Mattis Tears İnto Trump: 'We Are Witnessing The Consequences Of Three Years Without Mature Leadersh

Mattis Tears İnto Trump: 'We Are Witnessing The Consequences Of Three Years Without Mature Leadersh

Mattis tears into Trump: 'We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership'

'Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us.' Ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis castigated his former boss President Trump in a statement.

6/4/2020 1:36:00 AM

'Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us.' Ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis castigated his former boss President Trump in a statement.

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis castigated President Donald Trump as 'the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people' in a forceful rebuke of his former boss as nationwide protests have intensified over the death of George Floyd.

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BLACKLIVESMATTER Welcome to the party! A general who is considered a war hero finally takes a stand. Good start but the bandwagon has been rolling for a while now. But thanks 👍🏽 Nice really nice Mattis, needs to shut his mouth much like congress and senators that are fueling the terrorists. America needs more leadership speaking out.

The word 'Former' makes all parts of the argument to be irrelevant. Y’all realize that it’s bullshit on both ends right? We the people have to do what is right for us, who does all of the leg work? Who bleeds sweats and dies for the labor of this nation? We the people. Who sits behind desks pushing papers and making decisions for us? All of them.

Wasn't this guy a Marine Corps Officer.... This is a CNN post so 99% of it, you have to consider it being BS. 🇺🇸 The American people are risking their Credit Score every single time they go to see the doctor. Learn how and let’s change it Now! Follow MTMU and be part of the change. Are we sure he know the meaning of the word unite ?


Disgruntle employee He is so distracted from the truth cause he has his head up his own ass!!! This is a great time for a Coup d’état, don’t let this opportunity go by without doing something about this Dictator! I'm looking for a sugar baby who tea is loyal,honest and can talk to me when needed and give me advice With an allowance of $5000 and first 100 to like, follow & rt gets $5000.. SugarDaddySerious text me on Whatsapp +12053869261

Did he sleep through Obama's riots? Protesters should demand Trump be removed from his Presidency ASAP. He has been the biggest dividing force in the US since 2016 - racist, sexist, xenophobic madman hellbent on making his narcissistic fantasies come true. If there ever was a US ‘Hitler,’ it’s him in disguise.

Thats why he was fired. Deep state Those comments will only add fuel to the fire. Obviously, he has an axe to grind with Trump. * ex defence secretary ..🤔 How much are they paying maddog? ShaneHelmsCom This was one of the few cabinet appointments that I felt Trump got right. Honest and direct. I respected his silence when leaving the administration and respect the timing of his breaking that silence even more. We need more voices like this to speak out.

Guess Biden will be the best choice then. Be ready for him to sniff your teenage daughter’s hair! Sad ass president 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 Trump Look who is talking of nuiting the American prople, the fake news center. He hasn’t even made a statement supporting blm or condemned the behavior of the police. He’s more worried about photo ops & what his supporters will say

Yes, you said it ... thank you for speaking the truth! He MUST go! AmericaConTrump oh yeah,... Obama looked so lovely when he kicked that door in front of American lovely He doesn’t even care that’s why... CNN Riot News Network. Can't even try to unite a country just divide it into a civil war. This division that you have caused is partly your fault. At least many of uswould support President Obama in a time of crisis.

Shut the hell up your just mad because he found you out! See you in gitmo CNN supports rioters and thieves and violence. How Awful! So true! Thank you sir! Not true. The divisions have existed before President Trump. Financial class and racial divides have long existed in the US and other nations. Mattis wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him

The bunker boy is being torn left and right. He deserves that and more. Great time to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Everyone has an opinion. Not only that, but realDonaldTrump is the biggest Crook, Dummy and Lier that we have ever seen. Donald Trump is set on making himself the biggest asshole President in US history and from world opinion he’s well on the way Many world say he actived it shortly after becoming president I disagree It was the first time he opened his big mouth and then those tweets

CNN’s WORST NIGHTMARE 😁😁😁😁 Trump what a psychopath … because he works for Russia. We know these KGB tactics! Divide and rule! Putin gives him the advices what to do! SR presidente, usted, es el comandante en jefe We cant be united when your ideas would destroy freedom and enslave us Would be pretty hard to find some ex who would be still friendly :D

Man of honor right there How many more people are going to die while you spew race baiting crap. How do you sleep at night? Oh yea, you don't care. james mattis was part of a failed coup against the USA. Sour grapes & Its an election year. 96% Republicans support President Trump 'We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership,' Mattis said

Former Defense Secretary Mattis breaks silence and tears into Trump: 'He tries to divide us'Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis ripped into his former boss President Donald Trump in a scathing Wednesday night statement. Remember, McClellan denounced Lincoln on similar themes when Lincoln was running for re-election in 1864. Stick to the markets.. we already get enough propaghanda as it is. Try calling Mattis a liberal snowflake. Bigger issue than red or blue.

Former Defense Secretary Mattis blasts President Trump: '3 years without mature leadership'BREAKING: In rare public comments James Mattis, President Trump's former Defense Secretary, has blasted the commander in chief for how he has handled the wave of protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. 25th amendment now What courage looks like! realDonaldTrump and his enabler yes-men need to resign

Divided Senate confirms former Trump counsel as relief watchdogThe Senate today confirmed President Trump's nominee to police the massive coronavirus economic rescue programs, filling a key oversight position Congress created as part of $2 trillion legislation in March DemFromCT With 51 ayes. Oh yes more trump oversight. This is the smash and grab administration

Former Defense official resigns from Pentagon post, slams Esper for role in Trump photo opIn an extraordinary resignation letter, provided to The Washington Post, a Pentagon official resigned citing Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's role in President Donald Trump's photo op. Don is the next, resign! lookner RIP David Dorn DavidDorn

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Sounds Off On Trump: 'I Cannot Remain Silent’Mike Mullen, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, wrote in The Atlantic on Tuesday that he “cannot remain silent” about President Donald Trump any longer no idea who this guy is ain't he sumthin' DemonHauntedNight

Former Facebook Employees Criticize Mark Zuckerberg's Stance On Trump Posts In Open Letter'They have decided that elected officials should be held to a lower standard than those they govern,' the former employees said. Boo hoo Of course they will. Silicone valley is full to the brim with leftists. Not banning or censoring trump is like heresy or sacrilege to them Private censorship will be the death of the 1st Amendment