Megan Thee Stallion, Twice, Hozier & More Purrfect Options: Who Should Doja Cat Collaborate With Next?

Who should #DojaCat collaborate with next? Vote below!

5/23/2020 2:00:00 PM

Who should DojaCat collaborate with next? Vote below!

Doja Cat secured her career-first No. 1 hit with the "Say So" remix featuring hip-hop veteran Nicki Minaj, but the young rapper has another collaboration with Ariana Grande dropping soon. So who should she work with next?

-assisted"Savage" remix, the two prove they're no longer up-and-comers in the rap game. So combining their star power on one track might clock in another chart-topper. Read more: billboard »

Should look n see if they got any rappers in the kkk BTS!! Perhaps the Klan A therapist Someone tell em This timing ain't it smh BTS 👀 onlyfans Billboard is a whole circus not the clowns BTS!!!! ☺️☺️☺️ The KKK 🥰 TWICE They posted this b4 everything blew up She should Collab with the KKK Racist Canceled Bts✨ Feat. Cancelation. Feat. dojaisoverparty

I know you mothafucking lying Ariana Grande or Tinashe Twice. Bts Ummmmm ... who should tell them? Ariana Grande I don’t think anyone is thinking about new music from DONTja Cat Kay kay kay mila ArianaGrande Twice sure 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who gonna tell them… Ummm... not the right time READ THE ROOM !! I don't care Anything for clicks.

Camila Cabello Incels no one, her career is over 🧚🏽💫 y’all are mean we read the room.. 1YearOfEasier The K.K.K How about my trash can? The klu klux klan Great PR move after yesterday! I peep that!👀👀👀 6ix9ine Beethoven The kkk with her incel friends pls read Read the room No one jail😍✨ Yall bored aren’t ya Ma’am are you using internet explorer?

not yall setting her up BrabzAttorney charlotte_4441 mdrrr est ce que c'est vraiment le bon moment pour poser cette question ? Delete ygofficialblink Blackpink with the judgement maybe Uhh.. Bazzi Lana Del Ray lmao Mariah Carey Someone fill me in with the tea pls idk what happen She should collaborate with the KKK

Therapist the timing... sarkodie David Duke......... f dojacat Her next collab according to cancel Twitter it depends on how much the kkk charge for a feature SB19Official x DojaCat é tão bom no ouvido SB19VotingDay It's BTS! with Lana del Rey ariana read the room billboard Jail Gaga😍 Billboard now y’all know this gurl in trouble right now

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her doctor Nobody,she's cancelled dojacatisoverparty the KKK did you really just Dr. Phil A plane with only one wing God. She needs him. Ariiii Doja x KKK a cultural reset ︶👄 ︶ WHY WOULD YALL POST THIS SDJSJDJKN Doja who? Is it a trash? Billboard setting her up lmao the KKK the KKK A PR agency Chrome Sparks, Flume, Grimes, Zedd

Lady Gaga. If she can get a Weekday collab, she can get with Gaga... Yikes Who cares I think she can collaborate with ArianaGrande i wish my dream can come true❤❤ Y'all really setting her up on purpose with this one😭 Wasn't she cancelled this morning?!?! 👀 cardi b ***** * with taylorswift13 Rihanna, Normani, Bruno Mars, BaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion and we already are going to have the collab with Ari

No one sis is cancelled dojacatisoverparty BillboardapologizetoJisoo ApologizeToJisoo RespectJisoo With Camilla Portobello Someone that's not black Mustin her cellmate with demi and camila omggg Y'all really loving collaboration this days huh? Camilla and Shawn please 😍😍😍 the ku klux klan Lana del rey

Doja Cat Joins The Weeknd For 'In Your Eyes' RemixThe collaboration adds some exciting fuel to Doja's momentum toward superstardom.

The Weeknd's 'In Your Eyes' Doja Cat RemixThe Weeknd returned early Thursday morning (May 21) with the “In Your Eyes (Remix)” with Doja Cat. theweeknd DojaCat icons theweeknd DojaCat Liiit ayy follow me yall🔌📈

Lana Del Rey Made Doja Cat, Beyoncé, and Ariana's Success All About HerselfThe internet is not happy. “Girl delete” time to take your own advice can someone please take the time to proofread these before posting I think Lana meant Camila Cabello the singer not Camila Mendes who is an actress

Doja Cat Has Entered the ChatShe responded to Lana Del Rey's perplexing Instagram essay about the music industry. DojaCat lana del rey type beat

A Smitten Doja Cat Cries Over Aurora's Single 'Exist for Love'Aurora tweeted, &34;i never thought that i would write a song about love&34; about her new track &34;Exist for Love,&34; but fans embraced the sweeping, emotive ballad, especially Doja Cat. DojaCat AURORAmusic Some people cry over anything and everything DojaCat AURORAmusic This song is Dedicated to Covid-19 and to the millions of people affected by it. Don't Forget to Watch DojaCat AURORAmusic Love

Hear the Weeknd, Doja Cat's 'In Your Eyes' RemixSinger unveils another new take on song from chart-topping After Hours Uhhh it's good but not great... Kinda didn't need a remix seems like marketing and timing... Props to doja for continuing to get recognition