Mayor Eric Adams to unveil promised anti-crime plan Monday afternoon

Mayor Eric Adams to unveil promised anti-crime plan Monday afternoon

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1/25/2022 12:01:00 PM

Mayor Eric Adams to unveil promised anti-crime plan Monday afternoon

Eric Adams is set to announce a plan aimed at curbing gun violence, in the wake of the shooting that left a rookie NYPD cop dead and another officer in grave condition.

 last year.“We’re going to roll out a smart way of policing, put in place again a modified version of a plainclothes anti-gun unit that’s going to go after those known shooters and people who are actually creating the devastation in our city,” he said Sunday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The new units, to be labeled “Neighborhood Safety Teams,” will replace the uniformed Public Safety Teams in areas where shootings have been most common, according to a memo that Chief of Department Ken Corey sent out earlier this month.NYPD Officer Jason Rivera was killed in a police shooting, Friday, Jan. 21, 2022.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams converts his first paycheck into cryptocurrency'New York is the center of the world, and we want it to be the center of cryptocurrency,' the city's new mayor said. Uh wow… L Send the comet.

Eric Adams Is All Aboard With The Colin Jost/Pete Davidson Ferry ClubPete Davidson and Colin Jost have been revealed as winning bidders in an auction for a Staten Island ferryboat, with plans to turn it into a 'live entertainment space.' They already have one prominent backer: Mayor Adams, who tweeted 'I love this idea.'

Eric Adams Plans to Revive Controversial NYPD Plainclothes Unit After Attack on Two CopsThe unit was dissolved in 2020 because of criticism over its disproportionate use of force against Black and Hispanic New Yorkers. Now Mayor Adams is bringing it back. Good This shooting was caused by a fight over food. A mother and son disagreement. Domestic calls are the most dangerous. This unit would not have stopped this tragedy. Jesus christ why not bring back stop and frisk too! Holy crap New York is in Hell because of this man! He is a Republican at heart!

NYC Has Its Largest Municipal Workforce Ever. Mayor Eric Adams Wants To Shrink It.“Everyone that is in managerial positions and high-end positions—they must be providing a service to the city,” Mayor Adams said, signaling intentions to be a fiscal hawk. “You can't be there just going through the motions.” YES! Big wins for New York coming soon! Music to my hears

Why Eric Adams Faces A Far More Difficult Test Than Previous Mayors In The War On CrimeAdams faces a boiling crisis that could make or break his legacy. A retired NYPD officer, he has staked his mayoralty on bringing down crime, and with each violent incident that passes, the pressure is mounting on him to deliver an effective response. We all need to help him every day. This is not true and you framing it this way does nothing to help. So says the lily white, red diaper trustafarian children who write for Gothamist and who are extremely anti-NYPDnews for some reason.

Why Eric Adams Faces A Far More Difficult Test Than Previous Mayors In The War On Crime“More than anybody since Giuliani, he will be judged by how well he does with [bringing down crime],” Joseph Viteritti, a professor at Hunter College, says about Mayor Adams. “Because he practically wore his police uniform when he was campaigning.” It is why we elected him. Giuliani didn't bring down crime. The problem with this is that crime in NYC is at near historic lows already. It’s the press and politicians drumming up scare stories. And since Adams is one of them, he can make “crime” disappear tomorrow if he wants. As a reporter you should know that. And I assume you do.