Unsponsored, Vol 50 Issue 11

Unsponsored, Vol 50 Issue 11

Masochistic Toilet Craving Hot Piss

Masochistic Toilet Craving Hot Piss

4/22/2021 6:15:00 AM

Masochistic Toilet Craving Hot Piss

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Watch these UK commandos fly over the sea with new jet pack - CNN Video

The British Royal Navy and Royal Marines tested out a jet suit developed by the company Gravity Industries. Gravity says its suit can fly up to 80 mph and climb to 12,000 feet in the air.

DeidraChurchil1 Mosochistic indeed! Settling down in the men's bathroom next to the urinal might be-- whole next level! GothCharlotte BrooklynGrayXXX That toilet sounds like a donald trump shower. scarytoilet JihJihJi I'm that toilet katya_zamo trixiemattel awesome_KotH reminded me of you sonicpog reminded me of you

'Aerosolized Droplets' Hang in the Air After Toilet FlushAnother reason to close the lid before you flush, or not spend any more time in a public restroom than you have to: Aerosolized droplets containing pathogens can travel at least 5 feet in the air after flushing. Not if you close lid first, I am grossed out by toilets with no lid to stop the 6 ft spraying.....rather hold it!!!

Wow Does it know Trump? You said never Ads! Sellouts. tell a story in five words You know what? I am too. steveo The Onion at it again Lumb_PDX Donald? It’s trump in disguise Whoa

From toilet to tap: The Los Angeles plan to recycle wastewaterJacob Soboroff and Chris Hayes discuss Los Angeles’ innovative solution to the water crisis—with an interesting wrinkle. LMAO 😂🤣😂🤣 I think we already do that in the midwest. Thats why I drink bottled spring water.

Is that a new metal band ? ttr_cuddles Me irl it just like me fr If it's a NYC public toilet, the toilet will be the LAST place to get it. thanks onion ironic100gexfan you Being a toilet at work should be enough. Tedious and full of self denial is the definition. The rest should be justification of success. Maybe a new wardrobe and a barb wire brushing with a light clogging and plunging between random treats.

Fed’s Rosengren says higher inflation will be as temporary as last year’s toilet-paper shortageBoston Fed President Eric Rosengren said Wednesday that higher U.S. inflation over the next few months should be temporary - just as the shortage of toilet... It's amazing how our Government and mass media are lying to clueless investors by saying and publishing complete opposite of what they said and publish just couple hours ago, just to keep this StockMarket PONZI going. Learn to trade the volatility from transparent traders here This is why you go to school kids, if you understand economics articles like this can't fool you.

Rising wood prices are making your toilet paper more expensiveJust when you thought you were in the clear to stock up on toilet paper again, wood pulp, the primary raw material used to make it, is getting more expensive. Forget Masks and Vaccines! As scheduled the Artificial supply chain breakdown will trigger the Cyber Polygon..... the exercise is this July. Are you ready? The only real problem with the price increase of wood, it means a price increase for toilet paper. Better start practicing using both sides of the TP. I wonder if glove prices will go up?

Murky world of Instagram fakery with toilet seats doubling as plane windowsFrom photoshopped holiday snaps to shoots on private jets going nowhere, some influencers on Instagram are 'Fakes on a Plane'