Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Was on Fentanyl, Died of Heart Attack

Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Was on Fentanyl, Died of Heart Attack

6/2/2020 12:49:00 AM

Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Was on Fentanyl, Died of Heart Attack

George Floyd had fentanyl in his system when he was killed, and died from a heart attack ... according to the medical examiner.

George Floydhad fentanyl in his system when he was killed, and died from a  heart attack ... according to the medical examiner.The Hennepin County Medical Examiner released its toxicology findings and say George died from cardiopulmonary arrest ... which complicated law enforcement's subdual, restraint and neck compression of him. That is critical, but the report also says this under"how the injury occurred" -- it says George experienced"a cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained by law enforcement."

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In other words ... he suffered a heart attack while they were arresting him, and that complicated their efforts to subdue him.The report says George had fentanyl in his system, and they also found signs of recent methamphetamine use. It also says his manner of death is homicide.

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tmzisracist ok, he didn’t die because he had 3 men on top of him stoping him from breathing for 10 min? tmzisracist Sounds like TMZ is owned by georgesoros Time to stop this racist rag! Times up for racist media Outlets !!! Same narrative over and over. This piece of shite is part of the gruesome reason we are demonised and held down.

Unfollowed Really Really I’m so ashamed of TMZ to acknowledge such bullshit!! BLACKANDPROUD🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Cops pushed it on. He would have been here now,, BS Get real, Ya.. and a black man committed suicide handcuffed in the back of a police car. Makes sense right ? Doesn’t matter if he was or not on drugs. That knee on him, 3 officers plus their gear on him.. c’mon who paid off that ME to write that lie?

So the fuck what?! He could have been on Claritin or Visine, an arrest was made and he was put in a car, then taken out, then beaten, then suffocated for 9min. I’m a very healthy young man and pretty sure I would have died as well, this should not be a debate. This is bull Don’t do drugs An investigation and arrest for obstruction by the ME's offices and they need to investigate the entire practice. I believe the ME has covered for officers before and it should be investigated

Guess what if you stop blood flow to the major organs heart and brain 🧠 you are a contributing factor. Otherwise, George would have died prior to the police being call because of the stress..the Medical Examer lied and falsified information documented on live record Isn’t it convenient that they placed drugs in his system before the test showed he had drugs in his system? Smh!!!!

If a man is having a heart attack the appropriate care is to kneel on his neck? TMZ is a RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST 'NEWS' site. trash tmzistrash Being on drugs can cause a heart attack, but he was fine before he was stressed the f*ck out & chocked 2 death. I hope Justice is served 2 the max & EVERYONE can get to a place in life where we can be there for eachother, love, have compassion, have TRUST IN EACHOTHER. LOVE 2ALL!

Stop it! He seemed perfectly fine to me before he got thrown to the ground. y’all are wrong for this. Spreading fake news. I won’t be watching anymore The lies!!! Congrats, you lose ALL credibility. Like the picture you chose of GeorgeFlyod with this too. cancelTMZ he had no health conditions, no drugs in his system, he didn’t have heart attack, three cops had him pin down and former police officer Derek Chauvin used all his weight with one knee directly to the back of Floyd’s neck/throat suffocating him to his last breath.

Okay,if he was already dead then,why did the cop have force-ably hold him down? Or how come CPR wasnt preformed on him? Also,NO ASSESTMENT of the othere cops to escalate the situation because he was already dead? Cardiopulmonary arrest is different than a heart attack. A “heart attack” is the lay term for a myocardial infarction resulting from inadequate perfusion of heart muscle. Coronary artery disease is a common cause. Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops for any reason.

That's fucking cap Can you not rn? This whole article is bad. Mechanical asphyxia causes you to stop breathing which causes no oxygen which causes the heart to stop. That's not a 'heart attack'. It is cardiopulmonary arrest due to asphyxia. In this case mechanical. Cardiopulmonary arrest simply means the heart has stopped and no blood is pumping. Not a heart attack (MI). This is what happens when a knee is on your neck & back. No oxygen your heart will stop. ....

No the coroner did NOT SAY THAT. It was bc he had blocked blood flow bc he had a cop standing on his neck & numerous kicks to his back. They believe he had drugs in his system. Do Not Lie HarveyLevinTMZ . Do NOT SENSATIONALIZE THIS!! BlackLivesMatter This is ridiculous! I dont care if he was shooting heroin on the corner! Having a cop put a knee to your neck for 10+ mins & knowing you are no longer breathing & not stop is MURDER! Stupid smear! Shameful!

Unfollows TMZ really showing true colours professional liar* Damn, at lost it’s integrity with this post. That's bullshit and we all know it! You need to remove this... it’s incorrect and disgraceful, you should be ashamed ! I find it completely disgusting that would post this. That man was brutalized by an officer, while other officers did nothing. Sounds like everyone wants this to be literally anyone else’s fault other than the POS who knelt on this man’s neck. Be ashamed.

LIES!! Hennepin County doesn't know their head from their ass. Lookup how many undetermined deaths they have on record. They all work together. I'm a 5th generation Minnesotan. Whether he died of heart attack had conditions it’s still fucked up the cops had there knee on his neck And that doesn't matter. Doesn't change a thing. Murder is murder.

