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Maybe Journalism Needs a Coup

Maybe journalism needs a coup

6/4/2020 8:30:00 PM

Maybe journalism needs a coup

On Wednesday, the New York Times Opinion section made the choice to publish an op-ed by Republican Senator Tom Cotton that can only be described as a fascist call for the military to crack down on people protesting against police violence and brutality, under the incendiary headline “Send in the Troops.” Earlier that day, the Philadelphia Inquirer had made a similar choice to publish an op-ed titled, “Buildings Matter, Too.” \n

New York TimesOpinion section made the choice to publish an op-ed by Republican Senator Tom Cotton that can only be described as aagainst police violence and brutality, under the incendiary headline “Send in the Troops.”Earlier that day, thehad made a similar choice to publish an op-ed titled, “Buildings Matter, Too.”

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AdvertisementBoth of these deliberate choices by the outlets’ opinion editors were widely criticized by people who asked very reasonable questions about the ethics of these decisions. Why give platforms, and the implied stamp of approval of two of the country’s leading newspapers, to ideas that are both incredibly dangerous and incredibly dumb? The answer, I suspect, is some combination of wanting rage clicks, a fucked-

up belief that the value of black people’s humanity is worthy of debate, and the utter inability of Old White Men Journalists to let go of the idea that they alone shouldget to decide the terms of public conversation.Now, journalists at both outlets are speaking out and criticizing the decisions of their opinion pages. Shortly after Cotton’s op-ed was published, staffers from both the

New York Times’ editorial and opinion sections publicly voiced their dissent. At theTimes, dozens of its staffers, and a large number of its black journalists, in particular, posted a screenshot on Twitter of the op-ed’s headline with the message, “Running this put Black @nytimes staff in danger.” “To be clear, this story endangers *all* black people, NYT staffers and not,” wrote the

New York Times Magazine’s Jazmine Hughes.AdvertisementThat staffers are speaking up in the midst of a pandemic that has gutted newsrooms around the country only underscores the stakes of their protest.But at an outlet like theTimesofficial social media policy

for its staffers explicitly tells employees to “not express partisan opinions” or “promote political views” and to “reflect a diverse collection of viewpoints,” and where they are forbidden to publicly criticize their workplace, to speak outhas ramifications for their employment, and in particular for its (alarmingly few) black employees. Black reporters have long raised valid complaints about their treatment at the

Timeslack of institutional supportand a dismissal of their critiques of other reporters’ and writers’ ideological framing of issues, ranging from police violence to white nationalism: critiques that are frequently framed as biased when, to give just one obvious example, Bret Stephens’s thoughts are not. On Thursday, the

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Timespublisher A.G. Sulzberger defended the decision to publish Cotton’s op-ed with the flimsy excuse of the need to provide aan excuse that is all the more hollow when one considers that his own employees are barred from freely expressing their own opinions.

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Oh, you have NO idea how right you are. You might not like the resulting direction though.

Streams of N.W.A's 'F-k tha Police' Nearly Quadruple Amid Nationwide ProtestsChildish Gambino’s “This Is America,” YG’s “FDT” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” also see a surge in streams following the death of George Floyd Want to improve things between the police & the public? They lead by example. We treat them with the same dignity & respect that they afford their oversight - Internal Affairs. Let them show us how to properly submit/comply. BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydMurder 8cantwait Media inciting violence after DavidDorn was killed by looters. 😊

Protests turn subdued after new charges in Floyd caseFrom AP Morning Wire: • Protests more subdued after new charges in George Floyd’s death. • 8:46 becomes potent symbol of police brutality. • Mattis blasts Trump for dividing Americans. • In India’s largest slum, neighborly help amid virus. SIGN UP: built this bullsh*t narrative. How many “unarmed” blacks were killed by police in 2019? a nation of 350M. How many whites? ....19. This whole thing is a FARCE Thank you, General Mattis. So if Minneapolis police had arrested the officers shortly after they killed GeorgeFloyd and the prosecutor had charged them with murder would the protests and riots not have occurred?

America ProtestsProtest update: • Trump increases pressure on governors to end violence. • Biden rips Trump for removing White House protesters. • Thousands protest worldwide. • George Floyd's family to join march in Houston. Follow all AP coverage: here here How are you gonna end the violence by using violence here *Trump increases pressure on governors to BE violent. FTFY. here And in other news, donlemon just got schooled by a real man!!! 😱

America ProtestsLatest on the protests: • State of Minnesota files civil rights complaint against Minneapolis PD • Barr vows 'even greater' law enforcement resources • Reeling NYC extends curfew all week Follow AP coverage: black lives matter Law enforcement resources: violent weapons to kill protestors

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Nation's streets calmest in days, protests largely peacefulFrom AP Morning Wire: • Less unrest, more calm in US cities as protesters defy curfews. • The American story, splintered, and those vying to tell it. • S. Korea reopens schools despite spike in cases. • Iowa Rep. Steve King defeated. SIGN UP: The only place you can gather is at a protest.. OPEN THE COUNTRY Western hypocrisy. Palestinians being brutally oppressed by Zionist Jews and no one bother. All lives matters. No selective. Is it true the U.S. military used sonic weapons against protestors last night?!