Meet the robot that can write poetry and create artworks

This robot can write poetry and create artworks

Tech, Ai-Da Robot Gives Public Performance Of Her Own Poetry - Cnn

11/28/2021 4:32:00 AM

This robot can write poetry and create artworks

When people think of artificial intelligence, the images that often come to mind are of the sinister robots that populate the worlds of 'The Terminator,' 'i, Robot,' 'Westworld,' and 'Blade Runner.' For many years, fiction has told us that AI is often used for evil rather than for good.

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Can also creep you out Is it Chinese? Like hunter? That will give old humpty more time to eat. If she ain't take da dic. I don't wanna dont wanna Kinda like Amanda Gorman. Gwyneth Paltrow cannot write poetry. You need a soul for that. Still might be true; nevertheless remarkable. Nothing is more creative…and destructive.

Can they… ummmmm.. never mind

Meet Bulgaria’s First Billionaires Who Built A Global Animal Health Firm From Sofia To NebraskaHow the Domuschiev brothers raised in Communist-era Bulgaria went from selling shoes to controlling a $4.2 billion empire in animal health, shipping, real estate and soccer. It' good to care about animals. It's just sometimes difficult for black people to understand how so much money goes towards animals yet black people have been living in abject poverty for so long. A fraction of what you spent might have built a school. JUST SAYING. X Forbes, did you get something to promote the scandalous businessmen whose business is linked to the ex Bulgarian autocrat Borissov and to a person who is on the US OFAC list?

Art comes from the soul, something robots will never possess. 'My name's Alicia. What's your name?' 👀 Cool. Somebody tell Kid Rock he's been replaced. This might indicate the true nature of 'creative work' rather than the ability of the robot. Kinda like the journalists at CNN No it can’t. It can pretend to do so.

Future looks bleak for mankind. Question begs to be asked, 'why?' Lib bot

Santa shortage may make it harder for kids to meet St. Nick this yearLooks like Santa Claus might not be coming to town. Common sense shortage continues to hinder the news media and world. Oh gmab!! Not if parents want to anger and fight over masks.

As long as the poetry and artworks convey feelings, I might apprecite that. Who cares if the one who made it is a robot 😂 I know some artists who make arts 'without feelings' and they still make incredible arts 😄 No thanks. Not every science fiction story has to come true.

US lawmakers meet with Taiwan president in surprise visit | AP NewsFive U.S. lawmakers met with Taiwan's president during a surprise visit intended to reaffirm the United States' support for the self-governing island. The visit comes as tensions between Taiwan and China have risen to their highest level in decades. Five US lawmakers,how many divisions? good After Macau and Hong Kong, China is looking for the hat trick to nationalize Taiwan…in 3-5 years. The move was set in motion in earnest during Trump administration years - the window afforded by Pompeo’s incompetence. To China, annexation of Taiwan is a dometic issue.

Erdogan: Turkey, Turkmenistan set to meet trade target of $5BPresidents of Turkey and Turkmenistan signed a joint declaration of nine articles to strengthen ties, agreeing to bolster relations in fields like energy, culture and education.

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