How many reports have they come out with? This makes number 4 if I'm correct. Tmz is ran by demons who profit off the star children 🤴🏿 TMZ is a Trump supporting, racist organization This is very old news, latest results proved that he died of asphyxiation! tmzsucks tmzisWhiteSupremacist StopTheLies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣TMZ needs to get sued and shut down immediately. Stop spreading lies

We know what we saw. Man y’all MFS will say anything so he was gone die of a heart attack driving down the if the drivers of y’all vans in Hollywood got cancer an I shoot one will the medical examiner’s say driver had cancer died from complications He died from asphyxiation. Not to mention I’ve seen another video where they beat him inside a police vehicle before the knee pressing down forcefully on Floyd’s knock while in handcuffs 😢

OMG they need STOP pulling Floyd’s medical issues or drugs he took out of a hat. He was already victimized him by killing him with a knee on his neck!! The murder video is very clear and he died due to forcefully pushing a big knee on his neck. Lol of course they do 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 No sense in waiting on evidence before you riot.

I’m out. Bullshit He was MURDERED. END. OF. DISCUSSION. RIP Mr. Floyd 😞 You will have your justice! I don’t believe it. It takes weeks to get toxicology results and reports. Or am I wrong? Of course y’all going change it up bc if the riots that been going on, but it doesn’t matter the Racist police officers has been exposed 💯

Regardless of the that ! Stress on his body that way could cause him to have heart attack. It just so happen that day he took meds he had a heart attack sorry y’all tried it. But it does not change anything their action led to his death ✌🏽 Strip him of his license to practise Every physician reading this in America is disgusted by this rendition of the ME's report. Because George Floyd dared to die by a heart attack, he made it difficult for the officers restraining him. What kind of f***ery is this? He is going out of his way to avoid using the term

FAKE NEWS. HIS FAMILY ALREADY RELEASED THE AUTOPSY REPORTS THAT STATES HE WAS MURDERED BY THE POLICE Wow they said heart attake due to he couldn't breath and was being choked .... Wow just Wow . Stop fucking lying!!!! So just to be clear, you can put poison on someone’s food that causes a heart attack and that person dies and the manner of death is a heart attack but the person that put the poison in their food is still the cause for that person’s death. The cop caused his heart attack.

XXXBellaRose U share this INVALID information for what reason? What about the REAL autopsy report that i know u saw but chose not to post. The report that shows that man died from lack of airflow to the brain from pressure being applied on his neck and back u insensitive BITCH TMZ you know exactly what killed him & you have the second autopsy report. You are using this first report for sensationalism smh

You know they can change an “official” report right? Shocking UR news is so wrong Harvey Cover up, Badan did the second private autopsy and he verified that Floyd died in the hands of the officer who crushed his windpipe, Bullshit TMZ!! 😢😭😤😠😡🤬🤯 😑 Bullshit!!! He died of asphyxiation due to suffocation (kneeling on his neck and pinning his back and legs), it was homicide by all four that pinned him to the ground after he said “I can’t breathe”, get the right story out.

No this is the family’s dr. The state said something different Me after seeing this and imagining if there was no cell phone Caused by being chocked. Give us all a break. Fake News!! Medical Examiner says he died of asphyxiation This is grossly irresponsible to continue to spread lies about this man’s autopsy. You are well aware that another autopsy was done but you continue to report this bs...we see you TMZ

Private autopsies cost at least 4 to 5 grand maybe i more. And are not done by ME’s. Who paid for this TMZ stop reporting this. Michael Baden did the autopsy he was in good health nothing in his system and it is a homicide. Best Forensic doctor did the autopsy. 🙄 Harvey must be off! Y’all F&$&& up at TMZ

The proximate cause being a deliberate knee to the neck which is murder. If you want to play that game. STOP SPREADING LIES!!! The 2nd autopsy report states inconclusively, he died of asphyxia! Which autopsy are you referring to? According to science toxicology report takes 4-6 weeks. Sounds like this medical examiner was paid a lottttttttt of money 💴

Hasn’t his family suffered enough Why even report this. The entire world saw his murder on tv. The ge probably wasn’t resisting much and was groggy. That's what Michael Jackson doctor said to 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 THIS MAN WAS CLEARLY IN DISTRESS A F T E R HE WAS IN CUFFS & COPS DID NOT STOP. THEY STAYED ONTHIS MANS NECK. IF U DONT SEE THIS, U ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. ICantBreath

One less drug user off the street. He could of had an heart attack for stressing about a grown man’s knee on his neck. No matter what, he could had been saved but we don’t know cause they didn’t try to save him TMZ can’t be this desperate. We all watched the cause of death. Stop with the bs. The ME that regularly works with the same police department that the murderer worked for?! That one?!

TMZ needs to be cancel as well. They are the most racist media outlet out there. Smh. Great way to stir up the pot.. See the Medical Examiners battle it out in court. tmz you’re about to get cancel just like Alex Jones did. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤡 Possibly, but if his oxygen supply hadn’t been cut off. He would not have died at that particular point and time. If they are going to use this as defense, then the crime of murder shouldn’t exist. Since we all die at some point and time.

