McConnell to corporations: Stay out of politics—but give us money

Sen. McConnell: 'My warning, if you will, to corporate America is to stay out of politics. It's not what you`re designed for. I'm not talking about political contributions. … I support that. I'm talking about taking a position.'

4/7/2021 11:04:00 PM

Sen. McConnell: 'My warning, if you will, to corporate America is to stay out of politics. It's not what you`re designed for. I'm not talking about political contributions. … I support that. I'm talking about taking a position.'

Chris Hayes: “Mitch McConnell's theory is this: money is speech—but speech is not speech. And that's because none of this was ever about speech for McConnell or any of the other Republicans now taking umbrage. It was always about power.”

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paula_ab_doyle Give us your money, and keep your mouth shut ladies and gentlemen I give you the GOP McConnell remains a miserable human being. He's ok with taking the money but they should shut up. Lawd! Yeah, right. Just inject huge amounts of money with zero expectation of a return on investment. That is exactly what a results-focused corporation would do with their money. Results being bottom line. Not the health and well being of the planet and its inhabitants.

McConnell the ogre 👹 of the people whom him and the rest is only interested in power and wealth. Senate Republican Minority leader Mitch McConnell has given Corporate America an ultimatum, give use your money & shut up! Corporate America fortunately does have a better choice, it’s time to bet on the winning horse and cut loose the dead weight of GOP.

You're welcome to pay but you may not play. oh Mitch, ... LeaderMcConnell is modifying his rationale which is still irrational. Donations to political parties ARE positions! Nope He isn't even trying now. Pretty lame! Mitch give us your money then STFU I don’t remember McConnell scolding Chik- Fil-A. McConnell is pure bullshit!! He'll take corporate donations but doesn't want to hear what they think! He wants to dictate how they can participate and when. McConnell isn't the end all to be all. He's lucky he's the minority leader because next election he may be out on his ass

Our government, by the people and for the people, will prevail. If every Republican controlled state sets laws in place to block us, we will crawl to the polls in droves and defeat you. That is a promise. Giving money IS taking a position. McConnell, JUST ANOTHER SCAM ARTIST YES PLEASE DO STOP FUNDING ASSHATS SUCH AS THIS ONE! Hopefully the Republican Party has FINALLY taken on an entity that will run them into the ground and OUT OF EXISTENCE! Corporations need to sponsor or support a NEW AMERICAN PARTY...

Idiot. My Pillow was involved in politics and never got bashed by MoscowMitchTraitor Of course not you want to keep their contributions but overthrow elections if you do not like the outcome. Uhhhhhmmmmm don’t political contributions pretty much amount to taking a position...? Ummm excuse me sir Did u really just tell ur donors gimme ur money an shut up😂🤣

McConnellGive me all your money. Corporations-But shut the hell up. LeaderMcConnell needs to get out of politics McConnell doesn't seem to like how democracy did its job in the 2020 election by promoting his form of morality, governing by grievance, telling businesses what they can and can’t do, much like Putin's Soviet authoritarianism government that strips away authority from officials.

This guy is a joke but the even bigger jokes are the dumbasses donating to him Pretty much shut up but keep giving us the money. LeaderMcConnell is such a D-bag. He fits in perfectly in that garbage dump of a party. 😉🤣🤣🤣 Hmmm... Isn’t giving money taking a position? Be quite and stuff my pockets Is he senile? Not even hiding his extortion. I have come to the conclusion that he was re-elected just because Kentucky voters didn't want him coming back to Kentucky to live.

Companies are not giving money for nothing. They have positions and they are using money to achieve influence. One or two words for Mitchell. My Pillow and Goya. Strangely silent then, right? How come? Getting more and more transparent in your jaded hypocrisy. I’m sure he and the other repugs would love everyone to just be quiet while they rip away voting rights. NO!! We have to stand up and be loud!!

Pretzel Mitch. fFS How do these trumplicans not see how stupid they are? Does he know he sounds like a idiot? Do you work for a corporatation? I do. The past few years we have started a huge Diversity, Inclusion and equity program, had Juneteenth off last year and a big vote initiative. We are not a liberal Corp but this is what corporate American is doing. Engaging the community.

How about McConnell 'stay out of politics' by retiring and moving to Florida? But I thought Corporations were PEOPLE Mitch? Remember....Citizens United? You can't have it both ways dude! Moscow Mitch: old, confused, corrupt, a complete disgrace. Not doing his job either, by refusing to even debate House passed bills.

Really LeaderMcConnell? When CitizensUnited was passed, you were all too happy to point out that $ was free speech from corporations. your own words corporate $ *is* a political position. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Lol. LOL contributions IS a position Lobbying these greedy SOBs IS a position Sorry little MICH!!! This is the future you asked for

I can't believe this isn't an article from the Onion. It’s speaking up about social justice. I hope more corporations do that. I think they have a right to voice their opinions if they're funding your political campaigns, Mitch. LOL Warning to the very people that keep him coming back, year after year. Mitch could be cooking his own goose, hopefully.

But per SCOTUS in CitizensUnited, money IS speech, and Corporations are people. So now you get to hear them speak about their political views on GA's Voter suppression statute. With their money AND their written/vocal opinions. Hey Mitch, could ya...... Yet in 2013 you said corporations had every right under the first amendment to play politics.

LOL LOL LOL Give the Rep Party All the money you want we'll take it with open arms.... But stay out of Politics? Ah Yes there is nothing like Hypocrisy. TO make an argument. HYPOCRITE! IOW Either, 'Don't ask, we won't tell? OR 'We won't tell if you don't' ? So the ones that give money aren’t permitted to have opinions and the ones that don’t give money their opinions don’t matter. Got it!

Big Corp, just keep giving LeaderMcConnell all that cash, sit down and shut up, basically. So he wants their money and their silence. Hypocrite. 1. Political contributions IS taking a position. 2. Every individual, business and institution has a stake in supporting democracy against those who would impose authoritarian rule.

Sounds like politics needs to stop trying to meddle in corporations...they aren't designed for it..I mean..lets pass dumb laws that corporations know how to get around. Oh...Cali requires 'sick days'...corp will simply give you 15 days PTO and 2 sick days when you had 17 PTO. Like making political contributions isn't taking a position

He actually said this out loud? Corrupt and comprised GOP This is from the Onion, right? He can’t be that openly hypocritical, can he? You can influence politics through your money... but not for standing up for what’s right?