Megan Rapinoe Posters Were Vandalized. Nypd İs İnvestigating As A Possible Hate Crime - Cnn

Megan Rapinoe Posters Were Vandalized. Nypd İs İnvestigating As A Possible Hate Crime - Cnn

Megan Rapinoe posters were vandalized. NYPD is investigating as a possible hate crime

Eight posters featuring soccer star Megan Rapinoe in her US Women's National Team jersey were vandalized in a subway station, according to the NYPD


Eight posters featuring soccer star Megan Rapinoe in her US Women's National Team jersey were vandalized in a subway station, according to the NYPD

The New York Police Department's Hate Crime Task Force is investigating after posters of USA soccer star Megan Rapinoe were vandalized in a subway station.

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Where is the outrage over her underscoreing Our PRES. On press Media. Hot dogging our Country. She could care less about this Country. I will be happy when she is off the big screen. Because of Megan. The team will not be invited to the White House. I bet 1 or more women are pissed they won't be going to the White House.

She helps bring home gold for her country and they shit on her. How nice. 😒 'boo hoo I want everything!! Boo hoo' Suspect was seen wearing a soccer kit 😂 Quit hating... Same news as yesterday. Slow day I guess. Oh wait the Dow Jones broke an all time record today. Tisk,risk CNN, you missed this. Just direct message me and I'll keep you up on all the latest news. No probs, I have the time I'm retired. No charge.

NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS NARCISSIST! When you’re as outspoken and in your face as Rapinoe, even though it’s so wrong, it’s going to happen. Is this one of those fake hate crimes? I wouldn’t put it past these people. They do it all the time. They have no moral compass Who cares

World Cup Stars Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan Set for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'The ABC host snags the first late-night appearance by the two leading scorers on the U.S. Women's National Team. JimmyKimmelLive No patriot! JimmyKimmelLive JimmyKimmelLive MeganRapinoe and AlexMorgan have managed to make a World Cup victory into a negative experience.

Her life is in danger. Pray for her safety. She needs to read Psalm 27 and 46 as well as The Key to Limitless Treasure in Happiness Digest by Ellen White online. God and not man helped that team win. Nobody on team publicly thanked him. Make this right now! LauraButler6 Awww isn’t that too bad. Jesse Smollett for attention.

Purple hair clown I bet they were vandalized by Liberals Confession time, a few years ago on a NY subway I drew an erect penis of monumental size on Vin Diesels head on a poster. I still watch his movies. Trump MAGa Newsflash!!! Not everyone likes her or what she stands for. She surely doesn’t stand for the USA

Gotta love triggered realDonaldTrump supporters.

Megan Rapinoe Is Redefining the American Sports Icon'At a time in American history when it seems impossible, mPinoe makes me feel inspired and patriotic. Why? She’s America’s first proudly out lesbian sports icon who's been soundly embraced, even outside the queer community.'

I wonder why she's is the I in team Of course she’s going to play the lGBT card! I’m sure whoever did it had nothing against gay people just against assholes that disrespect our country on foreign soil! What she did was much worse then a freaking poster!! 😱 did they draw a mustache on her I would think the NYPD have actual crimes that can better utilize their attention!! Everyone knows CNN doesn’t and that’s why they report on shit like this which is Evident by their extremely low ratings!!

Just stick to kicking a little ball around Who cares? Do you guys cover any news any more? Probably end up being a smollet Fair question: has she been defamatory herself? I wonder what they are so afraid of? It’s baffling to think that some people in our nation just don’t mature. Learn to be a decent person, would you.? Qualities like honor, respect and self- discipline are a good place to start.

Here's the Problem With Some of the Coverage of Megan Rapinoe This Weekend'Would they do that to a man?'

So she can disrespect our Nation, our flag and our president with no recourse because she is gay. “I deserve this” only 8? that poor boy. take a number and get in line. Only 8? And you’re reporting it?!! How Pathetic. SewerRats Sure they were🙄 Sounds like another Jussie Smullet type of case (bullshit). No news today obviously.

Probably the same guys Jussie Smollett paid to attack him. Who cares....

Megan Rapinoe Is Redefining the American Sports Icon'At a time in American history when it seems impossible, mPinoe makes me feel inspired and patriotic. Why? She’s America’s first proudly out lesbian sports icon who's been soundly embraced, even outside the queer community.' USWNT jillboard writes: mPinoe jillboard She doesn’t push her sexual preferences on others mPinoe jillboard That is what is SO inspiring is it is not just the queer community that adores her. mPinoe jillboard USWFRock!!!! Love you girls!!!! Made us proud!!!!

Minor price to pay to get the word out. Nobody got hurt To be honest she had it coming the way she was carrying on. It is unfortunate that she is being remembered for her White House comments and political stance rather than her football. Not a good idea to mix the 2. CNN will kick her off the news cycle and move on quickly

When is her 10 minutes up? What comes around goes around, darling Posters Who cares Ok... Eight Posters vandalized ? In N.Y. ? is this the best you can do to keep Rapinoe relevant for 48 more hours ? Quick - call the vandalized poster unit! There are 183,482 posters in NYC that have been drawn on And it's going to be investigated? There are worse things going on in that city/state but they're going to dedicate man hrs for that? smh

People are still offended And their going to show it, you make poor choices and there’s consequences!