I hope his family sues this piece of a crap blogger! They need to be canceled too. Y'all wrong FAKE NEWS eat a d&ck!! Fake news!! Med. examiner concluded he had no drugs in his system and died of asphyxiation with the amount of pressure that was applied to his neck. His oxygen was cut off. Stop inciting more disruption by being part of a smear campaign spreading lies & untrue info. boycottTMZ

Im pretty sure they injected that in him. Fentanyl from CHINA pez1963 This is crap man! Yeah the heart attack he would not have had had his neck not been kneeled on for 8 minutes! It is unbelievable how far corrupt racist law enforcement officials will go to cover up a MURDER of an unarmed black man! accountability standuptoracism evil

🤦🏾‍♂️ Still says homicide 🙁 Yall just gonna keep posting this It doesn’t matter what he was on, everyone struggles with something. It doesn’t take from the fact that what has been happening in this country is WRONG. And don’t try and tell me these cops haven’t dealt with someone high before.. Yeah and I can give you a good on a bridge in New York. Ought to know, any part of an administration will use fake info to cover their asses.

TMZ has lost All Accountability. Wow Cap shit of the year, s*** d***! I’m sure the other exams founds the drugs too .... just didn’t state it .... meth and fentanyl are not helpful to anyone’s health .... So is the pigs nick name heart attack then or... People don't want to hear the truth, bcuz it goes against what they want to happen!

OMG STOP COVERING IT UP! Yea and what caused that? Someone stupid cop's knee choking him to death which one 2 aut It doesn’t matter what happened was wrong and should have never happened There seems to be different results everywhere. Wtf. Hmmm... 🤔 It takes 6-8 weeks for toxicology results to come back. Try again...

I personally think it should have been done in a different country or neutral territory. Canada maybe. But it still don't make it right no matter how it turns out it's still what it is Interesting Maxi_Junia He was murder right before our eyes! That’s a lie Soooooo false on opiates you would literally forget to breathe before you have a heart attack

Lies! yeah sure he did Good as he didn’t die from being murdered What if there saying that to not trying to make the cop look Bad at first they said he was drunk and on drugs 🤔🤔!! Lies. Lies. And more lies. THAT IS UTTERLY FLASE AND SHAME ON YOU FOR EVEN FUCKING POSTING THIS! That man was MURDERED!!! This is why TMZ HAS was and always will be SHIT!!!!!

Can someone please make this make sense!! 🤡 Caused by the cop. Doesn’t matter! PoliceBrutality JusticeForGeorgeFloyd arrestthecop trump2020 Oh, of course. Those officers are heros. It was just coincidental that 3 police officers were kneeling on him at the time 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 As RozehnalMd said, the report does NOT say he had a heart attack. It says he stopped breathing & heart stopped beating (cardiopulmonary arrest) due to homicide. A heart attack is when an artery supplying blood to the heart gets blocked. Please remove this harmful, false article

going to need a second opinion. HerreraMonick He was still murdered. GeorgeFloyd It still says homocide This is 100% false. Fake news. This man would still be alive today if those cops wouldn’t have done what they did to him! It wasn’t Fentanyl that took his life! He was murdered!!! stop just stop! I would have died from a heart attack to being scared everybody pressuring their body on me and my neck no blood flow to the brain or the heart yeah he died of a heart attack panicking that I know I'm going to die everybody need to be charged I'm done

HUHHH!? 🙅🏾‍♂️ It doesn't matter, stop trying to twist the truth, a cop had his knee in this guy neck, no matter what, he shouldn't have had his knee in his neck.. stop trying to justify this... you're part of the problem, before we shut you down, you're a mask newspaper filed with bigotry I thought toxicology results took months to come back not days.

Instigated by the actions of the officer,indeed... Are you fucking kidding? We all watched this video, this is ridiculous. so tmz were trump supporters after all and that explains a lot 😔😪 Delete this Bullshit! He was murdered!! The Democrats have lost all conscience in trying to unseat Mr Trump. From the start of covid-19 to the current riots, democratic districts are the worst. Their performance will forever be marked by historical humiliation. Some of the democratic politicians are going to hell!

Died because of a White Cop ,Don't lie to us bitches ☹☹☹ Bullshit The state tells the truth, even when they lie. 😐 dj_caffeine What about the second autopsy done by the family? Absolutely nobody believes that story. If someone kneels on your neck and chokes you out, of course your heart stops. It is irrelevant what drugs Floyd had in his system. He was straight up murdered - slowly and deliberately.

So they just tell these ME’s to put down whatever then? They’re saying it was “homicide” by cardiac arrest? I have no words drhowardpsyd Two autopsies, Two different stories?. Either way they will be able to sue the pants off the police dept. and each officer who was standing by, (the 3 blind mice.) Why haven't they been charged yet My heart goes out to his family through this terrible tragedy. RIP George.

Yeah right. THEYRE STILL CALLING IT HOMICIDE WE GOOD Its like saying to a drug addict who die from car accident that his was due to addiction the body could not handle it BlackLivesMatterchicago Trump I call 🧢 Are you kidding me? We all saw what caused his death! He was murdered! Anyone trying to dispute that is a real asshole!!

The good old cover up XXXBellaRose A heart attack which was Induced by the stress of having a fucking knee on his neck! Trump’s medical examiner? Wake up. The entire thing was fake as F. There is literally nothing about fentanyl in this article. It says cops killed him He was drunk and resisting arrest too. Also has charges of home invasions and holding someone at gun point. This is what these terrorist are supporting. They want to commit crimes but don't want to be held accountable. If there ever was a meaningless message It's gone. Disgusting

So he was under the influence of drugs🙀 Bullshit. You also said Kim Jong-Un was dead and that was false. You’ve lost your cred. With that experience who wouldn't but the officer still getting charged with murder 😤 Anyone who has watched the video assumes the Fentanyl was on the cops knee with the amount of forced he used ... be better

I’m gonna stop smoking weed because they might use this as a reason to kill me or blame it on. Bullshit Lies Really tmz Sounds like medical examiner is being paid/threatened by the KKK/cops Cept for the fact an an independent autopsy showed the exact opposite. RealCapnHowdy FAKE NEWS. NERD! Fox News reported tonight asphyxiation! Keep shit stirred up TMZ!

