Medication Abortion Is Safe and Effective—It’s Time Everyone Has Equal Access

Policymakers can help ensure that abortion is more accessible by allowing easier access to medication abortion care.

10/17/2021 1:46:00 AM

Policymakers can help ensure that abortion is more accessible by allowing easier access to medication abortion care.

The past few months have seen escalating attacks on abortion access, with states passing increasingly restrictive and unconstitutional laws. But policymakers can help ensure that abortion is more accessible by allowing easier access to medication abortion care.

. In the U.S., remote provision of medication abortion care has been available in a limited manner since 2016 via the TelAbortion Project. By implementing the project as part of a research study, TelAbortion was granted the ability to dispense medication abortion to patients via mail. Screening tests, if needed, (such as ultrasounds, pelvic exams or blood tests) are done at laboratory sites and radiology centers, and communication with abortion providers is done completely through videoconferencing. A peer-reviewed evaluation of the study found that the service was “safe, effective, efficient, and satisfactory.” 

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Due to the pandemic, the FDAon mifepristone, allowing patients to receive medication abortion care via telemedicine in order to reduce in-person office visits. Recently published research drives home the popularity, safety and efficacy of this care.During the pandemic, enrollment in the 

TelAbortion study shot up: Monthly enrollment tripled in April, May and June of 2020 compared to the January and March of that year. Study enrollees’ satisfaction was overwhelming, with 85 percent stating that they would choose TelAbortion again; nearly all reported that they would recommend the service to a friend. Crucially, clinical outcomes during the pandemic demonstrated high rates of abortions completed without the need for a procedure (95 percent) with very few adverse outcomes.

The vast majority of U.S. counties lacks abortion providers. Telemedicine abortion caremeets the needs of the many individuals who do not live within a reasonable distance to an abortion clinic.Remote provision of abortion is a key advancement not just because it is feasible and safe, but also because it better meets the needs of the many individuals who do not live within a reasonable distance to an abortion clinic.

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Appeal filed in Oklahoma to block laws that would 'decimate abortion access''Oklahomans will face tremendous delays and costs in accessing abortion, and many will be entirely prevented from obtaining care in the state,' the filing said.

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