Cake|Chocolate|Dark Chocolate|Bake|Dessert

Cake|Chocolate|Dark Chocolate|Bake|Dessert

Meet the Chocolate Cake You're Supposed to Eat Daily

Never getting tired of this gem.


Never getting tired of this gem.

The Hot Cocoa Cake from Zingerman's is rich enough for dessert, lean enough for breakfast, and simple enough to be tucked into your lunchbox.

—you'll still eat it—but it will take the cake from insane moistness (pudding-like, honestly) to something a little drier and unremarkable.

There is one expectation that comes with the hot cocoa cake, and that is that it should taste like hot cocoa. Does it? Not really. Instead there's a tang from sour cream, and the very deep chocolate notes you get when you combine coffee and cocoa.

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