The knee didn’t kill him. He was high on drugs and he died from heart failure AllLivesMatter BackTheBlue why yall always on bullshit GTFOH 👀 Yeahh and Freddy Mercury is alive.. Harvey levin owns tmz so this makes sense trumper Posting spam to a trend or hashtag I don’t care if he had fucking Lysol in his blood. Cops don’t get to murder anybody on the street. Their job is to arrest somebody, not execute them.

CleanUpWestSoma how to respond when there's so many people on fentanyl in sf? DO NOT slander this man. His autopsy confirmed homicide via asphyxiation. Source? Everyone report tmz right tf now I know 9 people who overdose on fentanyl in the past 2 weeks why anyone would take that No tf he wasn’t Take that headline down the report clearly says he died from the knee to his neck damn shame

oh FFS TMZ, get your shit straight! RealBenCarson your silence makes you think you are realDonaldTrump brother? You are black.... Speak out... What kind of supposed to be drugs over the counter medicine is drugs high blood pressure pills is drugs if you abuse it enough it becomes a drug what street drugs crack cocaine. Fentanyl who made it? How did it get from the lab to the streets?

delete this incorrect article and tweet immediately smh yall always publishing unverified and disgusting news I lost all respect since what you did to Kobe but this one is ode nasty Fentanyl is the smallest doses kills instantly. He would have had to have a Microdot of it in his system and even then, you couldn't detect it. Absolute and utter bullshit. Toxicology takes weeks. George Floyd hasn't even been buried yet.

- a lie. if you think he really died for any other reason besides the fact that the officer literally murdered him with his knee, suck my dick would he have d!ed if chauvin wasn't fckn chocking him and cutting of his blood circulation? NO Pathetic that something that should be explained with legal context and meaning is simply tweeted with a short and confusing article. Ppl are upset as it is. tmz should have criminal counsel explain the meaning. In short, it's still murder just fyi.

👍 I don’t care if he had fentanyl in his system. He was murdered by the police AND THAT is the problem! TMZ is trash organization for keep on posting this story bullshit y'all could say he died of fkn overdose or corona because you're trying THAT hard to cover up his murder He died because he was MURDERED. Period.

WHAT ARE THESE LIES DO YOU THINK WE ARE IDIOTS RAISETHEDEGREE Y’all KNOW this cap as fuck delete this Kap 🤦🏽‍♂️ Um....excuse no...nononononono Are you guys not gonna report on the family’s private autopsy report that was reported hours before this supposed autopsy?! Wonder they didnt say he died from a murder hornet sting

Toxicology back in a week? Still no excuse to have been so brutal to him. He needed air and the police cut off his air, which caused the fear to the heart attack. No excuses whatsoever in this case. Fentanyl? That's not what he said no matter what drugs were in his body. the entire world witnessed his cruel murder. And it was not only one policeman, there were four policemen who murdered George Floyd, and they must pay for their crimes.

Not healthy enough to be strangled? Bullshit We know they lying It was asphyxiation and you are terrible journalists to report other wise An independent autopsy ordered by George Floyd's family found his death was a 'homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain,' according to early findings from the examination released Monday.

Who paying yall? Dis some bullshit! Yeah. And Harvey is straight. Knowing George Floyd was intoxicated on fentanyl will change nothing. Noone will look back in regret at the wreckage, noone will feel remorse. Here y’all go again half ass reporting. If you’re going to report on the recent medical report, include the fact that it was due to excessive force on his whole body for NINE minutes.

That's not what the independent autopsy said. It said that George Floyd death was a homicide and that he never regained a pulse after 4 minutes of having a knee in his neck also the ones in his back. His death was caused by pressure causing a lack of oxygen to his brain. And the independent medical examiner’s report said?

So did racism cure COVID19 ? This will be the defense the cop will be able to use in court now 🤔 TMZ YOU LIED ABOUT THAT ONE Shoe retweeting this garbage We still want that mufucka locked up 🤷🏾‍♂️ Just the one with a relationship with the PD. Not the private examiner. And those in law enforcement help eachother out every day.

No, it was homicide by cop! It already came out how he died. Asphyxiation due to pressure trauma on his neck! What is this shite? Lies he died by asphyxiation because he was saying I can't breathe repeatedly. This world needs to stop being racist and stop lying to cover it up. Not what the medical examiner that family hired said

delete this ☺️✨ TMZ stiring the shit pot TMZ !!! do better !!! you’re lying You are part of the problem. The whole MPD is dirty! The ME is dirty, the Union Chief is dirty, Chauvin’s partner is dirty. The whole damn department is dirty. Stop pandering to the crooks and expose them!!! What ! He was on drugs ? He’s black. Are you sure ?

