Mattress Mack files lawsuit against Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office over 2022 election issues

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Houston businessman Jim McIngvale, affectionately known as “Mattress Mack,” has announced the filing of a lawsuit due to issues with the 2022 elections in Harris County.

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Mattress Mack will hold a news conference with Wayne Dolcefino at 9 a.m. Tuesday. KPRC 2 will carry a livestream of the event.

According to a news release, the lawsuit was filed as a way to “force transparency in our elections.” The lawsuit, which was filed against the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office, alleges the office refused to turn over public records related to the November 2022 election in Harris County.

We have summarized this news so that you can read it quickly. If you are interested in the news, you can read the full text here. Read more:


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He's trying to steal an election in Harris County by claiming voter fraud. Hmmm where have I heard that before. This is going to be the Republican playbook from here on out. If we don't win, it must be voter fraud. Democracy is eroding because of the hijacked by MAGA Republicans


He needs to sit down somewhere

Cheating seems to be a thing the Astros and MM know a lot about.

He is claiming the election had issues due to running out of paper for ballots, so it isn't just the Republicans he is trying to help, it's all Houston voters who had issues with voting, regardless of party. Both Republicans and Democrats couldn't vote due to being turned away.

Good 👍

Massive voter fraud.

With all due respect Sit. Down. Sir.

It:s always interesting that it's only when the Republicans lose elections that they cry about election results. The don't have any thing to say when their voter suppression tactics allow them win races. Hypocrites

Yes, Harris County turning voters away to running out of paper the day of election is suspicious and unacceptable!!

There had to be a catch. Can’t these guys find something better to do with their money?

Would he have still filed if the election issues existed and the republicans won the majority of the races? Will the outcome of this lawsuit benefit all political parties in future races? Would this lawsuit prevent future election issues in future races? JustQuestions

I was at Gallery Furniture voting when those machines jammed those ballots. Ballot after ballot. Certainly needs looking into for sure. It’s okay if he is concerned. It doesn’t make him “racist.”

I won’t be spending any of my money at his stores.

President Michelle Obama


He needs to remain a business ownership & great human being and stay out of politics.

All the $%$$ Folk seem to think Mack is a great guy🤔

This man ain't who y'all hype him up to be 🤔

You never returned my call for the couch for $1000. I guess that wasn't enough. So now you watch Fox every night too. Controlled by New Yorkers.

MattressMack should stay in his lane and not get mixed up in politics.

Love it! I think I need to go buy some new furniture!


I’ve had many people I know in the houston area talk about the corruption in Harris Co elections. Lots of people of all races were reporting what all they saw going down in this app and Tic toc.

Good for Mack. He cares about Harris County, unlike the elected officials.

He’s such a racist election denier like Trump. I remember he was only letting white people stay in his stores during Harvey, and only gave furniture to the rich white republicans who lost everything in the store…except that’s NOT what happened. This man gave to anyone in need!

I don’t know how dump he is ! He s look like a pillow man now!! Why ya do this lawsuit!?

LinaHidalgoTX cheater

LMAO. Go to Exclusive Furniture, their service is better.

Mattress Mack and The Pillow Guy about to put this case to bed!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Time to shop at Hilton Furniture. And that's a fact, Jack!

Mack is officially looney tunes. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

He’s mad the woman he wanted didn’t get elected. Stick to furniture. Stay in your lane Mack!

We need to boycott Gallery Furniture immediately. This election denying scumbagery needs to stop.

I would not be surprised if he donated to Trump after January 6th.

Haha reading the losers and nobodies go after mattress Mack over politics. Dude been nicest human being and philanthropist to city of Houston but a bunch of bags of walking dirt and dust talking like they are better than him. You were better when you were in your daddies nuts


What’s up with these pillow-pushers and election fraud?


I thing will fix the cesspool of Harris county

What a shame

Damn! An election denier, too bad, won’t be shopping at Gallery ANYMORE for sure!

Get em, Mack!!

Had his candidate won and the issues of elections came up, do you think he would filed the lawsuit?

