Mcauliffe And Youngkin Face Early Voting Pressures İn Virginia Race - Cnnpolitics

Mcauliffe And Youngkin Face Early Voting Pressures İn Virginia Race - Cnnpolitics

McAuliffe and Youngkin face early voting pressures in Virginia race

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10/20/2021 5:08:00 AM

Both candidates, who themselves voted early, have bombarded the airwaves with ads during the early voting period, which began on September 17, hoping voters will choose to come out early and either vote in-person or request a ballot to vote by mail.

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Top Democrats woo Black voters in Virginia governor's raceNORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams on Sunday urged Black churchgoers to turn out for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in next month's Virginia governor's election, saying that what happens in the most watched race this year will “show the world who we are' in future contests with even higher stakes. Separation of church and state? If the shoe was on the other foot, oh my! Yeeeeeee vote for more more of the same!!!! Which means absolutely nothing for black voters.

Rep. Neguse: Congress needs to decide ‘whether they will save democracy or not’Congressman Joe Neguse (D-CO) joins Nicolle Wallace to break down the inner workings of how the Democratic Congressional Caucus is trying to pass voting rights reform in wake of Senator Manchin’s refusal to abolish the filibuster

Bestselling Author Calls Out 'Senator For Sale' Joe Manchin In Damning VideoDon Winslow rips West Virginia senator for conflicts of interest amid Senate stalemate. Joe Manchin has no 'conflict of interest.' He has only HIS OWN PERSONAL/POLITICAL INTERESTS. When he's offered enough, he'll cave to the vultures again, and sell W VA out once more. It's only a matter of time. The only Democrat with some balls still is Sinema, but she'll learn. Wrong approach. He must think everyone is his servant. By everyone I literally mean everyone on earth.

Senate to vote on sweeping voting rights bill Republicans promise to filibusterThe vote, which is likely to take place Wednesday, might be the last dance for federal voting rights legislation. Sure the reptiles gop will do anything to keep alot of us voting,because they know they will be out of cushion jobs it's basic math at this point for reps... the more legal citizens vote, the less likely they are to win. they will NEVER vote for anything that undermines that truth. Their goal is that coming time where 30-35% of population represented by 60-70 senators. Democrats added a bunch of crap to it. Restore it to how it was before and it will pass. Dems basically sabotaged it.

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