Bullshit 🖕🏾 Lol Somewhere Some Protesters are reading this and thinking... Jajajajajajjajajajajaa!!! bullshit gobackhome GeorgeFloyd JusticeForGeorge 1Jun DictatorTrump Oh shit... haha. 🧢 BULLSHIT! So.....the same doctor that performed an autopsy for JFK, OJ Simpson, Epstein, Michael Brown, & MLK doing Floyd's autopsy?!

TMZ stop just stop BlackLivesMatter Bullsh*t.. What the fuck are you doing!? poll Bullshit? It doesn’t matter if he had every drug in the world in his body, they still murdered him. Period. We all KNOW what he died from. You’re literally looking at it on the street!!!!!!!!! Fentanyl AND meth. What a hero! So much for that murder charge.

Im suprised they didnt say he died of The Rona YourAnonCentral is there something you can do about this? BLM No shit The left won’t recognize this. They NEVER recognize the facts. Why does the cause of death keep changing not gonna change the fact that an officer was kneeling on his neck for ten minutes. NOPE

Wrong answer 2nd autopsy conducted: very different conclusions. Report that too please He had a heart condition and was killed by a cop. So thats it. Stop changing the damn story, first he had a breathing problem, then it was lack of air, now Fentanyl even though all through his socials he’s been against drug and gun violence make it make sense

So they trying to say having your knee on someone’s neck for 9 minutes won’t kill them? I call bullshit been saying We all know that’s BS NO WAY PMOAOAOMDNXIEMZ Which coroner is this? The independent autopsy says Floyd died of 'asphyxiation from sustained pressure' when his neck and back were compressed by Minneapolis police officers during his arrest last week.

That’s not true.. both autopsy results came in .. one from family. One from coroner office.. family said asphyxiation and no underlying conditions . Other one said something else but it was caused by the officer How the hell are we supposed to know which autopsy is correct? Can we please not have any politically motivated autopsies? This trend started with Epstein and needs to die.

Bullshit. As an ex cop I know for a FACT people held like this die more often than you all know! The ME cant even disclose how much drugs was in his system because why? Wasnt even enough to kill him. And?! Knew it! Whatever. That's like saying someone didn't die of being shot because their heart was simply punctured by a metal object. 'See, it wasn't the gun that killed him!'

🧢 Hmph I knew they was gone try to make him out to be a dopefiend. Next they gone post his background Delete dis bullshit ScottMGreer The Chinese strike againLOL FAKE NEWS It doesnt matter if he had enough drugs for a whole team. The point is he suffocated to death! 🧢 It also says, 'Manner of death: homicide'

Bullshit This is kind of like coronavirus deaths. Is it corona or diabetes or obesity or whatever. It is an “over determined” event. Even though I abhor the riots and think the cop looked out of line, it seems likely whatever they did had some effect on his death. Let’s be realistic. Wow! they insult our intelligence

You know this is an outright fucking lie!! Bullshit!!! SpringToad Bullshit. Lies! You should be ashamed! WTF is HarveyLevinTMZ on and when is he gonna die? Stop reporting B U L L S H I T👊🏾 How many white people have to die until black people are happy? No way! And nothing of value was lost LIESSSSS...even IF so, he said 'I cant BREATHEE'....nice try guys 🤧🤦‍♀️

We know that's a lie Did y’all ask the FAMILY DOCTOR THAT DID THE AUTOPSY 🙄 Fuck off StefanMolyneux I’m not going to bite. SHAME ON YOU Next time lead with the truth. We have heard anything about the original autopsy until the family’s came out Such bullshit, why even publish crap like this. HE SAID HE COULDN’T BREATHE!! I used to like you guys until this...

NickJFuentes Dawg25269674 Eljeffe749 And the one his family PAID for came up with exactly the opposite! Hmmmmm....🤔 Wait what!?!? China Man gtfoh! Just what a coincidence, right? He was murdered. END OF STORY! Why are yall reporting this lie? Bull Shit. There's no quick test that gives you a positive identification and confirmation. Tests can take days or weeks, if they have to be repeated.

Cop on neck. “I can’t breathe.” Cop stays on neck. Man dies. It just seems like there’s a connection there, call me crazy. So bored with the lies... Y’all MF lying smh. How sad r y’all tmz? StefanMolyneux Even worse it occured I believe in Minneapolis. The blatant inequality just in people’s reactions is obvious. Whites are under attack and our injustices are trivialized while black injustices are seen as human rights violations

You try surviving a knee to the neck for 8 mins. I’m waiting. StefanMolyneux I don’t care don’t you guys see they reported on this a cherry pick articles. Don’t you see the only time BLM cares about blacks lives is when a white is involved? There blood libel seeking movement against whites and im sick of it

YankeeGiovanniC DatSuckaDave yikes TMZ is at it again with the lies. TheOnion is more of a news media than you. Nah that’s BULLSHT! Hold up. FoH!!!!! When did being a drug addict, equate to one not being worthy of life? “In other words ... he suffered a heart attack” WRONG. That would be a myocardial infarction. Cardiopulmonary arrest means your heart and lungs stopped. So he’s saying the hold caused his death. Do your homework.

