you release this when it just came out you lied about writing that book with Scooby. I feel sorry for anyone's loss, just not when they use it for sympathy when their career and reputation are in the bin.

What is wrong with some of the people in the comment section? Losing a child is a terrible pain. No need for your sarcastic, dumb and lack of empathy comments. Just another little chatter wanting to stage. Turn your life around with SARAH'S COVID-19 FUNDING AID‼ Invest: $50 to get $200 $100 to get $400 $200 to get $800 $500 to get $2,000 $1000 to get $6,000 $5000 to get $20,000 (Any amount above $20,000 will be doubled) MESSAGE US ON WHATSAPP FOR MORE INFORMATION: +14704446631

Private matters made public, why I don’t understand for global sympathy. Shame on you CNN for making this headline and breaking news. Some of the comments on here make me sick... Meghan let her heart out describing something so greatly tragic and people are so horrible about it... The UK, the US, the world... This is why we come together

Courageous woman! The sick comments are from men who, like me, have no clue what a miscarriage is like. I imagine nature, as in many species, kicks in early in pregnancy to make the parent ready protect and nurture the unborn. The loss is much more than the death of someone you never met. Good god anything for attention

Really , no news to talk about , pretty lame yugoegbu 💔💔 Can we move on now? Stick with being an exiled queen, lady in waiting or whatever the fook you married into Whilst I am sorry for her loss, having read these extracts from the piece I am reminded of a line from Steel Magnolias: 'An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.' Such contrived purple prose is more likely to trigger a gag reflex than sympathy.

Awwww bless her. Love to meghan and harry, i love them so much Im not fond of Meghan Markle but i'm sorry to hear she had a miscarriage. Yawn. she was bewitched by her mother in-law ! Is she super private now? Oh no. She should get someone to write a book about it... Love to her and Harry. Do not wish this on anyone.

Black Americans are the most privileged group in the world now. Oh no That’s horrible So sorry to hear Cnn, is she Duchess still ? Awww ... she had a miscarriage!😞 Please stop with your Marxist Propaganda. We already know you are traitors and seditious. The gig is up. Consequences of law are headed your way! FBI & FBIJackson Please Investigate! for realDonaldTrump !!!

Merry Christmas Meghan, your trending again ? It sounds like very over dramatic the way she wrote about it Meghan is a man. Men can't have miscarriages. 😭😭😭💕 who is this old hag? I thought it was just a clump of cells until it was born? Or does that only apply when you dont want it?