Alejandro Mayorkas, Haiti, Texas

Alejandro Mayorkas, Haiti

Mayorkas concerned Haitians receiving 'false information' U.S. border is open

More than 10,000 migrants, many of them Haitians, have crossed the Rio Grande river and are camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

9/20/2021 11:33:00 PM

More than 10,000 migrants, many of them Haiti ans, have crossed the Rio Grande river and are camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas .

More than 10,000 migrants, many of them Haiti ans, have crossed the Rio Grande river and are camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas .

said officials are worried that Haitians are getting"false information" about migrating to the U.S.More than 10,000 people, predominantly from Haiti, have recently crossed the Rio Grande river and are camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. The size of the camp has grown tremendously over the past few days, overwhelming border officials and local communities.

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Mayorkas visited the bridge on Monday, calling the situation"heartbreaking" and"distinct" from the other large movements of migrants the administration has experienced."We are very concerned the Haitians who are taking this irregular migration path are receiving false information that the border is open or that temporary protected status is available," Mayorkas told reporters at a press conference."I want to make sure that it is known that this is not the way to come to the U.S. That is false information."

The secretary also said it's"tragic" that families are being deceived by smugglers for monetary gain.The Biden administration extended temporary protected status earlier this year for the tens of thousands of Haitians already living in the U.S. But since then, many more migrants have tried to enter the country despite not qualifying for the program.

Mayorkas noted Monday that only individuals living in the U.S. prior to July 29 are eligible for temporary protected status.Haiti has been consumed by crisis in recent months, including a major earthquake last month that left more than 2,000 people dead and the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July. The nation's economy is also in turmoil amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But officials believe many of the migrants arriving in Del Rio have been living in South America after the 2010 earthquake.Mayorkas warned those thinking of making the journey:"If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned."

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday officials are worried that Haitians are getting “false information” about migrating to the U.S. Above, migrants, many of them Haitian, cross the Rio Grande to get food and supplies near the Del Rio-Acuna Port of Entry in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, on September 18, 2021.

Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty ImagesAn additional 600 border agents and volunteer personnel from theDepartment of Homeland Security(DHS) have been sent to Del Rio to address the situation. More personnel will be deployed to the area if needed, Mayorkas said.

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The department is also working to secure additional transportation for return flights to Haiti and other countries. Mayorkas anticipates that one to three flights will be conducted per day. Read more: Newsweek »

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In Overwhelmed Del Rio, Texas, Migrants Cross the Border FreelyAn estimated 13,000 migrants, many from Haiti , are now in Del Rio, Texas , traveling back and forth to Mexico for supplies as they wait in a makeshift camp IntelCrab How did Haitians get here? Aren’t there other countries much closer? Clinton Global Initiative raised billions at the time of the first Haiti earthquake, but no one knows where the money went. Well, except for the Clintons.

Crowd of migrants in Del Rio swells to 15,000 as U.S. begins flights back to HaitiNearly 15,000 men, women and children are gathered in Del Rio, Texas , crammed under a bridge as the U.S. begins to fly the migrants back to Haiti . NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports on how the surge grew so quickly, and how efficiently state and federal resources can progress the migrants. The Left’s reaction 👇 HEY YOU NSAGov CIA USArmyNorth POTUS CIA NSA ODNIgov . IF YOU ARE NOT WARNING US YOU MUST BE CAUSING THIS . YOU MUST CONTROL THE MEDIA TOO ! SOMETHING WRONG WITH US INTELLIGENCE 2 MILLION MAN INVASION treason BY OUR GOVT NFL Crypto USA MLB Have you interviewed any of those Haitians as to who transported them from Haiti to the Mexican border? Seems suspicious.

U.S. Flies Haitian Migrants Home in Bid to Manage Del Rio Border CrisisMany of the approximately 16,000 migrants who have overwhelmed a Texas border town are being sent back to their home country of Haiti , including some who haven’t lived in the impoverished island nation for years so...I guess Trump never DID build that trumptacular wall he bragged that he wuz gonna build...and I guess Mexico never ended up paying for it, either? So..can I file those two under 'promises broken'? The means used by border guard are inhuman,it’s to be deplored Have they established citizenship in any of the S. American countries where they have been living?….

Opinion | The Del Rio Migrant MessFrom WSJopinion: The Biden Administration keeps saying the border is closed, though that won’t matter if it doesn’t work to change U.S. law opinion I am a graduate student at Columbia University.I got my bachelor degree and graduated from USC.But just because I was a transfer student from HIT WEIHAI to USC, my U.S visa was revoked under P.P.10043 which should be modified or canceled,It is unreasonable. Best wishes to you. opinion Congress has to change U.S. law For more than a decade Republicans have refused to even debate any legislation refusing to even consider their own proposals Once upon a time GOP leadership espoused fact driven ideas, with ideologically consistent policies, sadly no longer so opinion Why call the border a mess after spending Billions and Billions on border guards and walls. Maybe the mess comes from the countries the people are fleeing.

Hope And Despair In Del Rio As Biden Administration Begins Expelling Migrants From Massive Border EncampmentTo some, this scene in Del Rio, Texas , represents a broken immigration system that opportunistic migrants are taking advantage of. To others, it presents an opportunity for America to once again welcome people in need from around the world. From TPRNews: TPRNews It’s time to review the international refugee/asylum system set up before the days of cell phones and internet. TPRNews “mostly from Haiti” TPRNews G

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