Bullshit But the medical examiner hired by the family’s attorney said the opposite? Nice try tho They are tying to tarnish his name with lies! Anything to save these POS officers. RIP George Floyd We’re gonna get justice for you! That shit don’t take away that he was killed This crap is why America is being set on fire now

Where's Johnny Cochran. If you smoke the crack, you have the heart attack. I do not believe absolutely at all that we should be arrested for exercising the 1st amendment as we should be able to speak and assemble peacefully. It is not alright to impose a curfew on us because the police can’t catch the looters. It’s not ok🙋🏽

TMZ you are going too far!!! Oopsie. looters should burn down TMZ next. How do you just report 2 different stories like this? versacebiebo FAKE THIS IS FAKE JUST LIKE UR ENTIRE SOURCE NEWS Report the news correctly hoe That's conflicting with some other medical report I read earlier, what next the cops mother didn't love him hes really the victim? George floyd was murdered by cops period!

Is this the hill you bitches really wanna die on? OK he was a druggie WTF does that have to do with the way he died. If he was on PCP it would be a different matter but he wasn’t. He on that perc 30 Soooo....the heart attack just happened to be while he had a man laying on his neck? 😐 STUinSD Put a fork in it. Poof. Over.

Fake news We know you got paid to post this!!! FAKE NEWS That’s a fuckin lie! WRONG!! Reaching like a mf 🤦🏾‍♂️ Full on 💩! Look back at the videos! the officer was wearing gloves the whole time! a fatal dose of fentanyl can be administered through skin contact! It was murder! StefanMolyneux Props TMZ, everyone else took that report and twisted it. A Fentynal and Cocaine OD, causing cardiopulmonary arrest, looks to be the verdict.

Wasn't the first report that he died of asphyxiation B.S. LIES LIES LIES THIS IS SO DISGUSTING Yet the shady abd esteemed bought and paid for DrBaden always has a different explanation.. since JFK Whatever I know they not gone to try this, his words were clear, he could not breathe, try again TMZ dirty little agenda 👀

I don’t give two f**** what he was on. The police killed him. Ok soooooooo what you try to say..... Nice try , but we all know what and who killed George Floyd. It seems clear to us that this is another mystification. Like your post about the 'machete guy'. Disgusting. So not true TMZ always putting out fake news to push narrative

Y'all are REACHING smmfh! We all saw the damn video FAKE A& news!! eat a $&? Fake news Yeah. That's believable. SnowDuchess1 And meth! Not uncommon to die of a heart attack on this combination when adrenaline kicks in Trying to blame the victim? Who paid off Hennepin medical examiner?... glad the family was able to get an independent autopsy..

TMZ way to be part of the problem TMZ don’t get cancelled bitch 🖕🏾TMZ I suspected he was on drugs & still find it to be irrelevant to the conversation. The arresting officer still abused a man for a minor crime, he still didn’t pay attention to the perp he was perched on, he still should be on trial. Citizens should be allowed to police the police.

Makes sense. Fentanyl is extremely dangerous. Fuckin trolls He must’ve “conveniently” died... “medical examiner” needs some examination. Foolish. Thinking there could be some undercover hicks in the TMZ klan..HarveyLevinTMZ charleslat So he happend to die of heart attack while the cop had his knee on his neck for 8 min ..U have got to be kidding me tmz..Please stop reporting bullshit..

Fentanyl and all, George Floyd would be alive today if it wasn't for Derek Chauvin. DELETE THIS GARBAGE Jokes Jokes God you guys are POS *died of a knee to the throat This is a lie. NickJFuentes Even the medical examiners take both sides Last week it was COVID-19 this week is George Floyd, What will next week be?

Yeah and Epstein killed himself Anyone with an eye and a brain cell knows how this man died. Y'all need to stop reporting until you have your facts straight. It doesnt always pay to be the 1st one with the news of its wrong smh🤦 it takes 6-8 weeks for a tox report please sight up His cause of death was Derek Chauvin...plain and simple....Explain to me how you investigate a murder that was video tapped?

NoKapJimmy Is this deadarse Didn’t another report say he died of asphyxiation Seriously TMZ, spreading lies as usual. Cancel yourselves before you help make this crap worse. gordongekko369 I didn't hear him saying that he had chest pain, just that he couldnt breathe. Not true Heart Attack? Who the fuck cares. He was murdered.

Crooked city. Even the doctors doing the autopsy are covering up for the dirty cops. Why did no one else see the news say anything other but he passed because they murdered him! (Homicide) He had a heart attack because that DEVIL LAID HE’S KNEE ON HIS NECK AND BACK This should be removed we were watching this in real time WTF

This why Van left.. Stop this bullshit please! We know the truth WTFUCK IS WRONG WITH YA'LL AT TMZ BECAUSE OF THE STRESS OF THE FUCKING KNEE ON A FUCKING KNECK THATS WHYYYYYY 🤦🏾‍♀️ So... he was a drug addict !! (...) The report says George had fentanyl in his system, and they also found signs of recent methamphetamine use.(...)

That is not what the second examiner said. I thought toxicology results take 30+ days?! I’m confused 😒😒😒 Your publication is a load of garbage I don't remember why I was following you but now I'm not. 🤔🧐 when the former officer sees George Floyd is still conscious.. that is when he pushes his knee even more into his neck. anybody who doesnt believe George Floyd was murdered are always the ones with racist backgrounds.. just look through their tweets

Stop posting bullshit. He was killed by a cop and you know it That says a lot Delete this So which is it TMZ? Bullshit riiiiiight. The independent examiner says asphyxiation. Somebody lying🤔 NickJFuentes If he O.D.ed on fentynal why are you saying he was killed? ar you trying to say George Floyd killed George Floyd?