Rapinoe: Time for the next step for women's soccerMegan Rapinoe, U.S. Soccer Women's National Team captain, talks with Rachel Maddow about the fight for parity with men's soccer and having a greater impact beyond the world of soccer. maddow Yeah... NO. maddow Yep..... She somehow made me vehemently disinterested in women's soccer. maddow mPinoe and maddow can't decide if they are male or female... besides neither having a penis... hurtful feelings.. they feel bad they weren't born with one

Reposted fake news.. wait. Cnn said all Americans love her.. fear-baiting This is so wrong. She called the shots,instead of focusing in her God given talent she direct her career to america divided politics🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 💤💤💤💤💤Neeeexttt!!! You can bet it was the 'Proud Boys'. I don’t care about her sexual preference but I care that she used her platform to bash our country and disrespect our flag.

Yeah, that’ll make her redact her remarks😂 I hope the signs got to keep their Subway subs.

Megan Rapinoe: This moment is 'so much more than soccer''I feel like us just being athletes, us just being at the pinnacle of our game, is kind of a protest in a way and is sort of defiant in and of itself,' Rapinoe says I feel like you are a soon-to-be amazing co-owner at your local sports bar. 15 year old boys beat them

Has anyone seen the way she acts? More deep state tactics. She is a puppet. Trumpanzees going wild again. Smh What's a guy doing on womens soccer team.. Sportsmanship award 2019 awarded to: Not her What Was Smollet's alibi? Only eight? Trump did it She took a knee. That’s hateful in my book. She is toxic and it has nothing to do with sexuality

So FakeNewsCNN is concerned about posters of AntiAmerican mPinoe but encourages people who burn the American Flag 🇺🇸. FakeNewsCNN is EnemyOfThePeople

She brought it all on herself !!! I was stood outside a shop and I noticed someone had drawn a penis on the old lady's face advertising glasses or something ... I heard Jussie Smollett is a witness to the crimes... Man the haters are out... My two ears and fundamental belief in the value of team sports had been traumatized by Rapinoe's anthemphobic and vulgar slurs...

What slur is 3 letters with an H? Because posters have never ever been vandalized. 🙄 I wouldn't let a few isolated instances of homophobic ignorance spoil what was an otherwise huge celebration day for Megan Rapinoe. Sometimes it's best to ignore the outlier incidents and focus on the overall picture.

Omg America. PARANOID much? Tsk tsk. Of course this happened merica smh

I AM SHOCKED I WONDER WHAT CAUSED THAT TO HAPPEN SAD Just goes to show us girls are rattling feathers I’m waiting for the post that ties this to Donald Trump Shadow protesters...cowards of the night It’s the same maga hat wearers that assaulted Jussie, and they must be stopped. By a Democrat. She believes in inclusiveness so everything is good. BTW...

No doubt Nike will contract w/Megan to sell their shoes...She is there kinda Guy! Can we fast forward 2-3 weeks where this dude isn’t a story anymore Great. This gives Megan one more reason to whine and victimize herself 🙄 MSM turned the US Soccer team into Megan’s team. World Cup? Nope just Megan Cup. Sickening.

Vandalism? In a Subway? In NYC? No! 😂😂😂 Funny thing is I thought a team won the game. All I ever see is this self promoting POS. They should look in to public restrooms . Poster material won’t flush ☝️ She has over-stayed and over-assessed her welcome. Should have been happy beating 15 year old Europeans at soccer and called it a day.

Lol The intolerant, ignorant conservatives strike again. Officers wasting time because, Awww....that’s too bad Hey Nike found you another great spokesperson. Loves the flag and our President

Because her behaviour is just as disgusting, she deserves that recognition. realDonaldTrump Meanwhile, millions of Americans no longer support the Women’s soccer team They hate soccer? That’s news? It was the Rats..... I Hear their HUGE... I'm not surprised - Trumpsters are all hateful and despise when people speak out against the dictator in chief

A hate crime ? She Hates America that IS THE CRIME! A majority Americans do not agree with the behavior of this gay Megan! hihihihi, and so what ! Who cares ? Typical CNN news

Stick to something you know soccer. What a waste of police manpower... 🙄 LMAO. people who are saying every poster in New York City has been vandalized; get over it. You know damn Well that NY is the epicenter of MAGA country... if u don't like this country get the hell out, tired of u complaining, and bragging and dancing for attention,just a show off

Oh the horror. Rapinoe-a great athlete but an obnoxious human being. HatersGottaHate SeparationOfSportsAndPolitics mPinoe She scandalized our president

Netherland' fan 🤔😂 Hey Nike found you another great spokesman . Loves the flag and no president I would bet her teammates would like to do lot worse Oh no eight posters!! Guess they didn't like her anti American stance she seems to be promoting in the sport of soccer. Isn't free speech great. seen that coming....

But everything gets ‘vandalized’ in the NYC subway... Can JussieSmollett account for his whereabouts? Because he should've played on the mens team. Compared to the men’s soccer team who never won a World Cup title yet while the women’s team have won the title for the 4th time so far, I would say the more than deserve equal pay

Wait so posters in a New York subway were vandalized? I'm shocked I tell you SHOCKED That’s so odd because usually the subway posters are treated like rare works of fine art under museum glass by sophisticated PhDs of art history. 🤔 why aren't 15-year-old boys getting equal pay? Ban paint 🎨 in NYC A crime? Yes, but I don’t think it’s a hate crime.

Trump supporters for sure Awesome 😎 Pictures or it didn’t happen It was either JussieSmollett or MeghanRapinoe. MAGAts just hate powerful women.

Of course they were, white American men don't like women or blacks unless they are fucking them This is literally a hate crime mPinoe ❤💙💜

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