Mattress Mac has done so much for Houstonians during natural disasters. Ie hurricanes and floods. Opened his stores for people to sleep, gave away furniture and fed people. Until he said he was a REP most had his back for what he does for Houstonians.


MAGAMack should remember that there are a lot more Deomcrats in Harris County than Repugnicans. I guess he doesn't care because only rich people shop there since everything is way overpriced.

Old man is starting to get senile

I am confused. If politicians really thought there were election issues why have a business owner file suit? Wouldn't republicans be proud to prove this fraud?


Used to be a fan but not anymore. His a election denier

I'm so sick of these losers!

*Laughs in my boyfriend works for Mattress Mack' 😂

Please don’t become one of THOSE people.

Bullshit! Yall do know that KPRC is run by right wing cronies!

I only saw the first part of this post when I got the notification and immediately thought it was announcing that he died

How to spot a liberal: anyone in this post complaining that what mac is doing is wrong. If the election was rigged, we should know, period

Mattress Mack has jumped the shark 🦈

Mattress Mack is the new pillow dude 🤣🤣

Well, it was a good run while it lasted Jim. You can't have it both ways. You can't advocate for the poor and marginalized while supporting right wing conspiracy theories and the ppl who pedal them. Never gave him any business. Glad for that now.

Why is it that when Republicans LOSE they whine & cry? Perhaps they’re the ones that cheat and they’re surprised when they lose even after they cheated. Get over your loss and quit your frigging whining! HarrisCounty


my mom always said .... Birds of feather flock together.

Stupid liberals and people who can’t even afford his furniture will be the first to bash him… 😂😂 go in with your poor self down to that dude that says “where low prices live” 😂😂

Thank god!!! I don't have time and money to do that, glad a great person is going to figure out how much the news and government lies to everyone. msnbc is a fake news channel with no free speech and only the teleprompter...

He's just mad that the racist Alexandra Mealer wasn't elected. He claims it's not political, but he is the same person that was in the commercial with Mealer. He is a liar. Birds of a feather...


omg my heart skipped a beat.. the way this began I thought this was going to say he passed away..

What a piece of 💩💩💩

Oh FFS. 🤦

Shady shady shady Folks should stop trusting that man Please launch an investigation into his shady financial practices

Another reason added to the 1000's reason to love Mack!!!

welp, see ya mack

He’s a Republican. Harris is very diverse and very democrat. It’s also far larger than any county in Texas, with nearly 3 million registered voters. It may take longer. It’s the 3rd most populous county in the country.

GFToday You have no business loaning the Republicans the money for this lawsuit... 'Furniture Saleman'

Glad I never gave him my business... he's been giving myPillow vibes. Heard long time back that he mistreated his employees. I agree that the election logistics were mishandled but in Harris county, big Blue area, means Dem votes were mostly likely under counted

Is it leg day? Cause everyone's jumping to conclusions

Thank goodness. The county delayed the distribution of paper to vote. No paper no voting. When machines that were jamming judges were told by staff, just keep using and spoil the ballots that were damaged. Did they count those ballots or were they actually spoiled.

Will never step foot in Gallery Furniture ever again. Closet racist

Harris County was worse than Maricopa County..finally someone with some money going after these F crooks..!!!DemocratsAreTheProblem

No more Mack for me I see the script

Oh no. He's an election denier now.🤦🏽‍♂️

Glad someone is looking into it. Everyone should be upset at any type of government corruption.

23 Precincts ran out of paper on Election Day. Mattress Mack is defending the voters of those precincts and he is compared to Trump. Interesting

Thank God someone is willing to look at the corruption instead of sleeping through the takeover of our country. God bless Mattress Mack!

Sic em’ Mac! 👍

I wish he would stay out of politics. This is new for him to make political ads and be so visibly partisan.

He's big mad that his MAGA Mealer lost. He loves and advocates for people who hate immigrants, like the immigrants who just won him 75 million.

Bored much? These election deniers really double down with the crazy. I hope they get attorney fees off of this frivolous lawsuit

How the mighty have fallen.

Dudes looking more and more trumpy every time he’s in the news. 😂 he’s definitely the next my pillow guy.

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