BS Regardless.. Delete this bullshit!!!! So the foot in his neck didn’t have anything to do with it Is what they’re saying.?!? Fuck outta here!!! Imagine that!!! drrohe Can’t it be both? They didn’t say he died from fentanyl, just said it was in his system, right? Whatver the case was he was killed by the cops with the knee on his neck nuff said they gotta stop trying to cover shit up and take the blame for when there wrong police brutality black lives matter

The original Medical examiner was paid off. Anyone who seen the video knows what that poor man died from & Im unfollowing TMZ for always sharing bullshit storys & seeing them try to cover up his death just angers me more 😡 No wrong Bro what? LIES look at autopsy done by Family same guy did Eric Gardner

So family paid another guy to do it, so he can say what the family wants. No bitch. KamaainaInOC Who cares what he had in his system or what medical condition he had! The poor guy was murdered by a “cop” who stared into a camera while three other “cops” watched him do it. TMZ, you’re not helping!! He died of murder.

Bullshit take this nonsense down Typical tactics from the criminal justice system, creating their own narrative. Independent investigations will always hold more weight. George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. TMZ has officially lost it. Either way, he couldn’t breathe with a knee in his neck! He may have lived with quicker medical attention.

stop spreading lies Guaranteed... SYNTHETIC Fentanyl death .. IWillBetMoney You all are terrible people. How do you sleep at night? If I worked there, I would quit in a heart beat. Stop comin up with excuses to cover up for that cop. That cop kill George Floyd. End of discussion... I mean.. it's not like there was a video of the incident or anything... 😒

!!!!!! Heart attack U serious!! OfficialNifo Why I am not surprised at all. Heavy Fuck y’all ! and Kim Jong Un is it Bs!! Freederekchauvin Whoops So Dr Baden did a toxicology and didn't find fentanyl in him system or he hasn't got the results back? Does it really matter? Regardless of what he was or wasn't on, he'd still be alive if he hadn't had a knee on his neck for the better part of a fucking afternoon.

Solmemes1 ScottAdamsSays Fentanyl? Lol did the police pay them to say this? Usually when someone can't breath they can't talk... 😰🙏🙏 I KNOW WHAT THE FCK I SAW... WE'RE NOT STUPID... WE ALL SAW THE TAPE! FOH And Jeffrey Epstein killed himself That’s not what I just saw on a different site that said it was asphyxia due to excessiveforced pressure.

None of these idiots believe that he died of a heart attack they want him to be murdered so they can riot and loot and protest in states that is nowhere near Minnesota Really.....? NickJFuentes The question is of excessive force. Period. Was the force excessive? Police are not allowed to use excessive force and everyone knows it. Let Justice be served.

A twist. Fuck TMZ fake news Call it was it is... a fucking MURDER!!!! He died of a heart attack because he had four men sitting on him !! Delete this. We saw the video we know how he died. Tf Yeah an oul knee on the neck would help that along alright 🙄 sounds like BS 2 me RealSaavedra This is patently incorrect. 'Cardiopulmonary arrest' is not synonymous with 'heart attack' (acute myocardial infarction). This report essentially says 'his cause of death was death.' It doesn't actually produce a conclusion. Leaves the door open to positional asphyxiation.

Independent examiners said it was axphyxia, which is consistent with what we all PHUCKING saw. That medical examiner is a LIAR. miss_jonie He was probably given it by Clinton clintoncided HillaryClinton to start the plan rolling. TMZ reporting fake news, sounds like defamation to me You guys are the WORST!!

FAKE NEWS rentonMagaUK Dr. Baden says differently. BREAKING FLOYD DIED OF CORONA HOAX HAhahahahahaHahahahaHahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAGAHAGAHAGAHAHA *breathes* HahhahHahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAGAGAHAHAHA I would have a heart attack too if some jerk was choking me. Doesn’t matter. He wasn’t resisting arrest & the duress he was under was unlawful. Any combination of such could result in death. The fact is that he was a victim of excessive force.

Epstein’s corona .. we are being PLAYED CORONA HOAX .. show me he’s dead .. I will wait toxicology tests take weeks Fentanyl can cause respiratory depression making George Floyd more susceptible to suffocation. A perfect storm. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 UCFRon reported this as well.... Really? the ME is a lying MF and should be fired!

What medical examiner?They already announced it was asphyxiation. What video are y'all watching? STFU! Still horribly wrong, the murderer should be given fentanyl and die the same way. Liars Lies Did the medical examiner throw darts at random topics?lies remove his job license. He was LITERALLY asphyxiated. I’m sick and tired of the constant attempts at justification for murder. This was murder.

Delete and repost with accurate cause of death DELETE THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!! I call bullshit You motherfuckers! Take this damn story down right now. That is not what the autopsy said FAKE NEWS Do y’all hear something? Dropping Friday Again tmz with false information RealSaavedra Oh good. what a relief ! So you're saying he wasn't in good enough shape to be manhandled by that 'cop'. I guess it was all his fault he died.

