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Retail, Mcdonald's

McDonald's elects WNBA commissioner to board following unexpected CEO shakeup

McDonald's announced on Monday that Cathy Engelbert has been elected to join its board of directors.


McDonald's elects WNBA commissioner to board following CEO shakeup and renewed emphasis on corporate ethics

McDonald's announced on Monday that Cathy Engelbert has been elected to join its board of directors.

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Uber and Lyft have to raise prices if they ever want to turn a profit - Business InsiderLyft CEO Logan Green says the company tried to slow down its aggressive discounts recently, but had to stop since Uber didn't follow. dkhos Uber has a business expansion plan. I sent them to assist in turning a profit and helping citizen world wide. After sending the proposal and emails I recieved zero back. I'm honestly trying to help your companies next phase. But what do I know I'm just blue collar.... Time they do something, after paying the fines for the past....

I Wore My Race Medal for a Month and Found New Faith in HumanityAnything past 48 hours is too long to wear your finisher’s medal—but only if you care what other people think.

Hong Kong police chief promises flexibility ahead of rallyHong Kong's new police commissioner said on Saturday his force would take a... My Incredulous Barometer burnt out some time ago and now I am experiencing life at the rate of several WTFs an hour. Piece of shit. the promise from Hong Kong police means nothing. I hope the police will be patient and peaceful on Sunday although it is quite impossible.

Greece blasted for escalated ‘police brutality’ amid clashes and arrestsThe opposition Syriza party has accused the ruling New Democracy party of emboldening police violence and attempting to create a 'police state'

As the cost of dying rises, more families try crowdfunding for funeralsDeaths are often unexpected and funerals are expensive. As a result, more mourners are turning to crowdfunding to come up with the money. This has to be fake news, the economy is doing great. Why is CNBC printing such fake news. Two economies : 1. One for CNBC sponsors, owners. 2. One for other 300 million Americans True and most asking for 5,000 to 10,000. cremations prices usually start around $600–700 I give nothing. My own mom, 600 for cremation. 200 donation to the church. 200 for food after at the house

10 Podcasts That Make Thanksgiving Travel BearablePro tip: Get your downloads in order before you begin the boarding process.

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