Meghan accuses royal family of 'perpetuating falsehoods'

Meghan accuses palace of 'perpetuating falsehoods' as royal tensions erupt into media war.

3/5/2021 12:33:00 AM

Meghan accuses palace of 'perpetuating falsehoods' as royal tensions erupt into media war.

The week leading up to Prince Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey has delivered daily episodes of royal drama.

in the shape of leaks, counterstatements and well-timed preview clips.The latest saw Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, accuse the royal family of"perpetuating falsehoods" about the couple in a30-second excerptfrom the hotly-anticipated interview that was released early Thursday.

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"I don’t know how they could expect that after all of this time, we would still just be silent if there’s an active role that 'The Firm' is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us," she tells Winfrey.Buckingham Palace told NBC News it would not be commenting on the clip.

March 4, 202102:22Using the name that the British royal family sometimes uses to describe itself, Meghan once again set the couple apart in comments that will likely further fuel the growing public rift.The clip was released just hours after the palace said it would

conduct an internal investigationinto bullying allegations against Meghan that were published by a U.K. newspaper earlier this week."We are clearly very concerned about the allegations," the statement said, referring to the report in the Times newspaper, which quotes unnamed sources and contains details not independently verified by NBC News.

“The Duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her character," a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry said. Read more: MSNBC »

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Don’t like or dislike H and M. Good for them as they are standing up for themselves. What the RF did to poor Diana, was disgusting! Harry does not want a repeat. Let them live their lives! Live and let live! The Royal family has their own RULES & REGULATIONS if you want to be a royal then you MUST obey the rules Meghan can't set rules or disregard or disrespect the royal rules she either takes it or move out. They are cash drained and looking for money A prince is now a beggar

Meghan and Ordinary Harry are NOT IMPORTANT in our lives this interview was just a waste of money Oprah just cash out dollars big time between $7m to $9m was paid. The fool here is the stupid Ordinary Harry who allowed foolish Meghan to destroy his life rubbish And the family's silence on their paedophile Andrew is deafening. He denied he ever knew Virginia Robert, when shown his photo with her he mumbled like an imbecile. He has got to go to jail. HARRY LOVES MEGHAN AND HE IS NOT GOING TO GO BACK TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE.

I live in Germany, in a federal republic. At the risk of making myself unpopular, I don't miss any of this. Who really has to give a fuck? Rich bastards gonna be bastards, but getting richer off this kind of shit. Boo hoo. I guess the folks and the bureaucrats at The Palace didn't like Meghan Markle NOT putting up with their Crap and demands on her. Poor babies...

They have lots to say about Harry but Uncle Andrew? Not so much. Do they genuinely not like her?! All of them? Harry loves his wife n family. It’s sad though that this breaks his relationship with his family, specifically, his only brother. Why does the MSM give these spoiled brats any coverage? Dumpster fire.

She gave up that title now it’s just Meg. Zzzzzzzzzzz Stupid girl I wonder what Buckingham Palace is trying to cover up? Who cares. I couldn’t care less about this. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🦁🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 This story line is really tiring.

Very obvious smear campaign by the palace, who killed Diana and protect pedophiles like Andrew and cheating scoundrels like Charles and Camilla. Go get em Meghan There were the same complaints about her during her so-called acting days on Suits. Once, likely a rumor. Twice, maybe it is her. She doesn't deserve any kind of royal name. Harry was born a prince and she took that away from him and his family.

Who? America can keep them, we don't want or need them back! Literally who cares lol An investigation was opened into Meghan bullying and no investigation into Prince Andrew sexual misconduct and Epstein connection. Now we see who's the real bully. Lovely play, what was done, added? Why is this happening? Why now, what's the point. Cui Bono? Why the profiling. Tgis was on every channel in every country. Has been for days. WHY? 800 Ethiopians might disagree who died protecting the arc? Any Ughurs? Rohinga?

BRITIAN is such a Racist Country, how can anyone try and live in a Country or a Royal Family who is also a racist. RUN MEGAN RUN!!! Here’s my question. Who cares? Harry & Meghan have withdrawn from their position in the Royal Family. They are wealthy private people raising a family. Media war? Talk about a tempest in a tea cup. This is unworthy of attention.

How about leaving Harry and Meghan alone Attention seeking self promotion.

Perhaps Meghan is hoping that Netflix will continue with The Crown and she is actually trying to write her own woke scenes! Fed up of them both whinging about their hard life with all their privileges and money ! 🐍SNAKEoprah's Recycled bs! this woman has turned journalism into a forever TABLOID. she $feeds Asinine interviews etc.. to the MASSSES YOU eat it every time, same format, same tone, same LIES. all to get The REACTION she seeks from the less intelligent. her fanbase. WTFU

Why do we care? Who do Brits pay all their tax 💷 into making lives of these Royals cush? Qu££n £lizabeth, what exactly does she do you folks? This two is no longer on ur payroll. You clowns should be rejoicing by saying 2 down, 100 more leeching Royals to go. But you lots priorities are warped Meghan was estranged from her family. I am not surprised she has now taken Harry away from his family. She did not enter into this blind. Now they have walked away. Why are they still trying to be in spotlight. Megs wants attention.

I don't like this woman who hell is she? that she criticises the Royal family she's been there for a minute, yes maybe they saw through her & didn't like her .She wants to be Diana! Well !she will never be her ,Poor Harry what has he done to his life Ambitious character 😡 We, AA women, got your back Meg! We love Harry for protecting you. Start boycotting the irrelevant, white privileged, Royal Family. Prince Philip is old and dying, so is the Queen. They are trying to blame their unavoidable deaths on Meghan. Where are the RF black friends 🤔

Who gives a shit about spoiled ass royals and their spats? 🤨There must be a divide and a clog. Deep inmit. And always. The fever of the two men. Not strange or far away. Just for the record, your lover. 🌹 Meg, Harry—please fade away like you say you want to!

All you need to know about this story is that 'unnamed staffers' are making the allegations. All consideration of the allegations about Meghan Markle need to be chucked into the garbage until the unnamed staffers come forth and go on record.... Who cares. Must be nice to be that rich and out of touch with Americans and what we are going through that this is on your mind.

Can't all of us regular folks band together and tell royals everywhere to go fuck themselves?