Dr. Michael Baden said he died of axphyxia. The more u know.. 🐸 🌹 shut up... why even re-post this now while an independent examiner JUST came in with a opposite analysis. FOUR cops killed him. FOUR. TMZ you’re a joke and always have been. duck your whole network. This headline is misleading. What about the LATEST autopsy! DUCK YOU tmz

RealSaavedra Some pretty heavy drugs. how many autopsies have there been so far wtf is going on? Bullshit This the same doctor that worked on Epstein. Don’t believe this shit guys Why don't you just shut up?! I never heard Fentanyl mentioned...and I'm following story closely. So the “police autopsy” says one thing, the independent autopsy says another........ and the Minneapolis Police” should be believed, for what reason?

Seriously? Is that the best you can do to add salt to the wound TMZ is “””SHADY”” AF. Hey look A CAN of GAS... OH LOOK A City ON 🔥. HE WAS MURDERED YOU RACISTS 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Big death recipe .... including what is written here + an 8+minute knee to neck..... bad time to put that knee there as now you are a part of the death. Mr. Tough guy cop

The official report from the police says this, but the independent autopsy says he was strangled. Now who has more to lose? BIG FUCKING T🤔H🤔O🤔N🤔K Bullshit. TMZ you getting on my last nerve. What kind of misleading headline is this? TMZ needs to be cancelled This is a lie!! Fuck out of here SHUT DOWN TMZ

And Here We Go Again WTF?! This is total BS. Independent autopsy stated the opposite. Dawg25269674 FakeNews Fuck tmz TMZ, are you saying Floyd was a junkie that died of natural junkie causes? watch the video losers Cap Also in this article says: “It also says his manner of death is homicide.” Read that again

nochu nochu tmz reporting on things other celebrities gossip? know ur place and stay in it liars SHUUUUUUUTTTT UPPPPPPPP Why do these people keep lying Y’all know that officer killed him why are y’all tryna save his ass ? Such bullshit!! Dr Baden did an independent autopsy which completely contradicts this bull. TMZ truly is a disease.

StefanMolyneux Not a GameChanger, but certainly will be interesting to see the coverage of this. Shut the fck up TMshit StefanMolyneux FREE DEREK CHAUVIN JamesAntonHake Awwwwwkkkwarrddddd Fake news. how much did the feds pay u to say that be honest ❤️ StefanMolyneux No fucking way EXACTLY WHY they spent their own money to get their own report. Jesus.

StefanMolyneux And a knick, knack, paddywhack, give a dog a bone....! Here we go.... FAKE NEWS StefanMolyneux He died because he was f*cking MURDERED. BULLSHIT this has to be a joke Does not excuse the pressed knee on his neck for 9 min So the grown man kneeling on him, trying to break his neck just doesn't play a role in his death?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. MUH PROTESTS That’s not the news I read today. Where did TMZ get this from 🤯 Oming from the same source that thinks Tupac is still alive Cover up🤷🏽‍♂️ THE LIESSSSS WTF who paid the medical examiner to say that Nuts just nuts!!!!!!!!! How much Trump paid you to write this shit?

Another coverup of the truth And Jesus died from dehydration Are you surprised? Those who watched are just as guilty!! IMAJIN PROTESTING FOR A THUG DRUG ADDICT VIOLENT OFFENDER WHO HAS COMMITTED DOZENS OF CRIMES LMFAO This is BULLSHIT! Watch this video: Bullshit STOP MAKING EXCUSES It takes WEEKS to get a toxicology report back. I call bullshit here.

I call bullshit. It takes WEEKS for toxicology screens to come back from autopsy reports. They got one in days? Bullshit! The knee to the throat for 8+ minutes made him die of the heart attack and the Fentanyl didn't help. Those cops are still dirty. Well, this is one way to inflame the protests. Its literally on camera.............................

please go to hell. Shut up TMZ Anything to stir the pot. Jerry Springer type journalism NOT THIS BS HEADLINE, we SEEN the video BS. The Medical Examiner's report said GeorgeFloyd's death was homicide resulting from being restrained.

Rev. Al: Don't use George Floyd for anything other than justice for George FloydThe Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the violence and looting overshadowing many peaceful protests across the country for George Floyd, and he calls for peaceful protesting over violence. TheRevAl You idiots this isn't about Floyd, it's about 'undocumented shoppers.'🤣👇 TheRevAl It has been used for a reason to steal and destroy property, nothing but opportunistic thugs. TheRevAl George Floyd was a crisis actor. False Flag to sow division.

Beyoncé Address George Floyd Killing By Police: ‘George Is All Of Our Family, And Humanity'.Beyonce added her voice to those calling for justice for the police killing of George Floyd (via BETNews) Beyonce BETNews

Crowds in Minneapolis at the spot where George Floyd was arrestedProtests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a Minneapolis police officer, have spread nationwide. Follow here for the latest updates. HE WAS MURDERED!! NoJusticeNoPeace Yea no, I think you mean murdered. Meanwhile, over 105k people have died from the coronavirus.

Man fatally struck by FedEx truck during George Floyd protests in St. LouisThe man had been caught by the trailer tire, pulled under and was eventually run over by the tire, authorities said. stupid prizes.

AG Barr says 'outside radicals and agitators' are behind unrest at George Floyd protestsThe attorney general's comments echo those made by President Donald Trump in a tweet, and the mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota. Most definitely. Who else? A liar, just like trump! Bill Barr as he truly is.

Music Industry Calling for a 'Blackout' in Response to George Floyd's DeathMusic companies and artists began spreading a message on social media calling for “a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with out community&34; following the death of George Floyd. Blackout Tuesday? In clearer terms please what does that mean? ❤️❤️❤️ 🖤